When are Starbucks w2s available? (can I access my Starbucks W-2 if I no longer work at Starbucks+ more Information?)

The W2s mean wages and taxes forms filed by employers and every employer should hand employees a copy. So, when are Starbucks w2s available? Find out below!

The coffee chains mail the W2s to all employees by January 31 at their respective addresses or online. This copy is a reflection of the previous year’s wages and taxes, and Starbucks does a tremendous job in delivering them electronically to partners who opt-in on the electronic mailing. I recently bumped into an old friend who is a year old as a partner at Starbucks, and she was wondering what the w2s are all about after receiving her first via mail. This inspired me to come up with this post to keep you informed about these revenue forms. By the end of the post, you will know what they are and when to get them.

What is Starbucks W-2?

The W-2s are forms issued by Starbucks to all its partners as part of an employment relationship as required by the Federal government. Any employee who receives a salary at Starbucks must receive a W-2 form, which is a wages and tax statement. This form shows annual wages paid to the employee and all the taxes withheld from their paychecks. If the federal, state, local, social security, and Medicare income tax was withheld from a partner, Starbucks must issue this form to them.

Starbucks hands over their w2s digitally on a self-service platform that requires employees to register to receive their w2 electronically. However, this is an optional process, and partners can opt to continue receiving their forms via mail or hand delivery. The online option can only be given to partners by Starbucks.

How can I access my Starbucks W-2?

Starbucks has an ADP website where employees can register to have electronic W-2s. The registration process has two steps, and you will need to access the https://my.adp.com/ site from a computer or mobile device. At the Create your account window, enter the registration code ‘Starbucks digital w-2’ and set up your account.

The next step is to complete the personal information form and submit it. This art requires your full name as registered in the Starbucks system and your employee ID number without the US part. When you have successfully registered, you can wait for your digital form.

However, some partners opt to have them mailed to their home addresses. If you have left Starbucks, you can still get the form by contacting them and requesting to have it mailed to you. You should provide details like your name, the store you worked in, your social security number, and your new address if you have moved.


Can I get my Starbucks W-2 if I no longer work at Starbucks?

Yes, you can. You can call the main office and provide the relevant information to receive your form.

How long does it take to get my Starbucks W-2?

If you opt to have it online via the ADP site, you can download it immediately after it is made available, but it takes around two weeks by mail.

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