Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk: how do they compare?

I used to get bloated and experience diarrhea every time I took cow’s milk. Since I started taking Starbucks plant-based milk, I no longer have such problems. Since I am a regular at Starbucks, I realized that many new customers are torn between the numerous milk alternatives that this coffee house offers.

This compelled me to create this post to inform you of the differences between options like Starbucks soy milk and oat milk. By the end of it, you will also learn which is better. Enjoy!

What are the differences between Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk?


Starbucks soy milk

Starbucks oat milk


Filtered water, organic soybeans, calcium carbonate, cane juice, natural flavors, vitamin d2, sea salt, sodium citrate, riboflavin, Vitamin d2, Vitamin b12, carrageenan

Oats, water, dipotassium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, riboflavin, sea salt, Vitamin d2, and Vitamin A

Taste profile

Less creamy and not very sweet

Sweeter and creamier

Caffeine content/ Nutritional value

More sugar, more calories, more fat, and more protein

Less protein, fewer calories, less sugar, and less fat

Availability/ Accessibility

Only available at Starbucks stores

Available at Starbucks and other stores such as Amazon and Target

Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk – How They Compare.

Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk

What it’s made of (ingredients)

Starbucks makes use of organic soy milk. This is made up of whole organic soybeans, filtered water, cane juice, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, vitamin b12, vitamin d2, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, and carrageenan. Some people are concerned about some of the compounds used in Starbucks soy milk as carrageenan, which is associated with conditions such as inflammation and digestive issues.

On the other hand, Starbucks oat milk is made up of water, oats, vitamin B12, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Dicalcium Phosphate, calcium carbonate, and Dipotassium phosphate. Since Starbucks oat milk does not contain carrageenan, it is much safer compared to soy milk.

Starbucks oat milk, therefore, wins in this category since it is made up of safer components.

Taste profile

Though Starbucks oat milk and soy milk can be used in a variety of beverages, they do not have a similar taste. Starbucks oat milk is more delicious and creamier compared to Starbucks soy milk. However, if you want to make your beverage foamy, you would be better off ordering with Starbucks soy milk since it has high-fat content.

Starbucks oat milk wins in this category since it is creamier and sweeter than soy milk.

Caffeine content/nutritional value

Since these are plant-based milk alternatives, they do not contain any caffeine. You can, however, add them to different caffeinated drinks. If you want to know which is healthier, you should pay attention to their nutritional facts.

A serving of Starbucks soy milk contains 8 grams of protein, 27 grams of sugar, and 270 calories. Starbucks does not highlight the exact amounts of nutrients in oat milk alone but rather states this in different drinks. Despite this, research shows that oat milk has fewer calories, less sugar, less fat, and higher carbs compared to Starbucks soy milk.

Starbucks oat milk, therefore, wins in this category since it is more nutritious than soy milk.

Availability/ Accessibility

Though both Starbucks soy milk and oat milk are popular milk alternatives, you cannot buy Starbucks soy milk in other stores. Silk makes soy milk specifically for Starbucks. Starbucks oat milk, on the other hand, comes from Oatly. This is not only available at Starbucks stores but also at others like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. If, for instance, a Starbucks store runs out of Oatly oat milk, you can try buying it online.

Starbucks oat milk wins in this category since it is easier to access at more stores than Starbucks soy milk.

Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk: A comparison overview

Starbucks Soy Milk – Overview

Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk

If you are allergic to dairy but don’t want to give up Starbucks, you can order your beverages with soy milk. This is a plant-based milk alternative that the coffee company has been offering for years. Many people love it is creamy and full of flavor. Ordering a drink with soy milk can make it sweeter and add a touch of vanilla to the beverage.

