Death Wish Coffee vs. Black Rifle Coffee: Which is stronger?

If you are a coffee fanatic, you may have encountered Death Wish and Black Rifle Coffee at one point. Apart from the usual Nescafe, I like to try new varieties of coffee, and last week I gave the two a try. Each coffee type offers a unique experience. One contains more caffeine than the other as well as one is darker. Ultimately, I found Death Wish coffee perfect for my taste buds. Have you tried Death Wish and Black Rifle coffee? Which one stood out for you? If you are curious about how the two coffee brands compare, read the article below to get more information.

What are the differences between Black Rifle Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee?


Black Rifle Coffee

Death Wish Coffee


It has ample space.

It has limited spaces.


They have 18 stations across the United States.

Also, you can purchase on their website where you can purchase.

They have two stores across the United States.

You can order on their website or look in different retail stores.


They have a wide selection of coffee that have different levels of roast.

They have several coffee varieties at each roast level.

Price Ranges

$14 to $18

The prices vary according to sizes and varieties.

$13 to $20

The prices vary depending on type and size.

Beverage Sizes

12, 16, and 20 ounces

16, 32, and 80 ounces.

Environmental Consciousness

They are veteran oriented.

Currently, the company is not running any environment conscious


Colombian Excelso Beans

Arabica and Robusta beans from Peru and India

Equipment used

Using Hands



Light dark

Intense dark

Black Rifle Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee – How they compare.


Black Rifle Company has an advantage over Death Wish Coffee as it has numerous locations. For instance, the one in Sevierville has ample space inside. The ambiance exudes a chilled environment where one can enjoy coffee.

Death Wish Coffee does not have different locations. Therefore, they only offer spaces where customers enjoy their ambiance.

For this category, Black Rifle quickly takes it since it has different locations that offer an excellent ambiance from which its customers can enjoy coffee.


Death Wish Coffee vs. Black Rifle Coffee
Death wish coffee employees. Image source: Death Wish Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee has 18 stations across the United States. It includes physical shops in Oklahoma, Utah, Georgia, and Texas. They have other distributors situated across the US. Also, you can purchase on their website.

Death Wish Coffee has two stores across the United States. One is their headquarters, and the other is a store. You can order on their website or look in different retail stores. They have their products on Healthy Living Market, Price Chopper, Shoprite, Hannaford, Walmart, and Safeway.

In this category, Black Rifle takes it. Death Wish has limited locations, unlike Black Rifle, which has a number across the US.


Black Rifle has three categories of coffee; Light roast, Medium roast, and Dark roast. The three are differentiated by the degree of roast. Each category has different coffee, which you can choose. Therefore, you are not limited to picking only a specific type.

Death Wish Coffee has Medium roast, Dark roast, Espresso roast, Flavored, and Colombian Blends. They differentiate each other with the level of roast and taste. For each type, more varieties are unique. It offers more types, even flavored types, compared to Black Rifle coffee.

Both companies have numerous types, but Death Wish coffee offers more varieties than Black Rifle. Therefore, Death Wish wins this category.

Price ranges

Black Rifle coffee is not as affordable as one would imagine. You may be discouraged from purchasing their varieties as they go for averagely higher prices compared to other companies. They average $14 to $18, depending on the roast type. Also, an increase in size alters the cost as well. Interestingly the company sells the coffee in packages that cost $30 to $70.

Death Wish coffee is not far off from the latter. It is relatively costly. Depending on the size and variety of coffee, the company sells its coffee from $13 to $20. The prices are primarily higher than how other companies sell theirs. However, the company offers high-quality coffee that is worth the purchase.

In this category, there is a tie between Black Rifle and Death Wish coffee. It is because both companies sell their coffee at almost similar prices.

Beverage sizes

Black Rifle Coffee has standard beverage sizes that you can find in many coffee shops. They have 12, 16, and 20 ounces. These are small sizes that translate to cost less.

On the other hand, Death Wish Coffee has bigger sizes. Since the company does not sell ready-to-drink coffee, it only packages ground coffee in 16, 32, and 80 ounces packets. These are relatively bigger than the other company.

Black Rifle is the better pick when it comes to beverage sizes. It is because they offer ready-to-drink coffee in portable sizes.

Environmental consciousness

Death Wish Coffee vs. Black Rifle Coffee
Black Rifle Company. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee is run by veterans who are ex-militants. The company aims to employ those who served to intend to use the knowledge acquired during service to make good coffee.

