Do Dutch Bros Freezes have coffee (is there caffeine in Dutch Bros Freezes + more information)?

Yes, Dutch Freezes have coffee. I always enjoy taking coffee any time of the day. When Dutch Bros opened an outlet in my neighborhood, I was eager to sample their coffee-based beverages.

Dutch Bros Freezes turned out to be my favorite. Over time, I have introduced all my friends and family to the Freezes, and they love them. Before that, I had to research the ingredients used to make the Freezes and their content. In this article, I will share the amount of caffeine in Dutch Bros Freezes and if there are caffeine-free Freezes and decaf Freezes. 

How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros Freezes?

The amount of caffeine in a Dutch Bros Freeze varies depending on the type of Freeze you choose and the size. The caffeine content ranges between 93.5 mg to 280.5 mg. 

Each Dutch Bros Freeze may have more or less caffeine depending on the blend used and the origin of the coffee. Some drinks may also have additional milligrams of caffeine due to the wide variety of flavors at Dutch Bros. For example, Freezes with a cocoa flavor are likely to have a higher caffeine content.

Below is a table showing the different types of Freezes and the standard amount of caffeine in each Freeze. 






93.5 mg

93.5 mg

187 mg

Double Torture Freeze

130 mg

130 mg

280.5 mg

911 Freeze

280.5 mg

280.5 mg

  1. mg

Are there caffeine-free Freezes at Dutch Bros?

is there caffeine in Dutch Bros Freezes 
Dutch Bros freeze. Image source: Dutch bros

No, there are no caffeine-free Freezes at Dutch Bros. All the Dutch Bros Freezes contain coffee. Naturally, coffee contains caffeine.  

People who prefer caffeine-free drinks at Dutch Bros can opt for Dutch Sodas, frosts, smoothies, and lemonades. These drinks do not contain caffeine because the ingredients used never contain caffeine at any given time. The caffeine-free beverages are suitable for people who are hypersensitive to caffeine. 

Are there decaf Freezes at Dutch Bros?

No, there are no decaf Freezes at Dutch Bros. Although Dutch Bros have 99% decaffeinated coffee as a substitute for their caffeinated reserve, you can’t order a decaf Freeze because the Freeze powder mix already contains caffeine.   

You can, however, order decaf drinks as long as the ingredients do not contain a mix. All you need to do is to inform the barrister in advance that you want your drink decaf.

FAQ Section

Is the caffeine in Dutch Bros Freezes strong?

A standard Dutch Bros Freeze contains 31.62mg of caffeine per 100 ml, which is a decent measure. Depending on your caffeine tolerance, this could be strong.  

Will the caffeine in Dutch Bros Freezes keep you awake?

Yes, if you are highly sensitive to caffeine, the caffeine in the small Dutch Bros Freeze can keep you awake for hours. 

Can people who are highly sensitive to caffeine take Dutch Bros Freezes?

No, people who are highly sensitive to caffeine cannot take Dutch Bros Freezes because of the premade mixes that contain caffeine.

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