What does Irish cream cold brew Starbucks taste like? (Is Starbucks Irish cream cold brew seasonal? + More information)

Do you enjoy taking iced coffee from Starbucks? If yes, you may like the Irish cream cold brew. So, what does Irish cream cold brew Starbucks taste like?

This drink tastes like a slightly sweetened cold brew with hints of cocoa. The problem with some Starbucks customers is that they get excited about drinks when they see their promotional pictures and place orders without learning more about their taste.

Though I initially liked Caramel Frappuccino, I stopped ordering it since it was too sugary. Since I replaced it with the Irish cream cold brew, it has become my favorite. I created this post to help you discover what the Irish cream cold brew Starbucks tastes like. By the end of it, you will also discover what it is made of. Enjoy!

What is in a Starbucks Irish cream cold brew?

This drink is a combination of Irish cream syrup and cold brew coffee. It is then topped with some vanilla sweet cream cold foam. It also includes a dusting of cocoa powder which makes it look festive.

Starbucks uses the same vanilla sweet cream cold foam that it uses in pumpkin cream cold brew to make the cold beverage. The vanilla sweet cream cold foam makes it thick. This drink can put one in a holiday spirit since it is delicious but not too sweet. The cocoa powder in the drink smells like hot chocolate.

Since the chocolate pairs quite well with cocoa notes, it has a unique flavor. Some customers associate the taste of this drink with caffeinated hot cocoa. Unlike most Starbucks holiday drinks that contain a lot of calories, this cold brew has fewer. For instance, a grande of this drink has 200 calories.

It is also made up of other ingredients, such as caffeine. Though you can taste the coffee in this drink, the flavor is subtle and not overpowering. You don’t have to worry about any bitter flavors in this drink.

If you want to reduce the number of calories in this drink, you can substitute the Irish cream syrup with sugar-free vanilla syrup. Do you prefer the beverage light? If yes, feel free to order the drink without cocoa powder. Some coffee lovers even add a shot of espresso to this drink to increase its caffeine content.

Is Starbucks Irish cream cold brew seasonal?

Is Starbucks Irish cream cold brew seasonal?

Yes. This is a seasonal drink that is not available all year round. The first time that this drink appeared on the Starbucks menu was in the winter of 2019. Since this drink gained popularity among many customers, Starbucks has been returning it every year. You should take advantage every time Starbucks announces the return of this drink since it is usually available for a limited duration.

Did Starbucks get rid of Irish cream cold brew?

Yes. Unfortunately, Starbucks recently got rid of this cold brew. This drink is usually available during the holidays. The last time it was available was at the beginning of November 2021. It appeared on the Starbucks holiday menu.

Though the disappearance of this drink made many customers sad, many have found a way to make it from home. Though you can come up with homemade Irish cream cold brew, it is less likely to be as great as the Starbucks one. That is why many Starbucks customers hope that this coffee company will announce the comeback of this drink during the holidays since it is a drink that they crave.

Final thoughts

So what does Irish cream cold brew Starbucks taste like? This is slightly sweet and has a minty twist from the cocoa flavors. This drink not only tastes delicious, but it also looks pretty and smells like hot chocolate. The vanilla sweet cold foam in it looks presentable even as it disintegrates after some time. Consuming this drink during the holidays can put you in a festive mood. Since this is a seasonal drink, it is only available for a limited timeframe.

FAQ section

What is Starbucks Irish cream cold foam?

This is a form of heavy cream that is made by mixing different ingredients like vanilla and powdered sugar. Since the heavy cream is cold, the Irish cold foam can hold its shape and does not melt into the coffee.

How much is a large Irish cream cold brew?

The cost ranges between $4.45 and $4.75, depending on a Starbucks store.

Does Starbucks Irish cream cold brew have alcohol?

No. This drink does not have any alcohol since it is made with vanilla sweet cream foam, simple syrup, and cold brew coffee. Though Starbucks does not include any alcohol in this drink, you can add Irish whiskey or Bailey’s after ordering the drink.

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