How to order iced quad on the Starbucks app (how much is Starbucks iced quad + more information)

Ordering a favorite beverage at a Starbucks store has never been made any easier. If your question on the efficiency of purchasing this drink has been “Can I order an iced quad from Starbucks?”, then this is the write-up for you.

In my search for a perfect cold drink from Starbucks, I settled on an iced quad. Most people would do so because of the drink’s taste and chilling feel but the ease of ordering this drink from the Starbucks App is what played a major role in my adoption. To order the iced quad from Starbucks, open the app, order beforehand, and pick from a store of your choice at a price of between $3.55 and $4.20. Keep reading this article to find out more about ordering this drink.

How do I order an iced quad from Starbucks in the store?

In ordering an iced Quad, the composition and size of the order matter in specifying the drink. Specificity is important because an iced quad is closely similar to a Standard Blonde Americano. An iced quad comes with four shots of espresso compared to a blonde Americano. The extra shot is what qualifies an iced quad. To order a cup of the same at a Starbucks store or a drive-thru, you can ask for a “Starbucks Blonde Americano with an extra shot”.

How do I order an iced quad from the Starbucks App?

How to order iced quad on the Starbucks app

To order an iced quad, the customer has to have the Starbucks app installed on the device to be used for the order. After installing the app, below are the steps to be followed;

Step 1: Log in to the Starbucks App with the details already created at Sign up.

Step 2: Select your order, in this case, your iced quad. You can do this by searching the Blonde Americano in the Search field. Customize your Americano with an extra shot of espresso to make them four. Save and go to the next step.

Step 3: Choose your pickup location. Most preferably a place closer to you and confirm the store from where the drink should be brewed.

Step 4: With all the above processes completed, you should have a page displaying the drink, its customizations, size, and Location for pick up. Place the order then.

How many shots are in the Starbucks iced quad?

A standard Starbucks iced quad has four shots of espresso – one more than a Standard Blonde Americano. The shots are fairly caffeinated for a perfect bitter-sweet taste.


How many shots are too much at Starbucks?

On a health scale, a lethal dose of caffeine is anything between 5,000 and 10,000 milligrams. To achieve such a dosage, you will need between 75 and 155 shots of espresso.

How much Caffeine is in a Quad

With four shots of espresso, an iced quad from Starbucks would have roughly 350 mg of caffeine. This however will vary with the barista, store policies, and size of the quad ordered.

How many calories are in iced quad espresso from Starbucks

A standard iced quad from a Starbucks store has 25 calories. This is exclusive of the standard customizations that a customer may need.

Is Starbucks Quad strong?

The strength of any caffeinated drink in most cases is subject to and relative to the user. A single shot of espresso has 75 mg of caffeine. An iced quad has four shots of espresso, roughly summing up the caffeine to 300mg. Compared to an average cup of coffee that contains 100mg of Caffeine, an iced quad could be considered a strong cup of coffee.

Can I drink Starbucks Quad when pregnant?

It is recommended that pregnant people should stay away from any stimulants. Coffee appears in the same list. However, it causes no harm to have little caffeine during pregnancy. You can take an iced quad when pregnant but with limitations.

Should I drink Starbucks Quad when on a diet?

The average recommended calorie intake for an adult is 1,600 calories per day. The Starbucks iced quad contains only 25 calories, making it fit for someone who is on diet.

Can I drink Starbucks quad on an empty stomach?

Most caffeinated drinks are known to increase stomach acids which may in turn contribute to digestive complications. However, the extent to which Starbucks quad stimulates the secretion of these juices may not be significant as to crop Digestive complications.

Can I make my Starbucks quad keto?

Yes, you can. However, you will need the signature espressos from Starbucks for an even better result.

How much is Starbucks iced quad?

From a Starbucks store, whether on the App, drive-thru, or a physical purchase at the store, a Starbucks iced quad would cost you $3.55 in an average-sized cup. The price ranges depending on the location of the store too.

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