10 best Dutch Bros low-calorie drinks (low calorie drinks what is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros + more information)

If you are on a diet or a lover of low sugar, low fats drinks and wondering what low-calorie drinks to get at Dutch Bros, then consider reading this article to the end to find out.

Dutch Bros is a common site or location for every west resident who is a coffee enthusiast. But have you ever wondered if you could get drinks with low calories at Dutch Bros? Then worry no more because I decided to do a little experiment for you. In this experiment, I sampled at least all the drinks on the famous Dutch Bros’ official menu, trying to figure out which ones have the least calories while looking at their recipes and nutritional facts. Honestly, it was one hell of a task, but the baristas there came in handy, making the work much easier. So I came up with a few drinks you can enjoy at Dutch Bros with extremely low calories.

What is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros?

The definition of a low-calorie drink depends on one’s needs. According to Dutch Bros, low-calorie drinks are those with less than 200 calories which is even less than the standard amount of calories that should be taken in by a normal human being in a day. The plain Americano is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros having only ten calories for both the small and medium sizes.

How do I reduce calories in my drinks at Dutch Bros?

You can reduce calories in your drink at Dutch Bros by substituting dairy with non-fat or plant milk. You can also eliminate the sauce and toppings since most add calories and not much value to your drink. One can also reduce the calorie level in their drink by ordering the smallest size and sticking to iced tea and plain coffee, which are among Dutch Bros drinks with the least amount of calories. If there is more, you can order the skinny version of the glass you would like, and they will substitute your milk with non-fat milk.

How do I order healthy drinks at Dutch Bros?

You order healthy drinks from Dutch Bros can by ordering sugar-free beverages on their menu. Also, consider ordering the skinny version, which reduces fats since they opt for non-fat milk. If it’s unnecessary, get rid of the toppings, and lastly, when settling for milk options, choose non-fat or plant milk.

How we choose the best low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros

The drinks mentioned were chosen based on their nutritional value. Under calories, we looked at the fats and sugars of each drink and concluded that they are Dutch Bros drinks with the least calorie levels. Most of our ratings are, however, based on the small size, so one is advised to stick to the recommended size, which is the smallest if it’s for health purposes. While choosing these drinks, we settled for those with less than 200 calories.

Ten best low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros

The definition of a low-calorie drink depends on the consumer and their aim or needs of satisfaction. However, according to Dutch Bros, drinks with 200 calories or less are considered low-calorie. Here I came up with a list of drinks that, in my investigations, were Dutch Bros’ lowest-calorie drinks.

Nitro Cold Brew kicker

low calorie drinks what is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to make variations on your drink, then the Nitro Cold Brew Kicker is the drink to get since it naturally has low calories. This drink is made of Nitro cold brew, Irish cream syrup, and non-fat milk and is one of the best low-calorie drinks from Dutch Bros., and the smallest size contains less than 50 calories.

Plain Americano

The plain Americano drink is made using freshly brewed espresso shots stored in Dutch Bros’ private reserve, some cocoa, and water. You can never go wrong with this one when looking for a drink with low-calorie content since it contains ten calories for both the small and medium sizes and 20 calories for the large, proving how healthy it is for consumption.

Lattes- For the latte

best Dutch Bros low-calorie drinks

It is made using espresso and milk. However, to reduce its calorie levels, substitute dairy milk with no fat and plant milk, and this will automatically reduce calorie levels. This drink contains less than 100 calories for the smallest size, and the calories increase with an increase in the size of the drink.


Dutch has many low-calorie teas, ranging from black Paris tea to green. This tea not only has a little or small fat content but is also sugar-free if made using sugar-free syrup. They are among the most mentioned in Dutch Bros’ low-calorie drinks as most of them lie below the 200-calorie mark for the small size.

Sugar-Free blue Rebel

The sugar-free blue Rebel is among the newest additions to the Dutch Bros menu, serving its purpose perfectly. Its delicious nature has left its consumers yearning for more as it is made of sugar-free Rebel and sugar-free syrup. This drink has a total of ten calories for the smallest size.

Nitro cold brew

low calorie drinks what is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros

If you want a drink that needs the slightest modification to cut calories, then the Nitro cold is the drink to go for. This drink is naturally healthy, and among Dutch, Bros drinks with the least calories and is made using brewed coffee. It contains less than ten calories for the smallest size.

Cocomo freeze

This excellent drink comprises sugar-free coconut syrup, milk, espresso, and blended ice. When ordering the cocomo freeze, one is advised to order the skinny version to substitute the milk and reduce the calorie level. The smallest size of this drink carries less than 100 calories.

Double Rainbro iced tea

The double rainbro iced tea could be another perfect option if you want drinks with fewer calories from Dutch Bros. This drink, ideally meant for the afternoon, will leave your body with only 180 calories which is not so bad for your health.

Toasted white Mocha cold brew

low calorie drinks what is the lowest calorie drink at Dutch Bros

If you are a lover of coffee drinks and a touch of chocolate, I recommend you go for the toasted white mocha cold brew. This drink uses cold brew, white mocha sauce, and chocolate. It contains the same number of calories for the small and medium sizes, 180 calories, and only ten more for the larger size.

The Annihilator

Despite their being the original version of this drink with higher calories, the sugar-free version contains fewer calories. It makes this drink qualify for the low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros. When ordering this drink, ensure that non-fat milk is used during its preparation. The annihilator sugar-free version of this drink contains less than 50 calories for the smallest size, which holds 16 ounces of fluid. This drink uses espresso, chocolate macadamia, nut sugar-free, non-fat milk, and ice to achieve the perfect outcome.


Does Dutch Bros have a low-calorie rebel?

Yes, the Dutch Bros Blue rebel sugar-free energy drink contains ten calories for the 250ml size.

Does using skim milk at Dutch Bros result in low calories?

Yes, skim milk reduces calories in a drink as it has fewer calories than whole milk and nearly no fat.

Will switching my syrup to sugar-free syrup reduce calories in my Dutch Bro’s drink?

For some syrups, yes, as that will reduce the sugar levels, but it’s not always a guarantee as the nutrients in the sugar-free syrup might have calories much as those in the sugar syrup.

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