Does coffee mate creamer make you gain weight? (Can Coffee-mate creamer make you gain weight + more information)

If you want to enhance the taste of your cup of coffee, you are probably considering a coffee mate creamer. But can coffee-mate creamer make you gain weight? Read on to find out more!

Though Coffee-mate creamer does not have a lot of fats, it can make you gain weight if you take it every day. Many coffee fans who like such creamers are more focused on the delicious taste they add to drinks and pay less attention to their nutritional value. I used to do the same thing when I was first introduced to coffee mate creamer by my brother. This creamer made me stop taking my cup of coffee black, and I preferred it over adding milk to my drinks.

I once heard someone say that coffee mate creamer can be fattening. This made me curious about what it does to the body, so I started researching it. I later created this post to share what I had learned regarding the effects of coffee mate creamer on the body. By the end, you will also find out if this creamer has a lot of fat. Enjoy!

Does coffee mate creamer have a lot of fats?

No. Coffee-mate creamer does not have a lot of fats since a tablespoon has 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 gram of fat, and 0 grams of trans fats. Coffee-mate creamer comes in different versions. There is the fat-free version and the sugar-free version of this creamer.

Is coffee mate creamer fattening?

Can Coffee-mate creamer make you gain weight

No. Coffee-mate creamer is not fattening when taken in small quantities. This is because it has few calories and low-fat content. Despite this, this non-dairy creamer is not very healthy since it has no nutritional value to the body. It does not contain crucial nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, or minerals.

Will I gain weight if I use mate coffee creamer every day?

Yes. Though coffee mate creamer has less fat, you should not take it too frequently. Taking this creamer every day can lead to weight gain. This can happen to you, especially if you don’t exercise regularly or watch your diet.

Final thoughts

Some lactose intolerant people cannot get enough of the dairy-free coffee mate creamer. Though this creamer has low fats, you should avoid taking it every day since this could lead to weight gain.

FAQ section

Is coffee mate creamer okay when on a diet?

No. Coffee-mate creamer is not okay even when on a diet since it does not have any nutritional benefits to the body.

Can I drink coffee mate creamer daily and still lose weight?

No. Taking coffee mate creamer daily is not advisable since it can make you gain weight.

Is coffee mate creamer bad for your weight loss journey?

Yes. Coffee-mate creamer is bad for your weight loss journey since taking too much of it daily can make it hard to lose weight.

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