Are there Starbucks in Ukraine? (why are there no Starbucks in Ukraine + more information)

Are there Starbucks in Ukraine? This is a question that most Starbucks fans living in Ukraine want to find out. Read more to find out

There is no Starbucks in Ukraine. I have been to Ukraine on multiple business trips and I can assure you there are no Starbucks in Ukraine. As a Starbucks fan, I wanted to know where to cure my Starbucks coffee thirst after arriving in Ukraine for the first time but to my surprise, I did not find any. I was very disappointed considering the fact that my daily morning routine involves taking Starbucks coffee. To be honest I think that Starbucks should really consider having stores in all countries since some of us suffer when we travel to countries with no Starbucks

Why is there no Starbucks in Ukraine?

There are many reasons as to why there is no Starbucks in Ukraine but the main reason is there is a chain of coffeehouses in Ukraine is because its market size is quite small for Starbucks. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse in the world and hence when it plans to put up a coffee house in any area it mainly considers its market size and profit. This is because it has high standard products and services and making a low profit will be a loss to them. It also has a lot of employees that need to be paid well therefore they need to make million-dollar profits per store to make them prosper.

In Ukraine, there is a chain of coffee houses and this means competition for Starbucks. I believe that Starbucks can outdo these coffeehouses but the biggest challenge is that the coffee houses sell coffee at a very cheap price. Comparing the price that Starbucks has, their coffee will be very expensive for Ukrainians since they are used to cheap affordable coffee. Starbucks will have to lower its price twice as much to reach the Ukrainian coffee.

How does Starbucks compare to Ukrainian coffee?

Why are there no Starbucks in Ukraine

Have you ever tried Ukrainian coffee? It is so sweet that I considered flying there every day to buy it. I love Starbucks coffee and always have it in my daily routine. But this cannot make me lie to you, Ukrainian coffee is of better quality and cheaper compared to Starbucks coffee. If I was told to rate in a margin of 10, I would proudly give a 10/10 to Ukrainian coffee and give a 7/10 to Starbucks coffee.

Ukraine’s coffee chains brew cheaper and greater coffee compared to Starbucks and this can be confirmed by so many people. Considering the fact that Ukraine grows its own coffee, they, therefore, have cheaper coffee since they do not import the coffee grains hence the expenses are quite small.

Also, the other benefit of having grown their own coffee is that the grains are not contaminated. They are naturally grown, harvested, and manufactured for the best coffee. You obviously cannot compare a store that buys processed coffee from different areas and one that grows and manufactures its own coffee.

FAQs Section

How has Starbucks entered the Ukrainian market?

Starbucks has entered the Ukrainian market through Nestle. Nestle is the largest food supplier in the world. The CEO of Nestle announced that they entered into an agreement to sell Starbucks coffee into the Ukrainian market without opening a Starbucks coffee shop in the country.

Does Ukraine grow its coffee?

Yes. Ukraine grows its coffee and this is blooming. The main reason Ukraine has the best coffee quality is that it brews its own coffee. This has brought revenue of US$0.82bn in the year 2022 and they expect to have a raise of 22.60%.

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