How to Ease Shingles Pain with Coffee? (can coffee ease shingle pain+ more information)

Different people have tried inventing various remedies for this condition called shingles which causes painful itchiness on one’s body. Can you ease shingles pain with coffee?

Shingles pains do not necessarily go away after sipping coffee for everyone. Some might be lucky that the pain might either reduce or go away completely, while others might worsen their shingles.

As a medic, I have had instances where shingle patients have come to me complaining that their shingles have gotten worse or better after coffee intake. After scrutiny of their cases, I concluded that coffee reacts differently to shingles for different people and if you want to know if you could ease your shingle pain with coffee, read through this article to find out.

How can I use coffee to ease shingle pain?

Different people who are suffering from shingles react differently to coffee intake. While some have reported a reduction in the itchy sensation after taking coffee, others have complained that the itchiness increased. To those users whose shingles do not react badly to taking coffee, a study shows that taking three to four cups of coffee a day helps reduce itchiness while also increasing the healing of the illness. It is, therefore, advisable that one should know how their bodies react to coffee when having shingles before trying the remedy to avoid getting the situation worse.

Does coffee help when you have shingle pain?

can coffee ease shingle pain

Coffee can improve or worsen your body’s shingles, depending on how it reacts to it. It is confirmed that some users experienced an improvement and the shingle pain lessened after drinking coffee. According to reliable reports, the itchy sensation decreased gradually after coffee intake, and after some time, they regained normalcy.

Contrary to what this group experienced, some have had to do away with their coffee intake since it has worsened their condition by causing regular flare-ups and jittery nerves. If you are experiencing this and are a regular coffee drinker, you are advised to reduce or cease coffee drinking until you are okay.

Is decaffeinated coffee okay when you have shingle pain?

Contradictory reports have been given by people who have taken decaffeinated coffee while suffering from shingles. To some, the shingle pain remained mild or reduced, but others reported that the shingle pain increased.

Decaffeination of coffee has not been proven 100% effective in reducing shingles pain. It is up to an individual to experiment and know whether decaffeinated can work for them when they are suffering from shingles or not.


How much coffee can you drink when you have shingle pain?

Coffee intake while suffering from shingles breeds a personal experience for every individual. For some, a cup is enough to either improve or notice no change, while for others, it can take up to four mugs to experience a difference, whether a positive or negative change.

Do shingles and coffee combine?

They might or might not depending on how your body reacts after taking coffee in a scenario where shingles are in the picture too.

Will coffee make shingle pain worse?

To some individuals, yes, and no to others. Coffee can worsen the pain in one person and still have no effect or reduce the pain in another.

Does caffeine ease shingle pain?

Yes, caffeine can reduce shingle pains in some individuals. However, others have not had a pleasant experience with caffeine.

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