7 Starbucks Alternative coffee shops in Indy (7 Best Starbucks Alternatives for Coffee in Indianapolis)

My love for coffee led me to make daily stopovers at Starbucks. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know what effect that can have on your monthly budget. Well, since fulfilling coffee cravings at Starbucks is costly you may want to look for alternative shops in Indy. I came up with this post so that you may know Starbucks alternative coffee shops in Indy that you can go to.

7 Starbucks Alternative coffee shops in Indy

Well, there are numerous Starbucks alternative coffee shops in Indy that you can go to if your goal is to cut down on cost. They include Porter Books and Bread, Parlor Public House, Command Coffee, Coffeehouse Five, Coat Check Coffee, Bee Coffee Roasters, and Amberson Coffee

Do you want to know more about the alternative coffee shops to Starbucks? If yes, continue reading to find the best option that is just right for you.

Porter Books and Bread

PORTER BOOKS & BREAD, Indianapolis - Photos & Restaurant Reviews - Order  Online Food Delivery - Tripadvisor

Do you want to enjoy a perfectly prepared cup of coffee? I know your answer is yes, get to enjoy this drink at Porter Books and Bread coffee shop in Lawrence in Indy. This amazing coffee shop has developed the art of roasting its coffee. You can get to enjoy the company’s coffee in a cozy space. You will be knocked down with their brunch menu on weekends. They also have a great book selection that you may want to check out.

Did you that Porter Books and Bread is the only local coffee establishment with a spiral staircase in Indy? The team working here is great with what they do and is very courteous.

Parlor Public House

Parlor Public House

This is another coffee shop alternative that gives Starbucks some great competition. This brand that is located downtown in Ohio is an awesome place to get your coffee experience warmed up. This coffee shop boast of having friendly staff, a variety of seating plans, and well-arranged plants. They serve everything from coffee to pastry.

If you love Tinker coffee this brand will not let you down. They will make your coffee with the great admiration it deserves. Moreover, they have a popular latte on their menu called the Butterfly Latte which is non-caffeinated and that you may want to try. Many customers love this shop for the amazing drink and food items on their menu.

Command Coffee

Starbucks Alternatives for Coffee in Indianapolis

Are you looking to enjoy Colombian coffee light roast? If yes, command a coffee shop Downtown, and Fall Creek should be your destination. This brand of coffee is roasted in-house in small batches. You can also find the Columbian coffee that comes in dark and light roast together with a decaf.

If you are on a low budget enjoy its local pastry that is super sweet. The best thing about Command Coffee is that they normally open very early and by 7 they are closed. This means you won’t miss your early tasty coffee on your way to work and evening coffee dates.

Coffeehouse Five

Coffeehouse Five

Whether you want to enjoy hand-crafted espresso or you just want a single-origin pour-over, Coffeehouse Five will give you the privilege to enjoy that. This coffee shop is located in Franklin and has got everything that you may wish to have. The brand will give you the freshest smoothest coffee that is roasted in-house using a unique airbed roasting process.

For an amazing experience, you can pair your coffee with biscuits and ham, and cheddar scones. This independent coffee gives you the honor to relax, and meet friends around great coffee and food from Monday to Saturday.

Coat Check Coffee

Starbucks Alternative coffee shops in Indy

Starbucks is facing stiff competition from Coat Check coffee since it is very hard for one to mention Indianapolis coffee without this brand name coming up. This great company is very particular in offering the highest quality coffee as well as treats that are humanly possible. What are you waiting for? Get up and go check this company’s coffee and food and fulfill your cravings.

You will love the massive space that this store has, creating a friendly environment for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Its craftsmanship is great but their coffee will make you visit the store every single day.

Bee Coffee Roasters

Bee Coffee Roasters

You can also get your coffee from Bee Coffee Roaster. This coffee shop has earned itself a great name in the city for being coffee roasters specialist shop. They have a great impact when it comes to coffee scenes in Indianapolis. So, if you are looking to enjoy a great espresso while in the city Bee Coffee Roasters is the place to go. The way this company dial in their beans together with their flavor profiles in espresso is out of this world.

The brand also has amazing seasonal drinks that you may want to check out. Besides this, you can as well try their pour-overs and drip black coffee.

Amberson Coffee

Best Starbucks Alternatives for Coffee in Indianapolis

This is one of the new coffee shops to set foot in Indianapolis. Amberson Coffee shop is a go-to when you are looking to enjoy coffee drinks, pastries, and food. Additionally, this coffee shop offers great space and drive-thru experiences to the majority of its customers.

One of the amazing things about Amberson Coffee is that it is giving meaning to the way we think about go-to drinks. This is because this drink comes in glass containers. You will be rewarded if you bring these containers back well cleaned when getting your next drink. what do you think? This is not a bad idea. As you have noticed, this brand is redefining the way you take your coffee. It is always pushing for something new that will make you think of them every time you want a drink.


As much as Starbucks is known for being a giant coffee house, it is not the only coffee shop in Indianapolis. It is very much possible for you to get decent and sweet coffee drinks and food from several great brands. Many of these Alternative coffee shops different varieties of coffees you can enjoy at a competing price. Go through each coffee shop and get one that excites you.

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