How to Seal a Starbucks Cold Cup (Materials to use, directions & more information)

If you have been purchasing your precious Starbucks cups and still don’t know how to seal them, we are going to teach you how to seal a Starbucks cold cup with CrystaLac products. Keep reading to find out more.

A Starbucks cold cup is best sealed with crystaLac products as they are safe and recommended for plastic surfaces. Whether you purchase your cups directly from Starbucks or Amazon, the sealing process is all the same and it’s quite easy. I prefer to use Crystalac for my cups to make them as safe as possible. Besides, this material cures by evaporation making it all easy and fast. If you have been wondering how to seal your cold cups to keep them looking great for some time, below is all the information you need to seal your Starbucks cold cups.

Sealing a Starbucks Cold Cup (Materials to use, Directions)

What materials do you need to seal a Starbucks Cold Cup CrystaLac?

You will need:

  • Brite Tone top coat
  • Glitter
  • Brush (Make-up brush)
  • Sandpaper 400 grit
  • Clear Spray paint
  • Spinner

What is the procedure for sealing a Starbucks cold cup with CrystaLac Brite?

Step1: Prepping the cup

This is a vital stage in ensuring that your seal stays on. The prepping stage involves scuffing the cup surface with sandpaper. When you scuff, you create a rough surface that enables the CrystaLac to easily bond. After the scuffing, spray three coats of clear spray paint on the cup. Let each round of painting be thirty minutes apart from the next. When all is finished, leave the cup to dry for 48 hours or two days if you like.

Step 2: Glitter Stage

directions for Sealing a Starbucks Cold Cup

This is my favorite part as I love everything glitter. I would recommend applying your glitter using the Brite Tone. Apply a generous amount all over the cup and sprinkle the glitter to your liking. Let the glitter and the Brite Tone dry out for four hours. If you are going all the way out with glitter, you might want to use spray paint to seal and wait for one hour. The next step is to roll your cup on parchment paper. This process smoothes out the surface and reduces the layering of Brite Tone for a smooth finish. For a full glitter finish, let the spray paint dry for 48hours.

Step3: Sealing

Place your cup on a spinner and layer the Brite Tone until smooth. Leave each coat to dry for four hours before applying another. After the fourth coat, scuff the surface a bit with sandpaper and resume layering until you achieve a smooth finish. Repeat the sanding and layering after every four coats until the cup is completely smooth.

Step 4: Decal

This stage gives you the freedom to choose your decal. You can opt for vinyl, temporary tattoos, or even waterslides as you will be adding layers of CrystaLac to it. Keep layering the Brite Tone until your eyes are pleased with the results.


That is how you seal your Starbucks cold cups to ensure they are safe and long-lasting. Sealing a Starbucks cold cup doesn’t have to be a long and dangerous process if you use safe and proven material. While some people prefer to leave their cups unsealed, it is highly recommended to seal them if you plan to hand wash or submerge them in water.


Is CrystaLac Safe?

Yes, it is. This material does not cause chemical reactions in Plastics.

How long does CrystaLac take to cure?

The cure time for these products is 30 days.

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