Starbucks Quad Shot (What it means, how Much Caffeine is a Quad shot, how to order & more information)

We have probably heard of the single and double shots while ordering at Starbucks, but have you ever heard of the quad shot? Let’s find out what quad means at Starbucks.

Quad simply denotes the number four. At Starbucks, quad shot means four shots of espresso. I always ordered an Americano in three espresso shots and I thought that I took the strongest coffee until I learned of the quad drink. If you want a full stock of caffeine that will last till the evening, the quad drink is your perfect choice. I would recommend it for the jumpstart it gives me and the long-lasting energy it provides all day long. If you would like to try it out and still have doubts, keep reading to learn about its caffeine and how to order.

How much caffeine is in a quad drink?

The quad drink offers a generous amount of caffeine. Any drink with a quad shot will give you 300mg of caffeine. This might seem much, but it still doesn’t beat the caffeine content in drip coffee of 16 ounces. If your body’s caffeine half-life is six hours, you will break half of the caffeine after six hours, meaning the caffeine will last for 12 hours in your system.

How do you order a quad espresso at Starbucks?

The best and easiest way is to ask for a Grande Caffe Americano with an extra shot. You can also ask for an iced quad espresso or a quad latte. The standard latte contains a double shot for a Grande serving. A quad gives you double the espresso in the standard Starbucks Grande cup. Starbucks has a Grande iced blonde quad Caffe and also a hot version of the same. These are some of the options you have at the stores if you want to try out the quad drinks.

Final Thoughts

Quad drinks are astonishingly popular at Starbucks, especially for people who want an extra kick of energy and do not have the time to get an afternoon cup of coffee. The quad drink gives you four shots of espresso , one extra to the standard Caffe Americano.


How much is a quad drink at Starbucks?

A quad espresso will cost you $2.95. This amount varies with the drink that you order along with the quad shots.

Does Starbucks charge for espresso shots?

Yes, it does. A shot of espresso is $0.50.

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