Do Starbucks Stars Expire? (Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use + FAQs)

Yes. These can expire if you don’t redeem them within six months. If you have a rewards visa card and the account remains open, the Starbucks stars will not expire.

Do you love free things? If yes, you should start earning Starbucks stars. I had been a Starbucks customer for a long time but did not take advantage of the loyalty program. Since I learned about the loyalty program through a friend, I decided to enroll. I came up with this post to inform you how the Starbucks rewards program works and when it expires. Enjoy!

Introduction to the Starbucks rewards program

Starbucks Stars Expiry

Like many other companies, Starbucks rewards its customers for their loyalty. This coffee brand has a loyalty program that most customers are part of. This program gives one a chance to earn stars. The more you purchase products from Starbucks stores, the more stars you can earn.

Once you get a lot of stars, you can use them to order free items from Starbucks. You can redeem the stars for drinks, food, and Starbucks merchandise. Joining the program is the only way to start accessing Starbucks’ rewards.

You can begin earning Starbucks stars by making an app or in-store purchases. You can join the program by creating a new account online or using the Starbucks app. If you choose the app, you have to follow certain prompts to enroll. Some of the requirements you will be asked for to be part of this program include your name, password, email address, and birthday.

How many Starbucks Star Rewards do I have?

As soon as you enroll in the program, you should keep track of the stars you get over time so that they don’t expire without redeeming them. If you don’t know the number of star rewards you have, you should log in to your account.

Go to the rewards section to find out the Starbucks rewards you have. This section also outlines your history. Alternatively, you can also check the number of stars through the Starbucks app.

Feel free to download the Starbucks app on an Android or iPhone to check your stars.

If you have at least 25 stars, you can begin redeeming them. 25 stars can help you get a free customized drink from Starbucks, while 50 stars can help you get a beverage and bakery item from one of the stores.

Do you have 150 stars? If yes, you can get a handcrafted drink from Starbucks. On the other hand, earning 200 stars can help you receive a lunch sandwich. If you manage to earn 400 stars, Starbucks can award you merchandise of your choice.

If, for instance, you pay for a Starbucks drink with the digital Starbucks app, Starbucks will reward you two stars for every 1 dollar you spend on the purchase. Making in-store purchases with the physical Starbucks card can help you earn the same number of stars.

Using more than a single payment method can help you earn more stars. Suppose you want to buy a Starbucks drink worth $6, and you pay $3 with your credit card and the remaining $3 with your Starbucks card; this can help you earn nine stars.

Do Starbucks points ever expire?

Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use

Once you join the loyalty program, you can start getting stars as soon as you buy items at Starbucks. In as much as you try to accumulate a lot of stars, you should remember that they will not be useful forever. These expire after six months. As soon as your Starbucks points expire, the potential rewards expire.

A Starbucks rewards visa card ensures that your Starbucks points don’t expire if the account is open. Once you close your account, the Starbucks point will expire within six months.

Can you use Starbucks stars on the day they expire?

Yes. If, for instance, your Starbucks stars are due to expire today, you can still use them within the day. When you are ready to redeem the Starbucks stars, ensure that you order a large-sized drink instead of a small one since the redemption cost is similar. Always try to maximize Starbucks stars by utilizing a registered Starbucks card every time you buy an item from the store.

Where to redeem Starbucks stars rewards

Do Starbucks Stars Expire?

Have you noticed that you have a lot of Starbucks stars and are ready to redeem them? You should find out the right locations that allow you to do this. Starbucks gives you the chance to do this from any company-owned or licensed store. If you are near a Starbucks store found in a grocery store, you can easily redeem rewards from it.

Most customers that are part of the loyalty program redeem Stars rewards from Target Starbuck stores. You can also do this from a Starbucks store at an airport. According to company policies, you cannot redeem Starbucks stars rewards from a Starbucks store located in a university or hospital.

Note that the rewards available sometimes vary based on location. Starbucks also states that it can sometimes adjust the items included in every tier. Most Starbucks stores give eligible customers only the 150-star redemption tier. Note that not every Starbucks store can provide customers with star redemption at multiple tiers.


Starbucks not only sells your favorite drinks and foods but also gives you a loyalty program that can help you get some items for free. This program has millions of members enrolled in it. If you are not yet earning any stars, you should enroll since it can help you gain different items, including free food, drinks, or merchandise. The Starbucks stars that you earn through this program can expire within six months.


Can I get expired Starbucks stars back?

No. Once your Starbuck stars expire, you cannot get them back.

Do Starbucks points expire on the 1st or 2nd?

If, for instance, you started earning Starbucks stars on 1st June, they will expire after exactly six months. This means that they will expire by the end of 1st January.

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