Do Starbucks Baristas Get Paid During Training? (Starbucks Training + More)

I spent my early twenties working for Starbucks as a barista. It is one of the best experiences you can ever wish for. You get to learn unique coffee recipes. Besides, you interact with fellow coffee lovers every day. If you have been eyeing this job, you want to know when the money starts trickling in! Yes, Starbucks baristas are paid throughout the entire training period. You will be trained for three to five days, get paid, and earn extra tips.

How Long Does It Take To Train a Starbucks Barista?

Barista training at Starbucks lasts no more than five days. It is done in four-hour shifts. On a typical day at training, expect to do at least two of the shifts. You probably think this is too little time to learn the entire menu. You may feel a lot of pressure to be perfect during training. However, no one expects you to learn everything at once.

After training, there is always someone to assist you with work. Ask as many questions and seek help; within no time, you will know your way around the drinks.

It will take you about a year of supervised practice to be considered an expert barista.

Do Starbucks Trainees Get Tips?

Do Starbucks Baristas Get Paid During Training?

Yes, Starbucks trainees earn tips. The tips are pooled in a tip jar and will be shared weekly depending on the number of hours worked. The amount you will earn in tips depends on your workplace store. Approximately, you will earn about $1.5 per hour. Per a single training session, you can earn $6 in tips!

Do You Get Paid During the Training Period?

Yes, you will get paid for all your training hours. At Starbucks, the training hours are scheduled just like regular working shifts. You will equally be compensated for the time spent in training, based on your regular pay rates.

Always indicate the time you clocked in and out to be paid for all the hours you have trained.

How Much Do You Get Paid During Starbucks Training?

During Starbucks training, you earn between $15 and $23 per hour. The exact amount you earn depends on the specific store where you work and its location. You get paid at the same rates as when you qualify as an employee.

How Hard Is It to Become a Starbucks Barista?

Starbucks Training

It is not hard! Most machines are preset to match the recipes of all the drinks you need to prepare. You only need to understand how to use them. However, most Starbucks stores have many customers. The hard part comes in when you have to juggle between making many drinks without a break. It would be best if you mastered the art of being quick with making quality drinks without causing your customers delay.

It is a fun experience altogether. If you would like to become a Starbucks barista, do it; let nobody convince you that it is hard.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to become a Starbucks barista, go for it. It is an exciting job where you learn and interact with many people. You also earn numerous tips, bonuses, and benefits. What are you waiting for? Apply for your dream job and get started!

FAQ Section

Do you get paid for onboarding at Starbucks?

Yes, you will be paid in full. As you learn to use the machines and the recipes, Starbucks is committed to compensating you for each hour that you spend at it. The onboarding process will take you about three months. You will be paid the entire period using your regular pay rates. Besides, you will also earn tips and enjoy many other benefits from working at Starbucks.

How long does it take to be trained at Starbucks?

Training lasts between three and five days.

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