Why Starbucks cups/Tumblers shock you (Why You Get Static Electricity Shocks from Starbucks cups, Starbucks cups that shock you+ Plus all you need to know about Starbucks Cups)

Why Starbucks cups/Tumblers shock you (Why You Get Static Electricity Shocks from Starbucks cups, Starbucks cups that shock you+ Plus all you need to know about Starbucks Cups)

Since my friend introduced me to cold foam drinks from Starbucks, I have ordered this drink regularly. I noticed I was getting shocked every time I took a cold foam drink. If you have the same experience, you are not alone.

Starbucks cups or tumblers cause static electric shocks. This happens since the tumbler or cup is an insulator that can store electric charge. We came up with this post to help you find out why Starbucks cups shock you. You will also learn more about Starbucks cups and the cold foam drinks that cause shocks from this post. Enjoy!

Can Starbucks Plastic cups shock you?

Most people in America get their favorite drinks from Starbucks. This company serves its drinks in plastic cups or tumblers. Though most of the drinks from Starbucks are delicious, not everyone has a pleasant experience with the cups.

Plastic cups from Starbucks can shock you since the cups tend to accumulate a static electric charge. The electric charge is discharged when you put the cup in your mouth, leading to the static shock. Static electricity occurs where there is an imbalance between negative and positive electric charges.

Getting shocked by Starbucks’ plastic cups is one of the complaints that some customers have been raising on different platforms. Being shocked every time you try to take your favorite drink can be an awful experience. The static shock on your teeth can feel a bit weird or even painful in some people. It can discourage you from ordering more drinks from Starbucks.

Starbucks cups that shock you

Starbucks cups that shock you

Starbucks introduced reusable cups and tumblers to minimize the waste that single-use cups cause. You can utilize Starbucks cups to hold cold or hot beverages. Not every Starbucks cup leads to static electricity shocks. 

According to most customers, the Starbucks cups that often cause this effect are the cold cups. You may experience static electricity shocks if you order cold drinks. Starbucks stacks cups. Every time you pull the plastic from the sleeve, it creates an electric current that can shock you. Starbucks also introduced sippy cups that feature a wide opening. Some customers reveal that taking drinks from such cups also makes one experience shock.

Besides the Starbuck cup, the lid could also cause shock. This is because the lid of Starbucks cups is made using a different plastic material. You can reduce the chances of experiencing the shock by taking your drink without the lid. This is easy to do if you are not planning to take the drink while moving.

Starbucks is keen on addressing customer complaints, and it reveals that it reduced the hole in the lids to make them more conducive to iced beverages. Besides cold cups and the lids, drinking a cold Starbucks drink with a straw can also make you experience a static electricity shock. Avoid the straw since this can also retain static electricity and shock you as you try to enjoy your drink.

What Starbucks Cold Foam is Shocking?

Starbucks cold foam drinks are always in high demand due to their delicious taste. This company adds the frothed non-fat milk as a topping for different cold foam drinks. Such drinks often have a creamy consistency but do not melt.

You can change the flavoring of a cold foam drink or even sweeten it using certain products.

Though cold foam drinks are soothing, they tend to cause static electric shocks in most people. Some of the Starbucks cold foam drinks that cause shock include the following:

  • Iced cappuccino

This is a unique blend of cold foam that is quite energizing. Starbucks makes this cold foam drink with milk in espresso and then adds some cold foam as a topping to it.  Though the cold foam brew is quite popular, it tends to cause shocks in many people.

  • Cascara Nitro cold brew


Many people also love the taste of this cold foam drink but dislike the shocking effect it has on the lips. Starbucks tops this drink with sweetened cascara cold brew. This cold foam drink has a velvety smooth texture.

If you don’t like the shocking effect of this Starbucks drink, you can learn how to make it yourself. You can achieve this by getting the right ingredients and following a few instructions.

  • Cold-brew with Cascara cold foam

This Starbucks drink can also shock you. Starbucks makes the cold foam drink using maple syrup, coffee, and brown sugar to sweeten it. It also adds cascara as a topping. You can also get the cold foam with some vanilla syrup. Apart from the shocking effect, this is a tasty drink that many Starbucks customers enjoy.

You can save yourself from this experience by running your finger over the top part of your cup before sipping the drink. Though the static electricity shock that you get from such cold drinks is weird, this should not last for long. This often happens during the first few sips and disappears as you continue to enjoy your favorite cold foam drink.


If you have sensitive lips, getting shocked by a Starbucks cup can be pretty uncomfortable. This can happen when you order an iced drink from Starbucks. Besides cold Starbucks cups, the lids also cause static electric shocks since they are made from a different plastic material. You may also experience this from taking certain cold foam drinks. To avoid this, remove the cup’s lid or run your finger over to the top before drinking.


Can I get static shock from my Starbucks coffee?

Yes. Since Starbucks introduced new lids to their coffee cups, some people have been reporting getting static shocks from consuming iced coffee.

Can I get static shock from Starbucks iced water?

Yes. It is possible to get shocked by taking iced water in a Starbucks paper cup. To avoid this, consider taking the drink with the lid or straw.

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