Can I take my own reusable cup to Starbucks? (Starbucks Accepting Reusable Cups for Orders and more.)

Yes, you can bring your own reusable cup to Starbucks, or the Starbucks branded reusable cup. The Barista is required to pour the client’s preferred drink into the reusable cup without touching it.

I recently visited a friend and discovered that he had a Starbucks re-usable to-go plastic cup with a screw lid. And on the sides, it had some appealing aesthetics in the form of a couple dancing. The cup was washable and re-usable with the outside made of plastic material. I have been searching for such a cup from my local Starbucks store and in the process was able to gather other important information that I have shared below.

What Happens If You Bring Your Own Cup To Starbucks?

using Starbucks Reusable Cups

Bringing a reusable cup to Starbucks is one of the many ways of saving money and as such, if you bring your own cup to Starbucks then you stand to get a $.10 discount on your drink. Important to note is that you don’t necessarily have to bring a Starbucks branded re-usable cup as any re-sable cup will still attract a discount.

Once you present your reusable cup to the Starbucks barista, they will check to ensure that the cup is clean. At this point, you should be sure to retain your lid.

When the cleanliness of your re-usable cup has been ascertained, the barista will place it in a ceramic mug and make the relevant beverage contact-free. Once the beverage has been put in your cup, you can then collect the reusable cup from the ceramic mug. Put back the lid and you are good to vacate the premise.

Can You Bring Your Own Cup To Starbucks Drive-Thru?

While you can bring your own cup to Starbucks, the restaurant is yet to unveil the use of personal reusable cups in the drive-thru. Most of the Starbuck stores and retail locations are only allowing take-out via the drive-thru among other delivery options.

What Should Starbucks Customers Expect With The New Bring Your Own Cup Program?

Starbucks Accepting Reusable Cups for Orders

Currently, Starbucks is running a pilot test across cities in the USA, the chain of restaurants seeks to understand how its clients will react to the different financial incentives that it has currently rolled out. A good example being the 10 cents fee for single-use cups and the 50cent discount for reusable mugs. The Global restaurant also plans to test out the new cups-washing stations installed in cafés at Arizona State University, Hawaii, and O’ahu.

The above program seeks to establish a system where clients will have their cups personal cleaned prior to ordering a drink. Starbucks is also running another program in Japan, London, and Singapore known as the borrow a cup program where the reusable cups are to be taken back to the Starbucks store after being professionally cleaned and re-used by customers.

The program was also rolled out in Seattle and had some positive results as the clients paid a deposit for every cup that they picked and received their $1 back after returning the cup. Starbucks has made giant leaps in its mission of conserving the environment starting in Korea where the retail restaurant committed to obliterating single-use cups by 2025.

The tests were carried out in Jeju and up to 200,000 single-use cups were diverted from the landfills in as little as 3 months. In essence is that we are expecting that by the end of the year 2022, Starbucks customers will be able to fully use their own personal reusable cups for every Starbucks order either in Canada or the United States.

By the end of the year, Starbucks customers should expect to use reusable cups in drive-thrus and in mobile orders, especially after the various tests pull through successfully.

Can Starbucks Staff Clean the Reusable Cups

Starbucks staff are not allowed to clean cups and this also applies to the Starbucks partners. Customers are therefore required to clean their own cups and present them to the baristas when absolutely clean.

How Does the Starbucks $1 Reusable Cup Work?

The Starbucks $1 reusable cup retails via the Starbucks drive-thru and customers can also purchase it via the Starbucks Application. Customers are therefore required to pay a $1 deposit for the reusable cup but which they can get back in the form of a $1 Starbucks credit.

Participating in this program is pretty easy and all you have to do is order a hot or cold drink in a reusable cup at the selected participating locations. Once the customers are finished with their beverage they can scan their cups at the particular Starbucks stores and then drop the cup in the relevant opening in the kiosk.

How Many Times Can I Use the Starbucks Reusable Cups?

Can I take my own reusable cup to Starbucks?

You can use the Starbucks reusable cups over 30 times and it can be yours if you only pay $1.90 but with your Starbucks card. Important to note is that the Starbucks reusable cups cannot be used out of the store.


Do you have to pay for bringing your own Cups to Starbucks?

Yes, you will have to pay $1 for bringing your own cup to Starbucks.

Do Starbucks accept reusable cups?

Yes, Starbucks accepts reusable cups, you only have to ensure that the cup is clean.

Will Starbucks fill reusable cups?

Yes, Starbucks will fill reusable cups and all you have to do once at Starbucks is undo the screw cap and place the reusable cup in the ceramic mug.

Can you use Starbucks reusable cups?

Yes, you can use Starbucks reusable cups but only when you order in-store because the restaurant is still working on the modalities of offering it via the Drive-Thrus.

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