What does Starbucks toffee nut taste like? (What is in Starbucks toffee nut latte? + More information)

If you’ve had toffee before or toffee sweets, but never had the Starbucks toffee drink, you’re probably wondering, “What does Starbucks toffee nut taste like?”

The Starbucks toffee nut is sugary and creamy with a deep, nutty flavour. The toasted nuts and toffee are behind the peculiar taste of this beverage. I love the caramel-like flavour and hazelnut notes in the Starbucks toffee nut. The beverage’s warmth is perfect for cold days. In this article, I have shared everything there is to know about the Starbucks toffee nut. From the ingredients used to prepare the beverage, the nutritional contents of the beverage, and its availability to how it tastes. To learn more about this Starbucks beverage, keep reading.

Does Starbucks still do toffee nut lattes?

Yes. Starbucks still serves the toffee nut latte. Although the Starbucks toffee nut disappeared for a while, Starbucks still does the latte and it is available as a cold, blended or hot latte. Customers are also given the freedom to make changes (customizations) to how their toffee nut will be prepared.

What is in Starbucks toffee nut latte?

Starbucks toffee nut latte is prepared with espresso, toffee nut syrup and steamed milk and topped with toffee nut crumbles or hazelnut crunch toppings and whipped cream. The whipped cream is made from sucrose, surfactants, cream, added flavours, propellants like nitrous oxide and stabilizers. The hazelnut crunch used as toppings contains hazelnuts, crystallized sugar, lactose (milk) and glucose.

It is crucial to note that Starbucks does not guarantee that the toffee nut latte is allergen-free. According to their official website, although they try to manage the allergens, there’s a possibility of cross-contamination, due to the use of the same equipment during the preparation of different beverages.

It is your responsibility to always check their ingredients lists and inquire from the barista serving you, if you’re prone to allergic reactions, especially, to the above-mentioned ingredients.

What ingredients are in the Starbucks toffee nut syrup?

What is in Starbucks toffee nut latte?

The Starbucks toffee nut syrup is made with natural added flavours, preservatives like potassium sorbate, sugar, water and salt. Acidity controllers like potassium citrates and citric acid are also used. Again, it is important to be aware of possible allergens in these ingredients, especially if you’re susceptible to allergic reactions.

Is toffee nut seasonal at Starbucks?

Toffee nut is seasonal at Starbucks, meaning you can only get it during certain times of the year, especially during the holidays. However, you can still get the toffee nut flavour and taste throughout the year, with a few customizations and substitutes to your beverage.

Is Starbucks getting rid of toffee nut?

The reason for the recent absence of the Starbucks toffee nut is due to an extensive shortage of the toffee nut syrup at Starbucks.


Is Starbucks still out of toffee nut syrup?

The Starbucks toffee nut syrup is available but depending on your store location, you might miss it. Some Starbucks stores have the syrup but others have run out. It always helps to ask your barista if the toffee nut syrup is available.

What’s the difference between Starbucks toffee nut and English toffee?

The main contrast is that one has nuts like hazelnuts or almonds, while the other doesn’t. The basic ingredients of toffee are butter, sugar and milk, but the Starbucks toffee incorporates nuts while English toffee is nut-free.

How many calories does a Starbucks toffee nut have?

The number of calories in a Starbucks toffee nut will depend on the size of the beverage and the customizations made to the beverage. A grande size toffee nut at Starbucks has approximately 266 calories, a tall size has around 210 calories and a venti size has about 310 calories. The number of calories will differ even within same-size beverages due to customizations.

How much sugar is in a Starbucks toffee nut?

Starbucks toffee nut uses toffee nut syrup and one pump of the syrup has 5 grams of sugar. Depending on the size of your beverage, the number of toffee nut syrup pumps used will vary. A grande size toffee nut, for instance, has four pumps of toffee nut syrup, thus around 20g of sugar. A tall Starbucks toffee nut uses three pumps of toffee nut syrup, thus about 15g of sugar.

How many calories are in a pump of Starbucks toffee nut syrup?

One pump of the Starbucks toffee nut syrup has about 20 calories. Other dietary facts about the Starbucks toffee nut syrup are; 5g of carbohydrates, 5g of sugar, 30mg of sodium, 0g of protein and 0g of cholesterol. These figures are provided based on 2000 calories daily.

What can I substitute for toffee nut syrup?

A caramel and hazelnut syrup combination is a great substitute for the toffee nut syrup. Requesting almond milk in your beverage will give you the sweet, nutty flavour of toffee nut.


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