Does Starbucks hire minors? (How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Starbucks? + All you need to know)

Starbucks is considered among the most prestigious places to work in. If you are a minor, you are probably wondering whether you can get hired by this giant coffee company.

Starbucks hires minors since the minimum age to apply for a job in most states at this company is 16 years. Getting a part-time job while still in school is often challenging. I remember how much I struggled with this back on campus. I had to look for a job to raise money for school fees. A relative told me to apply at Starbucks, and I was lucky enough to be picked. I created this post to help learn more about Starbucks hiring minors.

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks – what age do Starbucks hire?

You can start working at Starbucks if you are at least 16 years old. This is the minimum age requirement in different states in the US. The rule, however, does not apply in Montana since the minimum age to apply for a job in this state is 14 years.

How old do you need to be to get a job as a barista at Starbucks?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Starbucks?
Starbucks barista working. Source: Starbucks

This is an entry-level job that you can get at Starbucks. To get it, you have to be at least 16 years old. Since this is an entry-level friendly coffee chain, you can apply to become a barista even without prior experience.

Though this is not a basic requirement, having experience can give you an upper hand since you can enjoy a higher pay rate per hour. It can also give you better chances of progressing to a supervisory position.

Can a 14-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

Yes. If the 14-year-old is in Montana. Select stores in this state allow minors as young as 14 years old to work at Starbucks. Apart from the age, such a minor should also hold special work permits to be allowed to work at a Starbucks store.

There are also restricted hours that such a minor should work. In most Starbucks stores in this state, such a minor should work for at least 20 hours a week. Starbucks offers entry-level workers a wage that is slightly above the minimum age. Some Starbucks shops also offer weekly tips to minors based on the number of hours they work in a week.

If you are in New York and have a minor that is 14 years old, you may have to wait for them to reach at least 16 years before allowing them to apply for a job at Starbucks.

Can a 15-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

Since the minimum age to start working at Starbucks in most states is 16 years, a 15-year-old may not be able to work unless they are in Montana. Starbucks follows state labor laws to protect such teenage workers from challenging and dangerous conditions at a young age. If a minor is outside the state and still looking for a job, they can consider other alternatives instead of applying for a job at Starbucks.

What Roles Can a 15-Year-Old Fill at Starbucks?

Does Starbucks hire minors?
Young Starbucks barista. Source: Pinterest

A 15-year-old in Montana can get an entry-level job such as a barista. This is the only state that allows 14 and 15-year-olds to work in certain Starbucks. A barista is crucial since the minor can represent the brand as they interact with customers and make their favorite beverages.

Baristas must create a friendly and welcoming environment at the Starbucks store to bring the company’s values to life. Other responsibilities of a barista include maintaining high hygiene levels and handling the cash register. A 15-year-old in Montana should get a work permit to work at Starbucks.

Can a 16-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

Yes. A 16-year-old can work at a Starbucks store. However, the store’s management should follow child labor laws before allowing such a minor to work there. Such minors at Starbucks are allowed to perform some simple tasks such as working as assistants, serving customers, or dog walking.

Starbucks gives such minors a chance to work to help them earn extra cash and keep them busy when out of school. For minors, work should be done in less time and not during school hours. It should also not be too hectic for the minor.

Can an 18-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Starbucks?
18-Year-Old Starbucks barista at work. Source: Starbucks

Yes. Since the coffee company set the minimum age requirements at 16 years, an 18-year-old can work at Starbucks. The laws of working for an 18-year-old are a bit more relaxed compared to those that apply to minors. For instance, an 18-year-old can work at Starbucks for more hours and do more challenging tasks such as heavy lifting.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who has just finished school and wants to pursue a career in food service since it can help them gain experience. Starbucks can allow an 18-year-old to either work full time or full time. You can either apply for the barista position or shift supervisor.

Do I need a work permit to work at Starbucks?

Yes. Minors must have a work permit before being allowed to work at Starbucks. This shows age at the time of employment. The work permit is also important since it shows the conditions under which a minor should work. For instance, it shows the amount of time you are required to work in a day.

What Are the Requirements to Work at Starbucks?

Starbucks has a strict screening process before picking new employees. Even if you don’t have any experience working before, you must meet specific requirements to get the job. For instance, you should be able to communicate with the customers efficiently and clearly.

You must also be professional at all times and be able to work well, even under pressure. Some Starbucks locations prefer hiring workers with at least high school diplomas. The ability to stand for extended durations is also crucial as you apply for a job at Starbucks.

What is the youngest age to work at Starbucks?

The youngest age to work at Starbucks is 14 years. This, however, only applies to one state in the US called Montana. In other states, the youngest age to work at this coffee shop is 16 years.

Final thoughts

Starbucks is a global company that offers lots of job opportunities to not only adults but also minors. The age requirements often vary based on location. In most states, you can begin working with Starbucks at 16 years. Minors don’t need prior experience to start working with this coffee company. Some of the benefits that you can gain from working at Starbucks include health insurance and discounted beverage and food.

FAQ section

How old to work at Starbucks UK

One has to be at least 16 years old to work at Starbucks in the UK.

What can a 14-year-old do at Starbucks?

A 14-year-old at Starbucks can handle light tasks such as dog walking, or offering any other form of assistance.

Can I work at Starbucks at 15?

Yes, but only if you are in Montana. The rest of the Starbucks in other states only employ people above 16 years.

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