Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce: Which One is better?

Starbucks is well known for its large variety of syrups and sauces that you can add to your drink to customize it to your liking. I have developed a serious craving for white chocolate, such that I decided to try the white mocha syrup and sauce options Starbucks offers.

I noticed some significant differences between them and wrote this article all about my experience. As you read through, you will be in a better position to decide which one suits you best.

What are the differences between Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce


Starbucks white mocha syrup

Starbucks white mocha sauce


Pure cane sugar, natural flavors, water, sodium benzoate, citric acid, and potassium sorbate.

Sugar, coconut oil, condensed skim milk, salt, cocoa butter, natural flavors, monoglycerides, and potassium sorbate.

Taste profile

Has a mild, sweet taste.

Has a rich, sweet, and chocolatey taste. It has been known to taste like sweetened condensed milk.

Caffeine content/ Nutritional value

Two pumps of this syrup have 80 calories in total, 45 mg of sodium, 19 g of carbohydrates, 19 g of total sugar, and 19 grams of added sugar.

Two pumps of this sauce have 120 calories in total, 55 mg of sodium, 24 g of carbohydrates, 3 g of total fat, and 24g of sugar.


Syrup is always available in most Starbucks stores. Starbucks uses the Torani white mocha syrup, which can easily be bought from Amazon or Walmart.

The sauce is always found in Starbucks stores and is an ingredient in a variety of Starbucks beverages, like the white chocolate mocha drink. Starbucks uses the Fontana brand of white mocha sauce, which can be easily found on Amazon or Walmart.

Roast Level

Not applicable

Not applicable

Brand Name



Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce – How they compare

Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce

What it’s made of (ingredients)

The Starbucks white mocha syrup is made of pure cane sugar, which is a healthier option than processed sugar. It also has natural flavors which makes it relatively healthy.

The Starbucks white mocha sauce has more ingredients, making it richer, thicker, and more versatile as compared to the syrup.

In terms of what is healthier, the Starbucks white mocha syrup wins this time. The natural ingredients it’s made of make it the healthier option, therefore even those with diet restrictions can still enjoy it.

Taste profile

The Starbucks white mocha syrup has a mild, sweet taste. This is probably due to the few simple ingredients it is made of. The natural sweetness of pure cane sugar is milder than refined or processed sugar.

The Starbucks white mocha sauce has a more richer and chocolatey taste. This is contributed by ingredients such as condensed milk and coconut oil.

Taste is relative and depends on an individual’s preferences. If you are looking to get the most flavor in your chocolate beverage, the white mocha sauce will give you that. If you prefer simpler and milder flavors, then the white mocha syrup will serve you well.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value is mainly determined by the ingredients that have been used to manufacture a commodity. In this case, it is no surprise that the Starbucks mocha syrup has fewer calories in total since it is made with natural ingredients.

The Starbucks white mocha sauce is richer and chocolatier in flavor, but has less nutritional value and more calories. This is probably because the ingredients used to manufacture it are processed or refined.

In this case, the Starbucks white mocha syrup would have greater nutritional value than the Starbucks white mocha sauce.


Both the white mocha syrup and sauce can be found all year-round in most Starbucks stores. It would be rare to not find them. Also, they can both be bought from retail stores like Walmart, or you can order them online via Amazon.

In this case, they are both easily available and accessible, so it is a draw.

Brand Name

The Torani syrup brand is very well known and is said to make the best syrups in the gourmet beverage market. However, Starbucks’ syrups and sauces are from Fontana. They are a well-known and reputable brand as well.

Since we are talking about Starbucks, the white chocolate mocha sauce wins this time, since it is from Fontana.

Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce: A comparison review

Starbucks mocha syrup – Overview

Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce

This syrup is great if you love white chocolate but prefer mild and simple flavors. White chocolate can be very sweet and combined with mocha, makes it even sweeter. This syrup can help to balance that sweetness out, in that your drink will still be sweet, but its sweetness won’t be too overpowering. Also, it has fewer calories so it’s a great addition if you have dietary limitations.

I decided to add a few pumps of this syrup to my normal Starbucks order of plain white coffee and, I could taste the sweetness of the syrup from afar, and was surprised to find out it also had a mild, nutty flavor. This syrup is great if you want to add some sweetness to your beverage without it being too overpowering.

What I liked;

  • It had a mildly sweet flavor that was not too overpowering.

What I didn’t like;

  • You have to add more than two pumps to experience its sweetness.

Who it’s best suited for.

  • Those who love sweet but mild flavors. It is also suited for vegetarians and vegans.

Starbucks mocha sauce – Overview

Starbucks white mocha syrup vs sauce

If you love rich, extravagant, and chocolatey flavors, you will enjoy this sauce for sure. Ingredients such as coconut oil and cocoa butter give it a nutty flavor, and the condensed milk brings richness and creaminess.

I ordered the white chocolate mocha drink since it has white chocolate mocha sauce as one of its main ingredients. I enjoyed its rich flavor and its velvety smooth sensation in my mouth as I drank it. It also had a delicious nutty aftertaste.

What I liked;

  • The rich flavors of chocolate, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.
  • It’s velvety feeling in my mouth and the nutty aftertaste.

What I didn’t like;

  • It can be too sweet and rich for most people.
  • It is high in calories and unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Who it’s best suited for.

  • Those who have a sweet tooth and enjoy rich flavors.

Final Verdict: So, Which is better? Starbucks white mocha syrup or sauce?

Starbucks mocha syrup is better than the sauce. It provides what the mocha sauce can, apart from the rich chocolatey flavors. It is made of pure cane sugar and has fewer calories which is a healthier option for those with dietary limitations. Also, vegetarians and vegans can have it.

Also, most people love sweet drinks, but drinks that are too sweet can be quite overbearing and brings feelings of lethargy thereafter, plus they are not good for your health. When all those points are considered, the mocha syrup is the better option.


Which is better for coffee between mocha sauce and mocha syrup?

Mocha syrup is best for coffee, as the mocha sauce tends to clump at the bottom when the drink cools down. Mocha syrup also distributes its flavor more easily than mocha sauce.

Which has a balanced flavor between mocha sauce and mocha syrup?

Mocha syrup has a more balanced flavor. It distributes more easily than mocha sauce and has a mild sweet taste that’s not overpowering. Mocha sauce may be too sweet or rich for some people.

Is mocha syrup sweeter than mocha sauce?

No, the mocha sauce is much sweeter than mocha syrup.

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