What does Starbucks Holiday Blend Taste like? (What’s in the Starbucks Holiday Blend? + More Information)

Every holiday season is a special time at Starbucks with a variety of holiday specials such as the holiday blend on the menu. So, what does Starbucks holiday blend taste like? Let’s find out.

The flavor of this holiday special drink can be described as complex layers of herbal and maple notes of sweetness. I often wondered what this holiday blend was all about and why it was so special. I know many people who have shied away from the drink because they are unsure of the taste and what is in it. Some might have heard that the blend is too strong or too bitter. This post is going to explain in detail all about the holiday blend and you will find out what this drink is all about.

What’s in the Starbucks Holiday Blend?

This holiday special drink combines the best of Sumatran coffee and Latin America’s beans to make the perfect medium roast. The Indonesian coffee is the perfect combo and introduces a sweet taste to this drink. The medium roast has moderate acidity and is slightly smoky compared to the dark roasts. The holiday blend is sweet due to the added sweeteners and the natural sweetness of this type of roast. You will notice that the blend has body in its taste.

This holiday blend is your perfect caffeine boost for all the holiday shopping and fun activities planned out this season. The holiday blend has only 5 calories in a tall serving and certainly no proteins. It is the perfect low-calorie drink as most holiday diets are filled with calories. You will have plenty of room for those caloric treats.

Is Starbucks Holiday Blend Flavored?

What’s in the Starbucks Holiday Blend?

Yes, it is. This holiday treat has nutty notes and that earthy flavor from the coffee roast. This is a medium roast blend which makes it strong to the taste, but not in an overbearing way. To some, it might come off as too strong and bitter if one is used to light roasts, but those who love the taste of real coffee appreciate the strong smell and taste.

You might also catch on sweet molasses flavor and some dried fruit to bring life to this blend. The blend is inspired by holiday spices and desserts such as gingerbread and fruitcake. If you like strongly flavored blends, this might work out great for you. Every holiday, thousands of Starbucks enthusiasts make long queues to get a sip of this amazing holiday drink. If you are not a fan of flavored coffee, you might want to skip this one as it is flavored.

What Flavor is Holiday Blend Coffee?

Starbucks describes the flavor as toasty with notes of herbal sweetness making it complex, yet desirable. On the packaging, the flavors listed are sweet molasses flavor and a nutty roasted flavor. The holiday blend shows up at the right time when one is looking for the perfect hot drink to beat the winter cold.

The holiday blend is available as whole bean straight from the coffee belt in Latin America. Like many coffee beans from this region, this holiday blend has a spicy and sweet flavor accented by a sparkling, crispy, and balanced flavor. The taste has everything to with the climatic conditions of the region. If you like your coffee in a strong coffee flavor where you can almost taste the coffee flavor to the maximum, this is your perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

The Starbucks holiday blend is perfectly blended to give a clean taste and body to the mouth. It is available in whole beans, K-cups, and ground. Make this holiday special with this special blend for your guests and family. You will need the caffeine boost that comes with this medium roast for all the activities that accompany all holiday seasons. The Latin beans and Sumatra coffee beans are roasted to a medium roast that gives you the right amount of coffee taste without being too light or too strong. Since it was created for gatherings and celebrations, why not celebrate the holidays with this blend for a change?


What’s the difference between the Starbucks holiday blend and the Christmas blend?

The holiday blend is made with a medium roast while the Christmas blend is made with a dark roast. Initially, they were one drink but this distinction came in 2013.

Is Starbucks holiday blend strong?

Yes, it is. This blend is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted to a medium rot to give a strong taste.

Which coffee is most like Starbucks holiday blend?

The Christmas blend is the most similar to the holiday blend. These two blends are both spicy and strong-flavored with Latin America Arabica coffee.

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