What Is Mocha Sauce at Starbucks (How Starbucks Makes It, Can I Order Mocha Sauce at Starbucks, Is Starbucks Mocha Sauce Vegan + More FAQs)

You’ve probably enjoyed a cup or two of Starbucks mocha drinks and the mysterious chocolate and coffee taste sparked your curiosity. So, what is Starbucks mocha sauce?

A Starbucks mocha sauce is a thick bittersweet sauce that is combined with espresso to give a rich-tasting drink. I love the chocolaty notes in each mocha drink and I can’t get over how full-bodied the drinks are I have always thought that mocha sauce is the drink, but I learned that it is only part of the additives in a mocha drink. If you have tasted other drinks and have been wondering what mocha is, keep reading because we are about to tell you all about it and what drinks are available with this famous sauce.

What is a mocha sauce made of?

A Starbucks mocha sauce contains corn starch, cocoa, water, invert sugar, citric acid, and natural flavor. The sauce gives a bittersweet taste and chocolate notes to the drinks. Most of the time, the mocha sauce is used in coffee drinks and combines coffee and chocolate tastes. The Starbucks mocha sauce will always contain that distant chocolaty taste.

What does mocha sauce at Starbucks taste like?

The sauce gives a bittersweet taste and a chocolate hint due to the cocoa additive. The Starbucks mocha sauce has no coffee but all the mocha drinks have it. When coffee is added, a combination of the roasted taste of coffee and hints of chocolate make what is traditionally known as a mocha flavor. Before coffee is added to the sauce, has a sweet taste. Coffee adds a bitter taste to give it a rich full-bodied flavor.

How does Starbucks make its mocha sauce?

How Starbucks Makes It
Starbucks mocha sauce. Source: Pinterest

There is no clear information on how mocha sauce is made at Starbucks. What we know is that Starbucks uses the bittersweet mocha sauce which is made in-store for its mocha drinks. According to some Starbucks baristas on Reddit, the sauce comes in form of a powder and is mixed with hot water to form a thick sauce.

Can you order mocha sauce at Starbucks?

No, you can’t. The mocha sauce cannot be purchased at Starbucks as it is made in-store. Previously, the sauce powder was available at most stores, but it is no longer sold at Starbucks. The sauce can only last for 24 hours once it’s made which is the main reason Starbucks does not sell it to customers. However, external vendors have a stable and slightly longer shelf-life mocha sauce, but it’s not the exact sauce used at Starbucks.

How much is Starbucks mocha sauce?

You can purchase a replica Starbucks mocha sauce from external vendors like Walmart. This might not be the exact sauce used at Starbucks, but still tastes as great. A 12-ounces bottle at this store will retail at $8.43. At Amazon, you can purchase the Sbux Starbucks Fontana Frappuccino mocha sauce in a 63-fluid ounces bottle at $ 59.99.

Final Thoughts

There is no mocha syrup at Starbucks as some people might think. There is a huge difference between a syrup and a sauce. Sauces are thick in consistency while syrups are slightly thin. Starbucks has a mocha sauce that is used to make its signature mocha drinks and Frappuccino blends. The mocha sauce replica can be purchased from external vendors and it has no caffeine.


Is Starbucks mocha Sauce vegan?

Yes, the Starbucks mocha sauce is vegan, unlike most syrups.

Is there coffee in Starbucks mocha sauce?

No, the sauce contains no coffee but the drinks it makes all have coffee in them.

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