What Does Starbucks Pink Drink taste like? (What is in Starbucks Pink Drink+ More Information?)

A light and refreshing drink like the pink drink is hard to ignore. So, what does Starbucks’ pink drink taste like?

This drink contains a sweet strawberry taste, passion fruit accents, coconut milk, and a dash of acai berry taste. I first saw this drink on Instagram and I was drawn to it by the color. I didn’t know what to expect from it, but my curiosity only led me to try it out. I know you have seen it too and have wondered what something pink would offer apart from pretty Instagram-worthy pictures. Well, this post will tell you all about this pink delicacy and what is in it, so keep reading.

What is in Starbucks Pink Drink?

The Starbucks pink drink is popular, especially in summer. The refresher beverage is a combo of strawberry acai base, coconut milk blend, and dried strawberries. This is a caffeinated drink due to the presence of green coffee extract in the strawberry acai base. The strawberry acai base contains water, fruit juice, green coffee extract, white grape juice, sugar, stevia, and vegetable juice. The pink color is brought by the diluted red color of the strawberries. This refresher can have an addition of strawberry puree for a deeper pink color.

Is Starbucks pink drink healthy?

Yes, this drink is healthy and super hydrating. The carbs are around 27g which is moderate. The sugar is a little high as it is 24g, but not dangerously high. Sodium levels are low and there is a dash of dietary fiber coming in at 2g. If you are looking for a keto-friendly drink, the pink drink should be off your list. The carbs in it are too much for a keto diet.

However, a nursing mom who needs ample hydration and an energy boost can benefit from this refresher. Overall, the pink drink cannot be considered to be unhealthy. If you look at the coconut blend, it gives you zero fat and so dos the entire drink. An average person should have a 2000 calorie intake a day. The Starbucks pink drink gives you 200 only which leaves room for other foods and items.

What is the largest pink drink at Starbucks?

What is in Starbucks Pink Drink

Starbucks has the Trenta as the largest serving for the pink drink. A Trenta cup carries 31 fluid ounces and guarantees you maximum hydration. The name Trenta is borrowed from Italy and it means thirty. The Trenta tumbler is available at all Starbucks stores and it can also be denoted as 920mililliters. So, if you want to go big this summer with the pink drink, order yourself a Trenta.

What is the Pink Drink called?

We have called the pink drink all through, but there is an official name for it. This is the name that you will find on the official Starbucks menu. The pink drink is officially called the strawberry acai refresher. Where did the name pink drink come from? Well, the name came from Tik-Tok where fans popularized it and called it the pink drink due to its pink hue. The Starbucks who are super friendly baristas know what you want when you order the pink drink but in case you find one who doesn’t know, ask for a strawberry acai refresher.

Is the dragon Drink the same as the Pink drink?

No, it’s not. Both of these drinks are all pink in color but have a distinct taste. The dragon drink is described as the recent variant of the pink drink. While the pink drink is made with strawberry acai and passion fruit, the dragon drink contains mango and dragon fruit.

Both drinks contain a coconut milk blend and are light refreshers. You might also pick up some apple juice hints in the dragon fruit. Both of these drinks have a slight difference in taste but the color and greatness are similar.

Final Thoughts

The Starbucks pink drink first hit the Instagram streets in the summer of 2016 and has never looked back ever since. The color and taste are its strongholds and have continued to attract drinkers all year round. If you are a strawberry enthusiast, this drink will give you the right dose of this amazing berry. You will also enjoy the moderate caffeine in the drink which emanates from the green coffee extract in the strawberry acai base.


Do UK Starbucks have pink drinks?

Yes, the drink hit the UK stores on July 1, 2021.

How much is the pink drink?

A tall costs $ 4.45, a Grande is $ 4.95, a venti is 5.25, and a Trenta is $5.45.

How much is a Starbucks Pink Drink in the UK?

A tall cup costs £3.63, and a Grande is £3.90.

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