Can you go through a Starbucks drive-through on a bike? (Can you ride a bicycle through a Starbucks drive?)

We all love to sneak our bikes once in a while into the city more so when running small errands like picking up orders. I find it enjoyable when compared to driving because I get to skip traffic queues and I don’t have to worry about paying parking fees. So, this one afternoon I was feeling enthusiastic and decided to take my bike to Starbucks and get something to drink, figured it would be faster and more enjoyable.

And on reaching Starbucks I discovered they couldn’t take my order because I was on a bike, so I had to ride off. I then decided to do some research on why Starbuck did not allow people to go through their drive on a bike. The main reason for restricting bikes from the Starbucks drive-through is out of concern for the cyclist. The drive-through has been designed to accommodate motor vehicles as they can trip the magnetic detector that will then ring a bell inside.

Bikes cannot trigger this notification, and in other safety concerns, cyclists tend to be near motor vehicles. What’s more, the lanes are not wide enough making it difficult for both the cyclists and the vehicles to co-exist.

Starbucks Drive-Through Rules

Can you go through a Starbucks drive-through on a bike?

Starbucks drive-through offers faster services, and the staff are extra friendly which contributes to overall customer satisfaction. The corporation is however pretty strict when it comes to the clients that it serves via the drive-through.

Customers on motorcycles, skates or bikes cannot be served because the drive-through was only meant to accommodate cars. Starbucks staff see their clients through cameras positioned on the outside and that is how they can tell if one did not drive in.

How to Find Out If a Starbucks Has a Drive Through

Whiles sit-ins offer the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family over a Starbucks coffee. A good number of Starbucks customers prefer to drive through because the services are fast. If you, therefore, love to use the drive-through instead of sitting and having your coffee or meal at Starbucks then naturally you would want to know the Starbuck stores near you that have drive through’s.

To make the process of locating the Starbuck drive-through stores easy, the corporation developed an app that can be integrated with both iOS and Android devices. The app can be downloaded from Google’s play store for individuals with Android, while those using iOS devices can get it from the App Store.

Once installed, you will open the app and type find stores, then navigate to the filter option and then Drive-Thru. If you follow the above steps to the latter, the app will retrieve and present to you all the Drive-Thru stores that are near you.

How to Order the Starbucks Drive Through  

Most Starbucks drive-through customers order when they reach the location. Most of them don’t know that they can make their orders before getting to the drive-through, here is how you can do it.

On the Starbucks app on your phone, you will first enable location services, and then proceed to click on the order icon located at the bottom of the interface. You will then customize your order by picking the foods and drinks that you wish to purchase and then add them to your shopping cart.

The next step is to choose the Starbucks store that you wish to pick your order from, once done the application will give you an estimation of the time that it will take for your order to be ready. If the store is far, you might want to beat time by leaving immediately, let’s also not forget that drive through’s located in the middle of the city never lack traffic.

When you get to the Starbucks store, all you have to do is request the barista to hand you your order. If you make a unique request, for example, if you want a specific constitution for your drinks or food, then you will have to pay before the order is made. Alternatively, you can pay at the store as you make your order.

Starbucks Drive through Menu

The quick-service restaurants and fast foods generate a huge percentage of their income via the drive through’s. According to Business Insider, most of these successful restaurants have therefore slimmed down their drive-through orders. This, however, does not apply to Starbucks, the corporation believes in autonomy and wants to serve their clients according to their needs.

And given that Starbucks has refused to bow to industry pressure and remove some items from the menu or consolidate the size portions. Their customers should also not expect the services to be super-fast once they reach the drive-through. And as other players in the industry slim down menus, Starbucks is expanding their menus, what’s even better is that any time the company announces a new product, they also encourage their clients to customize them using the different cold foams, syrups, or milks.

Notable is that menu customization is not limited to Starbucks clients who sit in and can, therefore, be implemented by Starbucks clients who order through the drive-through. Instead of cutting their menus the chain of restaurants has instead incorporated digital drive-thru screens in more than 3500 of their stores distributed country-wide.

And to enable seamless services at the drive through’s, Starbucks has also developed handheld devices that baristas can use to input their customer’s orders. The new drive-in technology is, therefore, expected to shorten wait times in the drive through’s. Starbucks has evaluated the overall drive-thru experience, and is now also planning to create drive-thru-only stores, double lanes, and drive through’s with a curbside pickup location.


Can I customize my order and pick it up at the Starbucks drive-through?

Yes, because Starbucks allows its drive-through customers to customize their orders.

How many drive-throughs does Starbucks have?

Starbucks has more than 2400 stores with drive through’s.

Does the Starbucks drive-through have cameras?

Yes, the Starbucks drive-throughs have cameras, which the Starbucks staff use to watch customers as they make their orders.


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