How many shots are in a shaken espresso at Starbucks? (how do you make a Starbucks shaken espresso + More Information)

If you like espresso but find it too strong, you should consider ordering shaken espresso. So, how many shots are in a shaken espresso at Starbucks? Read on to find out more!

Shaken espresso at Starbucks has one or two shots of espresso. Though many people like ordering an iced shaken espresso, especially during the summer, they find it to be a bit pricey.

From the first time I tasted this beverage, I fell in love with it.

I discovered that I was spending a lot on shaken espresso, and so I learned how to make it at home to save some money. I later created this post to inform you of everything you should know regarding shaken espresso at Starbucks. By the end of it, you will also learn what it contains and how it tastes.

What is in a Starbucks shaken espresso?

Starbucks shaken espresso contains ice, one or two shots of espresso, milk, and syrup. The baristas then shake these ingredients apart from milk in a cocktail shaker to smoothen the flavor. Shaking lowers the acidity of the beverage and adds another dimension to it. Starbucks uses dark roast coffee to prepare the espresso for this beverage.

This coffeehouse makes use of Signature espresso roast and a splash of 2% milk to make the beverage. However, you can order shaken espresso with any other milk options, such as soy milk or oat milk, especially if you have lactose intolerance. If you want shaken espresso with more caffeine content, feel free to order it with a blonde roast. Since some Starbucks stores also sell decaf espresso, you can order decaf shaken espresso.

When it comes to syrup, Starbucks uses classic syrup to make shaken espresso. However, when ordering this beverage from Starbucks, you can customize it with other syrups such as hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, or toffee nut syrup.

How do I make the Starbucks shaken espresso at home?

how do you make a Starbucks shaken espresso

Start by getting the necessary tools and ingredients to make Starbucks shaken espresso at home. You need an espresso-making machine such as Nespresso and a cocktail shaker. If you don’t have this shaker, you can still use a mason jar. You also need dark roast ground coffee beans to make espresso. Choose milk of your choice; it could be non-dairy milk or dairy milk.

Get ice cubes and a syrup you prefer, such as brown sugar syrup, vanilla, or caramel syrup. Once you have all these, start by brewing one or two shots of espresso using the espresso machine and transfer this to a jar.

Add the ice cubes into the cocktail shaker, then pour the brewed espresso over the ice. This is better than adding the ice over the espresso since it can help the espresso cool down faster since the espresso gets to spread out rather than remaining in one place.

You should then add the syrup you choose into the shaker. Close the lid of the cocktail shaker well and then give it a nice shake. 15-20 shakes are advisable. Get a serving glass and pour the mixture from the cocktail shaker. You can then top it with your preferred milk.

Since milk is optional, you can leave it out if you don’t want to make the shaken espresso creamy. Feel free to garnish this beverage according to your preference. For instance, you can top it with salt, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, or cold foam.

Though some people make shaken espresso with sugar, it is better to use syrup since grainy sugar can lead to an unwanted texture. Ensure you also add enough ice cubes to the shaker. It is better to use more ice cubes while making shaken espresso than to use less.

As you prepare shaken espresso at home, feel free to try out different combinations. For instance, you can make the beverage more delicious by preparing it with oat milk and hazelnut syrup or whole milk and vanilla syrup.

What does the Starbucks shaken espresso taste like?

Starbucks shaken espresso is delicious. It tastes like iced coffee with a strong coffee flavor. The handshaking process also gives Starbucks shaken espresso a frothy texture and smoother taste. This drink can also make you more alert and raise your energy levels since it offers more caffeine.

Another thing that makes Starbucks shaken espresso popular is that it is easy to customize. You can easily change the flavor by ordering it with different syrups such as brown sugar syrup and any milk option you prefer.

Final thoughts

Starbucks added shaken espresso to its menu in 2021. This beverage comes with two shots of espresso. It has a similar taste as iced coffee but with a stronger coffee flavor. Due to the simple ingredients that Starbucks shaken espresso comes with, you can easily make it at home following the guidelines discussed above. Enjoy!

FAQ section

How much caffeine is in an iced shaken espresso?

A grande iced shaken espresso has 225 mg of caffeine, while a venti has 300 mg of caffeine. This drink is, therefore, strong enough to help you start your day feeling more energized. However, you should avoid taking it very close to bedtime since it can keep you awake.

What is special about shaken espresso?

It is made using a hand-shaken technique that leads to a frothy and flavorful texture.

Is a shaken espresso sweet?

Yes. Starbucks shaken espresso is sweet since it is prepared with classic syrup. If you make it at home, you can control the ingredients and the level of sweetness in the beverage.

How much is the Starbucks shaken espresso?

This depends on the size you pick as well as the specific ingredients used to make it. For instance, if you choose Starbucks shaken espresso in a grande, you will be charged between $3.95 and $4.25. On the other hand, if you ask for Starbucks shaken espresso with non-dairy milk instead of the 2% milk used, you will be charged between $5.45 and $5.95.

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