Death Wish Coffee has worked with several organizations to raise funds or support social causes. However, they don’t have initiatives that center on protecting the environment.

There is a tie in this category. Both companies have yet to active initiatives that aim to create environmental awareness.


Black Rifle makes its coffee from Colombian Excelso Beans. As the name suggests, it is from Colombia, which is exportable coffee. Before exportation, the beans are well-graded; therefore, only the best variety gets shipped. Excelso is relatively more minor than Columbian Supremo, which is the only difference. However, quality is maintained.

Death Wish Coffee uses Arabica and Robusta beans from Peru and India. Peru has been recently ranked as one of the leading coffee producers in the world. It is well known for producing good quality Arabica. On the other hand, people believe India produces one of the best coffee varieties. Arabica and Robusta give out darker, more rich coffee that consumers prefer.

When you compare the two companies’ formulations, Death Wish coffee takes this category. It is because the company uses a suitable type of coffee beans that produce high-quality coffee.

Black Rifle Coffee Vs. Death Wish Coffee – A Comparison Overview

Black Rifle Overview

Death Wish Coffee vs. Black Rifle Coffee - Which is stronger?
Black Rifle coffee location. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee

Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret, began Black rifle in 2014. He sold his first bunch on a friend’s website, and after the success of the sale, He launched his website. From there, the company grew to what it is now, where it deals with clients directly from the direct-to-consumer service.

Black Hafer specializes in making and selling good coffee and, as they say to those who love America. The company started selling ground coffee; fortunately, with excellent strategies, they have grown and diversified their products. As of 2020, the company started selling canned, ready-to-drink coffee.

It has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company has seen impressive growth; currently, it has 18 locations. Also, they sell their products in retail stores across the United States. You can also find their products in online stores, such as Amazon.

The company runs its affairs differently from other coffee institutions. Former military officials run it. They insinuate the ex-militants use the knowledge they gained during service to create exquisite coffee. Branding and marketing speak about the image the company is going for.

Many of the staff are former military spouses, reservists, and veterans. Apart from coffee, they sell merchandise as well. They have t-shirts and mugs branded with the company’s logo. Therefore, diversifying their income streams.

Death Wish Overview

Death Wish Coffee vs. Black Rifle Coffee
Death Wish coffee products. Image source: Death Wish coffee

Death Wish coffee began in 2012. Mike Brown founded the company with its headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York. The company has garnered worldwide recognition, which has earned them awards.

In 2015, the company was lucky to have an advertisement running during Superbowl’s halftime. It ran the advert free of charge as a gift from a competition the company won. That’s not all; the CEO receives global recognition, such as being named 40 under 40 in 2018 by Albany Business Review.

The company has a small population of 64 employees. Sadly, the company is smaller than other coffee companies, with numerous employees and locations. Death wish has only two locations; one is its headquarters, and the other is a retail store.

Death Wish Coffee claims to produce the best kind of coffee. The company specializes in producing high-caffeine coffee, which is dark and intense. They have a variety of coffee depending on the roast level, such as medium roast, espresso, and Columbian blend.

The company has participated in charity work. In 2018, Death Wish coffee sold unique edition mugs, which generated a lot of income that went directly into charity. The company works with several non-profit organizations and other well-wishers to support social causes.

Final Verdict: So, which is better? – Black Rifle Coffee vs. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish coffee takes it as the better option. As highlighted in the article, ex-militants run and work for Black Rifle coffee. They employ techniques used when they are in service. However, the latter company does not beat the intensity and level of caffeine in Death Wish’s coffee varieties. Also, the numerous varieties the company offers are impressive. If you love lasting caffeine effects, you will surely enjoy Death Wish’s coffee with high caffeine content. Despite the superiority of Death Wish, Black Rifle Coffee has a good number of consumers; therefore, we cannot dismiss its popularity.


Is Black Rifle Coffee better than Death Wish Coffee?

Both companies make good coffee; however, Death Wish has more intense varieties. Furthermore, the latter does not have the light roast option. However, Black Rifle will suit you best if you love lighter coffee.

Which came first, Black Rifle coffee or Death Wish Coffee?

Of the two, Death Wish came first. The company began in 2012, whereas Black Rifle began in 2014.

Which offers more varieties, Death Wish Coffee and Black Rifle Coffee?

Death wish coffee offers more varieties. It has numerous levels of roast and flavors: Medium roast, Dark roast, Espresso roast, Flavored, and Colombian Blend.

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