You can add soy milk to Starbucks tea or coffee beverages since it complements the flavor of such drinks. The best drinks that go well with Starbucks beverages are sweetened ones. You can enjoy smooth flavor notes by adding Starbucks soy milk to an iced latte. Some of the other drinks that go well with Starbucks soy milk include Caramel Macchiato, Dark Chocolate Mocha,

Chai tea latte, Cinnamon Dolce latte, and Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

The dairy alternative contains almost as much protein as cow’s milk and is therefore kid-friendly. A serving of Starbucks soy milk has 8 grams of protein for energy. Despite this, it is not the healthiest milk alternative since a serving of Starbucks soy milk has 270 calories and 27 grams of sugar. This milk alternative has the highest amount of sugar among all the plant-based milk alternatives that Starbucks offers.

Starbucks makes use of organic soy milk to prepare some of its beverages. Starbucks gets its soy milk from a company called Silk. You may not be able to purchase the soy milk that Starbucks uses from a grocery store since this is produced specifically for the coffee house.

This milk alternative is made by soaking soybeans, grinding them to a fine consistency, and mixing them with water. Though Starbucks soy milk also contains other ingredients, it does not have any animal by-products and is therefore ideal for people that maintain a vegan lifestyle.

What I liked

  • Its touch of vanilla

What I didn’t like

  • The high sugar content

Who it’s best suited for

  • Best for people with nut or dairy allergies.

Starbucks Oat Milk – Overview

Starbucks Soy milk

Oat milk is another substitute for cow’s milk available in Starbucks stores. This coffee house has been offering some drinks with oat milk since 2018. All of the Starbucks stores utilize oat milk from Oatly. If you want to try something a little bit different from Starbucks, feel free to order an espresso-based beverage or a coffee with oat milk.

Note that you may be charged a small fee when ordering a cold or hot Starbucks beverage with oat milk. This is a great lactose-free option that makes certain Starbucks drinks more delicious. The plant-based milk is naturally sweet, and it has a creamy texture. Starbucks oat milk’s consistency is similar to that of skimmed milk.

One of the things that makes this milk alternative quite popular among Starbucks customers is its nutrients. Starbucks oat milk is healthy since it contains fiber that can promote regular bowel movements, prevent constipation and lower cholesterol levels in the body. It also contains calcium which can support bone health. The problem with this milk alternative is that it has less protein.

Starbucks oat milk is made from oats that are soaked in water and then blended to create a creamy liquid. According to this company, the oat milk is unsweetened. This vegan-friendly milk alternative does not contain any preservatives or additives. Some of the Starbucks beverages that you can order with this milk alternative include chai tea latte, coco macchiato, iced vanilla latte, and London fog tea.

Though some Starbucks stores sometimes run out of oat milk, you can get Oatly oat milk from different stores in the US, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target. The problem of oat milk shortages at some of the Starbucks stores is usually short-lived.

What I liked

  • It is unsweetened

What I didn’t like

  • It has less protein

Who it’s best suited for

  • This is best for people with gluten sensitivity and vegans.

Final Verdict: So, Which is better? – Starbucks Soy milk vs. oat milk

Starbucks oat milk is better than soy milk. This is because it is creamier, more delicious, and healthier. This plant-based milk alternative has fewer calories and less sugar. It also has safer ingredients and is easier to access at numerous stores. Feel free to order Starbucks oat milk with your favorite drink.

Though Starbucks soy milk is also good, it is not the best since it has more calories and high sugar content. It is among the least healthy plant-based alternatives at Starbucks. We, therefore, choose Starbucks oat milk as the clear winner.


Which one tastes better between a Starbucks oat milk and soy milk?

Most customers reveal that Starbucks oat milk tastes better since it is creamier and sweeter. That is why Starbucks oat milk is more popular and goes well with numerous drinks.

Is there a big difference between Starbucks oat milk and soy milk?

Though both are plant-based milk options, their ingredients, nutrition, and taste differ.

Which is healthier between soy milk and oat milk?

Starbucks oat milk is healthier than soy milk since it is lower in calories, sugar, and fats. Starbucks oat milk can therefore help you maintain better health and prevent you from gaining more weight.