When Did The Dutch Bros App Come Out? (When Was The Dutch Bros App Launched?)

Are you an avid Dutch Bros app user and randomly wonder how it came to be? I did a while back. So, when did the Dutch Bros app come out?

The Dutch Bros app was formally launched to the public on 2 February 2021. It was released to give customers a simple way to order from Dutch Bros, collect points, and win Dutch Rewards.

As a woman in tech 👩‍💻, I love researching my favorite apps. One app that recently piqued my interest was the Dutch Bros app. Not only do I use it religiously to get my coffee, but I also always have a good seamless experience with it. This app has taken the mobile space by storm in the last few years, and I had to find out why. Every app has a story behind it that many people don’t know about, so if you’re as curious as I was, keep reading. In this article, I will take you through the Dutch Bros app’s journey.

Why Did Dutch Bros Introduce the Mobile App?

Dutch Bros introduced its mobile application to give customers an easy way to order food and drinks, earn points, and get Dutch Rewards. According to Kristen Flemington, Dutch Bros’ Senior Director of Digital Marketing, the coffee company formally launched the app on February 2, 2021, to provide new innovative ways for it to engage with customers. With the app, Dutch Bros also rolled out its rewards program, and honestly, who doesn’t like free stuff? Clearly, no one because the app has been a total success!

How Has the Dutch Bros App Developed Over the Years Since Its Launch?


Since its release, the Dutch Bros app has been improved in various ways to enhance the user experience. Here are some of those developments:

  • Dutch Pass – this is an easy payment method where customers can load cash onto the app, pay for orders, and even tip. I should warn you, though, this feature will have you swiping your card daily if you’re not careful 🤭.
  • Birthday Rewards – registered users can get birthday and half-birthday presents 🎁 so even if everyone else in your life forgets to get you something, the Dutch Bros app has your back.
  • Location Finder – the app’s geo-locator is regularly updated to let customers find accurate Dutch Bros locations nearby. I love this tool because it makes the app user-friendly for the tech-illiterate.
  • Stickers – customers can access stickers and customize their app interface to suit their personal style. For instance, I love the super colorful ones.
  • Bug Fixes – the app is regularly reviewed to get rid of lags and system glitches.
  • Challenges and Events – customers can access cool app events and challenges where they stand a chance to win extra points and rewards.

How Has the Dutch Bros App Helped the Coffee Chain to Grow?

When Was The Dutch Bros App Launched?
Dutch Bros fans. Image source: Dutch Bros Coffee

The Dutch Bros app has helped the coffee chain to grow by allowing it to make more sales 🤑. It made ordering from the coffee company easier and more rewarding, resulting in more revenue. For example, when the mobile app was first launched, over 1.4 million people downloaded it and were rewarded with a free drink. This has only incentivized more people to use the app. So much so that it is now one of the top apps in the App Store’s Food & Drink category. I also think that the app helped catch the younger coffee drinkers. Teens and young adults are always on their phones, so, what better way to attract them than through a fun app with stickers and challenges? 🤷

FAQ Section

Does the Dutch Bros app work outside the United States?

No, the Dutch Bros app does not work outside the United States since the coffee franchise can only be found in America.

Was the Dutch bros app a success?

Most definitely! Since its public release, the Dutch Bros app has been downloaded by millions of customers and has helped boost the coffee company’s sales and popularity tremendously.

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