What does Starbucks blonde espresso taste like? (Is Starbucks blonde roast better than espresso? + More information)

Since Starbucks released another espresso after serving their Signature Espresso for decades, you’re probably wondering, “What does Starbucks blonde espresso taste like?”

The Starbucks blonde espresso has a slightly tangy and caramel-y taste with fruity notes of lemon and orange. It is sweet and bright with a light, smooth and warm flavour. The peculiar flavour of the Starbucks blonde espresso is thanks to the lightly roasted Latin American and East African coffee beans. I have been an “espresso person” for years and when the blonde espresso was released I loved it immediately. Starbucks blonde espresso is always my go-to. I appreciate the endless options there are with this espresso. To find out about the options and more, keep reading.

What do you put in a blonde roast at Starbucks?

The Starbucks blonde roast pairs well with the majority of the Starbucks beverages. You can put any of the Starbucks iced beverages in the blonde roast. The espresso also pairs perfectly with lattes, frappuccinos or macchiatos. Starbucks suggests the blonde vanilla latte, espresso macchiato and blonde flat white, especially for coffee beginners. The Starbucks blonde espresso offers endless beverage options.

What is a good blonde roast coffee from Starbucks?

Is Starbucks blonde roast better than espresso?

A good Starbucks blonde roast coffee is made from lightly roasted coffee beans and is sweet and slightly fruity with a smooth, creamy body. A good blonde roast is vibrant but not bitter like the dark roast. It has a well-balanced, warm, approachable and mellow savor and gently awakens the senses.

How do you order blonde roast on the Starbucks app?

To order a blonde roast espresso on the Starbucks app, simply order your favourite beverage as you normally would and when customizing, choose the blonde espresso under espresso and shots options.

Exhaustively, download the Starbucks app and under the menu, under drinks, select hot coffees (here, you can also select any of the listed beverages if you prefer). Under the hot coffees, scroll down to flat whites, select between the flat white and the honey almond milk flat white and then choose your beverage size (follow the same steps if you chose another drink).

Then, proceed to customize your beverage. Under milk, preferably, choose steamed hot almond milk (although, any other kind is fine) and move on to flavours, where you’ll select the vanilla syrup (this is optional). Edit the number of syrup pumps you’d like and then scroll down to “Espresso and shots options”. Choose the number of shots you want and under the “Espresso roast options” select “Blonde Espresso”. Edit the cup size to your preferred size and place your order.

FAQ Section

Is the blonde roast the strongest at Starbucks?

Strength, when discussing coffee, refers to the caffeine levels and it can be subjective. Although the Starbucks blonde roast has higher caffeine levels than the medium and dark roasts, therefore it is the strongest in that sense.

The coffee beans for the blonde roast are roasted for a shorter period and therefore keep most of their caffeine while the caffeine in darker roasts is broken down more due to longer roasting time. However, in terms of flavour, the darker roast is stronger than the blonde roast.

Is Starbucks blonde roast better than espresso?

This is subjective due to different preferred tastes among people. However, if you like the familiar bitter coffee taste, the dark roast is better and if you prefer a sweet, slightly acidic taste, then the blonde roast is better for you.

If you prefer something in-between, the medium roast is perfect for you. If you prefer more caffeine the blonde roast is great. Whatever you like, that’s the better roast for you.

Is the blonde roast less bitter?

Due to the shorter roasting time, the blonde roast doesn’t release nearly as much bitterness when brewed, compared to the dark roast. It is, therefore, the less bitter roast.

The blonde roast is fairly intact after roasting. Different species and varieties of coffee beans will give out different bitterness levels when brewed. The brewing method used can also affect the coffee’s bitterness level.

Is Starbucks’ blonde roast less acidic?

The Starbucks blonde roast is more acidic both taste-wise and chemically. The blonde roast keeps most of its acidity due to the shorter roasting time, thus the lemon-y taste.

On the pH scale, the blonde roast is around 4.5 which is more acidic than the 5.9 and 5.4 of the dark and medium roasts, respectively. The longer the coffee beans are heated, the more acids they lose, thus becoming less acidic and vice versa. Steer clear of the blonde roast if you’re sensitive to acidic foods.

How do you order a blonde espresso from Starbucks?

Straightforwardly request your barista for your preferred Starbucks beverage and say “blonde” anywhere in there during your request. They’ll do the rest.


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