How Much Is A Mastrena 2 Espresso Machine? (Where To Buy Mastrena 2 Espresso Machine + More Information)

If you are planning to establish a coffee shop, you have probably thought of getting a Mastrena 2 Espresso machine. But how much is a Mastrena 2 espresso machine?

A Mastrena 2 espresso machine costs about $18,000. The main reason I got hooked on Starbucks is its espresso. I used to wonder how Starbucks creates unique espresso that tastes quite different from that of other coffee shops.

After research, I discovered that Starbucks uses a Mastrena 2 espresso machine. Since I discovered that I was not the only curious customer, I decided to come up with this post to share more on the Mastrena 2 espresso machine.

By the end of it, you will learn who makes it, whether you can buy it for domestic use, and much more. Keep reading!

Who makes Mastrena 2 espresso machines?

The Mastrena 2 espresso machine, like the one above, is made by the Swiss company Thermoplan AG. 🤝The company was founded in 1974, but its history with Starbucks only began in 1999, when it entered into an exclusive espresso machine supply contract with the giant American coffee store.

Thermoplan AG made Starbucks the super-automatic coffee machine, the Verismo 801, until 2008. This was then replaced by the Mastrena, an espresso machine very similar to the Verismo 801, other than for its smaller size.

Starbucks is currently distributing the Mastrena II to many of its cafes and expects to continue doing so until 2022.

🙅‍♂️Because of the terms of the exclusive contract, Thermoplan AG will not sell you a machine that is still in use by Starbucks. However, once Starbucks stops using a particular line, Thermoplan AG normally rebrands it and continues to sell it in the open market.

After the Verismo 801 was discontinued, the company introduced the Black and White CTS2 in the commercial market.

Where can you buy Mastrena 2 espresso machine?

Mastrena 2 espresso machine. Source: Pinterest

The Mastrena 2 espresso machine is not yet available for sale in the commercial market, so you will not be able to buy a new one anywhere. This is because it is the brand that is currently in use at Starbucks.

Under the exclusive license, Thermoplan AG manufacturer is restricted to making this machine just for Starbucks. Unfortunately, a second-hand Mastrena 2 is also hard to come by.

Why is a Mastrena espresso machine so expensive?

Starbucks Mastrena espresso machine. Image source: Pinterest

This is an industrial machine that handles a substantial amount of espresso grounds in less time than other espresso machines. It is also expensive because it has to maintain high-quality standards of beverages.

Since Starbucks has to make Frappuccinos with Java Chips all day, it had to invest in a good espresso machine, and Mastrena meets its demand.


Is Mastrena 2 a good espresso machine?

👍Yes, the Mastrena 2 is an excellent super-automatic espresso machine. It makes coffee from bean to cup. It will automatically grind, dose, tamp, brew, set temperature and brewing time, steam, and froth for you.

Can you buy Mastrena 2 espresso machine for domestic use?

No, you cannot get a new Mastrena 2 espresso machine for domestic use at this time since the machine is not available on the open market. If and when it is made available, or if you can get a second-hand one, it will be underutilized in a domestic setting to make any financial sense.

The Mastrena 2 is a commercial coffee machine specifically made to automate processes where many espresso shots are made and are best suited for a high-traffic restaurant or coffee shop.

What does Mastrena mean in English?

Research shows that the word Mastrena has no meaning in English. However, this is an Italian name that stands for an espresso machine.

How much is the Mastrena 1?

The cost of Mastrena 1 ranges between $4,000 and $18,000.

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