How to order ristretto at Starbucks (How to order ristretto shots in app + more information)

If you love the espresso at Starbucks, you should consider ordering ristretto. Many people ask, can I order a ristretto shot from Starbucks?

Yes. You can order Ristretto shots directly from a Starbucks store or through the app. Before I became a Starbucks regular, I did not understand the meaning of fancy drink orders. It took me a while to familiarize myself with orders since I did not have enough money to explore the menu.

I was introduced to this coffeehouse by my sister, and she made me order her favorite drinks. I even learned the difference between espresso and ristretto. This compelled me to create a post to inform you how to order ristretto. You will also learn what it can be served in.

How do I order a ristretto shot from Starbucks in the store?

Tell the barista you need an espresso drink with a shot of espresso made with less water. For example, you can order an iced caramel macchiato from a Starbucks store made with ristretto rather than the regular espresso.

Ordering a ristretto shot from a Starbucks store is that easy since this shot is made with an espresso machine, just like espresso. The main ingredients used to make a ristretto include coffee grounds and filtered water, which leads to a great-tasting cup of coffee. This type of coffee is more syrupy than espresso.

How do I order a ristretto shot from the Starbucks app?

How to order ristretto at Starbucks

To customize your beverage with a ristretto shot, open the Starbucks app and click on Espresso and Shot Options tab. You will see a section labeled ristretto or long shot. Click on ristretto, then click on done. Once you add the beverage to your order, you can select the nearest Starbucks store and go and pick it up.

How do you drink a ristretto?

You can either drink a ristretto straight or order it with a milk-based beverage. This can give you a slightly different experience from ordering such beverages with espresso. A ristretto shot has less water and is, therefore, more concentrated. It is rich and sweet and therefore combines well with creamy milk-based beverages. Starbucks serves drinks made with ristretto in small cups.

Though the amount of coffee in a ristretto is the same as that in espresso, Starbucks baristas prepare it with half the amount of water. A ristretto is made by adding around 7 grams of ground coffee to water and extracting around 15 grams of coffee out in the ratio of 1:2. Extraction is stopped at 15 seconds before the coffee’s full acidity gets released.

Starbucks makes ristretto with the same espresso roast that it uses for full espresso shots. A ristretto shot is, however, sweeter than a regular shot of espresso because as water pushes through espresso grounds, various compounds dissolve at different speeds. The acidic and sweet flavors are the first ones to dissolve, followed by bitter compounds. Starbucks can make ristrettos of different strengths.

What should a ristretto be served in?

How to order ristretto at Starbucks

A ristretto can be served in different espresso-based drinks. Some of the beverages that pair well with a ristretto include iced caramel macchiato, holiday spice flat white, flat white, Eggnog latte, Americano, and Starbucks double shot on ice.

The richness and sweetness of ristretto can enhance such espresso-based beverages. A ristretto is thicker than espresso, and it can have more crema. Many ristretto lovers reveal that it is easier to drink.

Every drink that comes with ristretto has a slightly different taste. You can order a few ones to figure out the one you like the most. As you customize your drink with ristretto, do not forget to specify the cup size you prefer. You can order an espresso-based beverage with one or more shots of ristretto, depending on the cup size you pick.

Final thoughts

Though ristretto is smaller, you should not underestimate it since it is stronger than espresso. Rather than always ordering drinks with a shot of espresso, you can consider ordering them with a ristretto shot. This type of coffee can enhance the flavor of different espresso-based beverages. You can order ristretto directly from a Starbucks store or through the app.

FAQ section

Is a ristretto stronger than an espresso?

Yes. A ristretto is stronger than an espresso when it comes to the flavor profile. A ristretto gives drinks a bolder flavor than an espresso.

Is ristretto the strongest coffee?

No. Though a ristretto is highly concentrated, it is not the strongest type of coffee. Since Lungo is larger than a ristretto, it has more caffeine than a ristretto, making it the strongest coffee.

How long should a ristretto pull?

A ristretto is made within 15-20 seconds. Starbucks pulls a ristretto in less time than a normal espresso shot, which is made within 25 to 30 seconds.

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