Here’s How to Order a Black Coffee at Starbucks? (Best ways to order A Black Coffee at Starbucks + FAQ’S)

Are you new to Starbucks and want a simple drink? If yes, you should consider black coffee. Find out the best way to order a black coffee at Starbucks.

The first time I visited Starbucks, I stood at the counter for a while, not knowing how to order. I could not comprehend what the barista was saying, and the next person in the line had to intervene to help. Have you experienced a similar situation? If yes, you are not alone.

Many new customers at Starbucks find the process of ordering drinks quite intimidating. I decided to come up with this post to help such customers order black coffee. You will also learn the black coffee drinks you can order by the end of this post. Enjoy!

Best way to order A Black Coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks is famous for the creation of different drinks. One of the popular beverages that many people at Starbucks order is black coffee. By default, this company serves its coffee black and then offers condiments that customers can use. You can order your black coffee in the following ways.

Order hot brewed coffee

Do I need the Order hot brewed coffee
This company offers different varieties of hot coffee drinks that you can order. For instance, you can order the following:

  • Blonde roast
  • Medium roast
  • Dark roast

The flavor of the coffee beans in this type differs. For instance, blonde roasts are lighter than dark roasts. The medium roast is also referred to as pike place. Starbucks also offers a decaffeinated version of this drink.

If you ask a Starbuck barista for hot brewed coffee, you are more likely to get this type of roast unless you give a specification of the roast you prefer. The medium roast is the most popular option that many Starbucks customers choose due to its unique taste.

The caffeine content in these types of roasts differs based on how long the beans were roasted. During the roasting process, coffee beans lose some of the caffeine content. These beverages can all be prepared black. For instance, you can order black coffee without sugar. If, for instance, you want to order this drink, you can specify the size of cup you want.

Starbucks serves drinks such as black coffee in different cup sizes. The medium-sized cup is also called grande, while the large cup is called Venti.

Cold-brewed coffee

Cold-brewed coffeeIf you want highly caffeinated black coffee, you can choose this option. The brewing process makes this black coffee have high caffeine content. Starbucks makes cold brew coffee by steeping coffee beans in cold water for a couple of hours. This cold drink can be quite refreshing, especially on warm days, and it has a natural sweetness.


Would you like black coffee with less caffeine? If yes, you can order an espresso. Starbucks baristas make this drink with hot water and espresso shots. Since this black coffee beverage does not come with any extra ingredients, it is great for the health-conscious.

If you make this order, you can either choose black Americano or ask the barista for blonde or signature espresso. Starbucks also offers decaf espresso drinks. Feel free to order this black coffee drink without any sugar.

Informative Section

How do you order regular black coffee at Starbucks?

You first need to choose the type you prefer, such as espresso, hot-brewed, or cold-brewed black coffee. Specify the cup size and consider consuming without any additions. This is the best way to order a black coffee.

What is iced black coffee at Starbucks?

This is premium coffee made from Arabica beans that contain a refreshing flavor since it includes ice. You can either take it sweetened or unsweetened.

Can you ask for a plain black coffee at Starbucks?

Yes. If you prefer plain black coffee, you can ask a Starbucks Barista for black filter coffee. This is also referred to as Pike Place.

How much is black coffee at Starbucks?

The price ranges between $1.85 and $2.45, depending on the cup size.

How do you order Starbucks black iced coffee?

You can order black iced coffee and then tell the barista to add milk and sugar if you like. You can also add espresso to the coffee.

Is Starbucks black coffee healthy?

Yes. This beverage is healthy since it has fewer calories. For instance, a 16 fl. oz serving of cold-brewed coffee contains a calorie content of 5 grams.

Why does Starbucks black coffee taste sweet?

This is because Starbucks uses acidic and fruity coffee cherries in making its black coffee. Medium roast brewed coffee is often sweeter than dark roast brewed coffee.

How do you order a black coffee on the Starbucks app?

Open the app, and then choose the black coffee you prefer. Decide the most convenient pick-up location, and then place your order.

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