5 Best Chicory Coffees to try (Top-ranked chicory coffee brands you should try + more information)

If you want a healthier substitute for traditional coffee, try chicory coffee. Stick around to learn more about the best chicory coffee.

I first tasted chicory coffee after my mom was diagnosed with diabetes. She was a huge fan of regular coffee before the diagnosis. However, after it, she opted for healthier food options and changed her diet. Among the changes was ditching regular coffee for chicory coffee, as her doctor advised. We now use the French market coffee and chicory since it is smooth and high quality. It is also less acidic, and its grounds are fine; hence it has a rich taste. I prepared this article for anyone looking for the best chicory coffees to try out.

Does chicory coffee have side effects?

Yes, chicory coffee might have some side effects for some people. Though this coffee has been associated with several health benefits, it is not the case for everyone, as some people can get allergic reactions. After having chicory coffee, some people can also have symptoms like tingling in the mouth, pain, and swelling. If you notice any allergic reactions after having this coffee, stop consuming it and see a doctor for further advice.

Why is chicory added to coffee?

Many people add chicory to coffee to enhance the aroma and taste of coffee. This is because chicory is usually roasted for a long and thus gives a slightly nutty, woody taste. Additionally, coffee mixed with chicory is economical compared to pure coffee.

How much chicory should I put in my coffee?

Health experts recommend putting a maximum of 2 tablespoons into a cup of coffee. 2 tablespoons of chicory should be about 11 grams, while the coffee should be about 237 milliliters. Or if you are mixing chicory with coffee grounds, it should be a part of the chicory for every three parts of the coffee grounds.

How we choose the best chicory coffees

The main criterion we used to choose the best chicory coffees was the quality of the coffee. We concentrated least on market trends or the best-selling coffees. The coffees mentioned in this article are made of 100% organic quality chicory root, meaning you can bet on their quality.

Additionally, we looked at the grind size of the coffee, as this affects the texture and flavor of the coffee. We went for coffees with a finer grind as they would result in a delicate, smoother drink.

5 best chicory coffees to try

Café Du Monde Coffee Chicory

Top-ranked chicory coffee brands you should try

This coffee has a rich history and roots in the original French Market coffee stand. It is flavorful and rich, with a unique twist of New Orleans from chicory. What we love most about this coffee is its freshness; hence you can enjoy it hot or cold. It also has a distinctive aroma, and its grinds are fine. However, if you are not after a strong coffee, you should try other brands of chicory coffee, as the Café Du Monde coffee chicory is somewhat strong.

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French market coffee – coffee and chicory

If you are after a flavorful and rich coffee with no bitterness, then the French market coffee and chicory were meant for you. This coffee was meant for chicory lovers who enjoy a bold coffee cup with notes of sweetness. It is a blend of medium-dark roast and medium-roast coffee beans, hence its unique flavor. Another major reason you should get this coffee is that their beans are Arabica beans; hence, they have high quality and soulful flavor. It is also handcrafted, and you are sure of a smooth, quality cup of coffee. However, it is slightly acidic and not everyone’s cup of tea.

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CDM Coffee & Chicory

Best Chicory Coffees to try

This coffee is smooth, with a strong flavor, making it the best chicory coffee to try out if you are new to chicory coffees. It is blended with coffee; hence you can get your caffeine fix. You can also have this drink iced on a hot day, as it has been processed to enjoy either hot or cold. To enjoy this coffee, consider preparing it with hot milk and adding sweeteners to enhance its taste. The only con with this coffee is that it might be bitter or a bit strong for some people.

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Worldwide botanicals organic French chicory root

If you want a caffeine-free coffee that is less acidic, then try out the worldwide botanicals organic French chicory root. This coffee is 100% gluten-free and kosher, which will help restore gut health. The best thing about this coffee is that it can either be brewed alone or blended with coffee, meaning you can have it either way. However, it can also trigger some bodily functions involuntarily, and you should be keen while using it.

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Teeccino Chicory Coffee

Top-ranked chicory coffee brands you should try

The Teeccino chicory coffee is a French roast coffee with a bold, rich flavor similar to that of coffee. Its rich taste makes it delicious. This coffee is also smooth and has a really low acidic content. However, it is a bit on the high-end list regarding prices.

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Final thoughts

As seen above, Chicory coffees are something you should explore if you have not tried them out. They have low caffeine content, are less acidic, and are linked to several health benefits. The best thing about this coffee is that you can increase its caffeine content by blending them with coffee. Additionally, the different flavors of chicory coffee have different flavors. Therefore, start with something light and smooth when purchasing this coffee before going for stronger coffees.

Informative Section

What is coffee with chicory called?

Coffee with chicory is mostly referred to as chicory coffee or New Orleans coffee.

Does Starbucks use chicory?

No, Starbucks does not use chicory coffee. However, the coffee chain has several other signature beverages for its customers.

Which is better; pure coffee or coffee with chicory?

Most studies link chicory coffee with several health benefits. It can also be a good coffee option if you are trying to limit caffeine intake and want coffee with low acidity.

Is chicory coffee stronger?

Though the chicory flavor appears stronger and bitter since it is more roasted, this coffee has less caffeine content than regular coffee.

Does chicory coffee taste good?

Yes, if you love coffee, the taste of chicory coffee is almost similar but slightly bitter, nutty, and earthy.

Does Nescafe coffee contain chicory?

Yes, it does. Nescafe coffee contains 30% of chicory.

Does chicory coffee give you energy?

No, it doesn’t. Chicory coffee does not have enough caffeine content to give you energy like regular coffee or a stimulant.

Is chicory coffee good for people with diabetes?

Yes, this coffee is recommended for persons with diabetes as the roots from which this coffee is extracted contain a type of fiber called inulin that has been linked with managing blood sugar levels in animals and humans.

Does chicory remove bitterness from coffee?

No, it does not, since the taste of chicory replicates that of bitter coffee.

How do you make chicory coffee taste better?

To enhance the taste of chicory, try adding sweeteners of your choice to the coffee, preferably molasses or milk and honey.

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