What is the Starbucks blonde roast (How it’s brewed, level of roasting beans, caffeine content, nutrition + more Information)

This article examines what is the Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee. Read on and found out more information in the next segments of the article.

The Starbucks blonde roast is a lighter roast of coffee made from East African and Latin American coffee beans with a sweet flavor and a smooth creamy feel when sipped.

Are you aware that Starbucks introduced the Starbucks® Blonde Roast officially in 2012 to the market? Do you know that it is the softest and mellowest flavored coffee on the market, with just the perfect touch to turn your day around? Well. That is what I found out recently. The finding aroused my curiosity to find out more about the beautiful blonde coffee. I have been looking for a milder lighter looking coffee with a different taste until I encountered this blonde coffee recently. I swear that it is worth everything that there is. The taste is heavenly and the feeling with each sip is out of this world. What I discovered and the questions that people ask from time to time about Starbucks blonde roast coffee have inspired me to write this article to inform you more about this amazing product from Starbucks that you must try if you haven’t.

Here are a few vital pieces of information that you need to know about the product when you next pop into a Starbucks outlet:

How does Starbucks brew its blonde roast coffee?

The Starbucks blonde coffee is generally available in packaged form but with brewing options available at Starbucks stores in the United States of America. At Starbucks, the blond espresso is used as an alternative in hot and cold brews that are normally the preserve for dark and medium roasted coffee.

What does blonde roast taste like?

The Starbucks blonde roast has a sour lemon taste caused by the high acidity in the coffee, which gives it a perceived citrus edge in terms of taste. The sour taste notwithstanding, blonde roast coffee from Starbucks is mellow and approachable while delivering a flavorful milder taste, removed from the bitterness associated with dark roasts, with a stunningly gentle finish.

How does Starbucks roast its coffee?

The roasting process is a joint effort between the Starbucks coffee quality team and roast experts with the input of Starbucks customers to settle on the perfect taste that the customers have been looking for at all times. The roasting process at Starbucks carefully combines four decades of coffee artistry that combines roasting and blending with human expertise to produce innovative exceptional products at all times.

Starbucks roast their own coffee from carefully selected beans at the Starbucks Coffee Roasting Plant. The blonde roast is specifically made from coffee beans from Latin America and East Africa. It has four other specialized roasting plants in Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania, and the Netherlands.

What is the nutrition of a Starbucks blonde roast?

What is the nutrition of a Starbucks blonde roast?

The nutritional information of the Starbucks blonde roast is calculated based on the standardized industry guidelines according to Starbucks. Variations will arise based on the drink size. The main ingredient in the Starbucks blonde roast coffee is coffee beans. Here is more information about the calorie content and other dietary details that you should know about the Starbucks blonde roast coffee.


The short-sized drink, tall-sized drink, grande-sized drink, and venti-sized drink contain the same amount of calories. The blonde roast packs 5 calories per serving against the 2000 calories recommended by nutritionists for adults per day. The low calorie is partly as a result of zero carbohydrates in the blonde roast coffee.

Protein Content

The short-sized and a tall-sized serving of Starbucks blonde roast coffee contain 0 g of proteins. The quantity changes significantly as the cup sizes increase. The grande and venti-sized servings contain 1 g of proteins each which is equivalent to 2%

Sodium Content

The short-sized drink will add 5mg of sodium to your diet per serving and the tall-sized blonde, the venti sized and the grande-sized servings of blonde roast coffee will add 10mg to your diet which is still 0%

The blonde roast espresso from Starbucks contains 0 carbs, cholesterol sugars, and vitamins. However, a venti-sized drink contains calcium at 2% which is a good thing for the general health of your teeth and bones.


Starbucks products are certified as free from allergenic compounds when packaged. Starbucks cannot guarantee that the product once unpackaged will still be free from allergens. You are advised to always read the nutrition and ingredient information on the products before using them for your own safety.

What roast level is Blonde at Starbucks?

The blonde roast coffee at Starbucks is a light roast. Other coffee companies call the level of roast medium roast. It deviates from the heavily roasted coffee beans that Starbucks is famous for to give a lighter more mellow kind of coffee.

How much caffeine is in Starbucks blonde roast?

The caffeine content in the Starbucks blonde roast is amazingly strong even though the appearance may fool you. A tall-sized serving contains 85mg of caffeine per serving while a grande-sized blonde roast drink has an impressive 170mg per serving.


Is blonde roast stronger than espresso?

Yes. A shot of blonde espresso at Starbucks contains 10 more milligrams of caffeine compared to the dark roast shot. A blond espresso shot has 85mg of caffeine while the traditional coffee espresso shot has 75mg for the same-sized serving. It is argued that the acidity contributes to the strength of the blonde roast distinguished by a smoother taste without the bitterness of dark roast varieties despite the higher acidity.

Does blonde roast have less caffeine?

The answer to this question is a never-ending debate. Some argue that dark roast contains lower caffeine than blond roasts because the beans are roasted longer while blond roasted coffee beans are roasted for a shorter time. The proponents argue that the length of time taken to roast the coffee beans not only creates a color difference but alters the caffeine content giving blonde roasted coffee an edge over dark roasted coffee. Others argue that there is no significant difference in the caffeine content between dark roasted coffee and blonde roasted coffee except for a noticeable change in flavor where blonde roasted coffee has a mild taste when dark roasts are bitter.

Is blonde roast healthy?

Yes. The blonde roasted Starbucks coffee is considered among the healthiest drinks but only if you don’t consume too much of it to the point of caffeine addiction. It is known to contain more antioxidants than other brews and will guard you against inflammation better than the darker roasted varieties. It is perfectly healthy for you if you can overlook the acidity.

Is Starbucks Blonde Roast sour?

Yes. The high acidity in the drink definitely gives it a lemon-oriented kind of taste that some people love so much. The sour taste is the reason behind the name cinnamon roast which was used for referring to the Starbucks blonde roast coffee for many years.

Is Starbucks Blonde Roast oily?

No! The blonde roast coffee from Starbucks is not oily at all. Blonde roasted coffee has a lighter color that is distinct from the darker roasts and a matte finish that is different from the oily look of darker roasts characterized by a shiny appearance.

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