Does Starbucks allow dogs? (Are dogs allowed inside Starbucks? Is Starbucks dog-friendly? Starbucks dog policy + more information)

Do you have a dog that follows you everywhere, and you are a Starbucks customer? You are probably wondering whether to bring them or not. Does Starbucks allow dogs?

No. Starbucks does not allow customers to bring dogs inside the store unless one has a service dog. Most dog owners assume it is okay to bring their dogs to Starbucks stores since this company sells Puppuccino.

I remember when I heard about this drink. Since I could not wait for my dog to taste it, I decided to visit a Starbucks store near my home. I took my dog with me inside the store and was quite embarrassed. I created this post to help find out if Starbucks allows dogs. You will also learn some dog-friendly ways to get your Starbucks.

Starbucks Pet Policy

Are dogs allowed inside Starbucks?

According to the company’s pet policy, customers are not allowed into the store with dogs unless it is a service animal. Since this company is committed to food safety and human health, its pet policy is strict, and every worker should know it.

Though dogs are great companions, they can sometimes be noisy and fussy when in the company of strangers. Starbucks does not allow dogs inside its stores to avoid distracting customers’ attention. Starbucks restricts the entrance of dogs since they also pose a risk of illness or the spread of bacteria.

Since some customers are allergic to dogs, Starbucks tries to prevent such customers from discomfort by restricting dogs from its stores. Keeping dogs away from Starbucks stores also reduces the risk of accidents that could happen as people handle hot drinks. Dogs can also instill fear in children.

You can either leave a dog outside a Starbucks store or at home. The store can be subject to health code violations if pets are found inside it. Only service animals are allowed inside Starbucks stores. These dogs are not viewed as pets since they are professionally trained dogs that help people with disabilities.

If you have a service dog, ensure that it has a vibrant-colored vest before entering a Starbucks store. You should also be ready to show proof that the dog is indeed a service animal. Every Starbucks location should follow the official dog policy. If you are not sure of this policy, feel free to call a local Starbucks before visiting with the dog.

Dog-Friendly Ways to Get Your Starbucks

Though Starbucks does not allow dogs into the store, it offers dog-friendly options that owners can use to get drinks. You can get Starbucks with a dog without violating the Starbucks pet policy in the following ways.

Dog-Friendly Patio

If you are not going to a Starbucks store alone, you can ask someone to watch it as you pick up drinks from the store. Feel free to leave the dog on a Starbucks patio since this is not prohibited. Some Starbuck stores have a seating area where you can leave the dog as you get drinks.


Since Starbucks also offers drive-throughs, this is also another convenient way to get your Starbucks when you have a dog. With this method, you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog for a while as you pick Puppuccino.


A Starbucks store can also deliver your order to your location. Since Starbucks is on UberEats, you can get your drinks without necessarily visiting the store. This is a dog-friendly option that you can take advantage of, especially if your dog experiences separation anxiety. The problem with this option is that you may not be able to order items like pup cups for the dog.

Curbside pickup

Do you like ordering drinks through the Starbucks app and don’t have a car? Find out whether a local Starbucks store offers the option of curbside pickup. This is also another convenient method to order Starbucks items even when a dog accompanies you.

Final thoughts

Does Starbucks allow dogs? Though many stores across the globe allow pets like dogs inside their premises, Starbucks does not. This coffee chain has a strict pet policy that customers should pay attention to. Though it does not allow pet dogs inside the stores, you can use either of the pet-friendly ways above to get your Starbucks.

FAQ section

What can you get your dog at Starbucks?

You can get the dog Puppuccino from Starbucks. This is an espresso cup that contains whipped cream.

Are Puppuccinos free?

Yes. This is free. You can buy your drink at Starbucks and then ask for a puppuccino for your dog at no cost.

Do all Starbucks have pup cups?

No, but most Starbucks offer pup cups. This is not available on the main menu but rather falls on the Starbucks secret menu.

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