Is Starbucks impossible sandwich vegan? (does Starbucks impossible sandwich have real sausage + more information)

Starbucks is known to be very inclusive with its menu items; they try to make drinks and snacks that cater to people with dietary constraints. This brings us to the question, is Starbucks impossible sandwich vegan?

No, Starbucks impossible sandwich is not vegan. Though this sandwich appears on the Starbucks vegan menu, it is not entirely vegan as it contains egg, dairy, and cheese. If you are a vegan or allergic to any animal products, then you know how hard it is to find snacks that are completely free from any animal products. When I started my vegan journey a few months ago, I was keen to do my research and not compromise my diet. One snack that I loved a lot and had to cut off when I established it was not entirely vegan is the Starbucks impossible sandwich. Therefore, if you are a vegan and stuck between trying out the impossible sandwich offered at Starbucks or not, read on to find out more about this sandwich.

Does Starbucks impossible sandwich have real sausage?

No. According to the Starbucks website, the sausages used to make their impossible sandwich are from plants. However, though Starbucks does not use real sausages to make its impossible sandwich, meaning they do not have any animal product in it, this sandwich is still not entirely vegan.

This is because this snack’s egg-fried patty and cheese are made of animal products like milk and eggs. Additionally, even if you scrap off the cheese and eggs when ordering this sandwich, the sesame Ciabatta bun used to make it also has eggs as one of its ingredients. Therefore, this sandwich will only be great for someone who is reducing their intake of animal products, but not for those people who are entirely vegans.

What is in Starbucks’ impossible sandwich?

does Starbucks impossible sandwich have real sausage

The standard recipe of the Starbucks impossible sandwich uses a Sesame Ciabatta bun, fried egg patty, plant-based breakfast patty, and sharp cheddar cheese as the main ingredients. The sesame Ciabatta bun is made of sesame seeds, enriched wheat flour, durum wheat semolina, sunflower oil, butter, salt, eggs, water, malted barley flour, paprika, and wheat starch.

The buns are one of the ingredients that make Starbucks’ impossible sandwich so good. They are made of high-fiber wheat, which leaves you feeling full for a long time and helps significantly with digestion. However, these buns contain eggs, and the butter used to make them has milk making them not entirely vegan.

The plant-based patty is mainly made of a soy concentrate which gives the patty its flesh-like texture. Apart from the soy concentrate, Starbucks also adds starch, spices, onion powder, plant-based oils, and salt to enhance the taste.

The fried egg patty that Starbucks uses to make its impossible sandwich contains egg yolks, food starch-modified, milk, salt, egg whites, and citric acid. Lastly, the sharp cheddar cheese that is served with this snack contains cheese culture, pasteurized milk, microbial enzymes, salt, and annatto to give it its color. Therefore, if you are looking for an entirely vegan sandwich, then the Starbucks impossible sandwich may not be what you are searching for.

What is the nutritional information for the Starbucks impossible sandwich?

For such a small sandwich, Starbucks’ impossible sandwich packs a might punch when it comes to the nutrients it offers. This small 150-gram sandwich has 420 calories which come from all the different ingredients used to make it. Fat contributes 200 calories to the total calorie count present in this snack.

The same serving will also give you approximately 4 grams of sugar, 190 grams of cholesterol, 22 grams of total fat, 21 grams of protein, and 800mg of sodium. Additionally, this sandwich has 36 grams of carbohydrates which is 13% of the daily value required.

This sandwich has a lot of calories for its size; for most health-conscious people, you might want to leave out the cheese or the gets so as to reduce your calorie intake, especially if you are having the sandwich with another calorie-packed drink.

How does Starbucks impossible sandwich taste?

The Starbucks impossible sandwich does an excellent job of replicating the taste of beef. However, it is not the same as beef, but it is among the best veggie patties I have had in New York. Starbucks uses a soy concentrate to make the patty for the impossible sandwich. They add a few other ingredients to the soy concentrate to make it replicate the taste of beef as closely as possible, as well as make it more nutritious.

Starbucks adds flavors, salt, oils, and vitamins to add the extra needed nutrients. The cheese that Starbucks uses is said to be aged; however, I find it to have a fresh taste; this doesn’t take away from the sandwich as it gives the sandwich a pleasant creamy taste. The bread ties together the whole sandwich; it is light yet firm, which helps you enjoy the sandwich without worrying about soiling your clothes.

How to order Starbucks impossible sandwich?

Since the impossible sandwich is on Starbucks’ regular menu, you can easily order it at any of your nearest Starbucks locations or at the Starbucks website or mobile application. When ordering in-store, all you have to do is tell your barista you need an impossible sandwich. Additionally, be sure to let him know if you have any allergies or how you want your sandwich to be customized to meet your preferences.

When ordering the sandwich over the website or app, Starbucks also allows you to customize it. Therefore, you can play with the ingredients available to reduce the calorie content of this snack depending on the health benefits you are after. You can also top this sandwich with your preferred sauce when ordering it.


Is Starbucks’ impossible sandwich good?

Yes, it is Starbucks impossible sandwich is among the best savory snacks on Starbucks’ vegan menu.

Is Starbucks impossible sandwich halal?

Yes, it is since it does not use any animal flesh.

How much is the Starbucks impossible sandwich?

A Starbucks impossible sandwich goes for around $6.

Does Starbucks serve impossible sandwich all day?

Yes, Starbucks impossible is available all day long and only needs to be warmed up when you order.

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