4 Best Lavender Syrups For Coffee (Best Lavender Syrups For Your Morning Coffee + More Information)

You can finally enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee with the sweet, delicate, and calming effects of the best Lavender syrups for coffee.

Lavender is a sophisticated and calming scent, and its use as a coffee flavoring and sweetener elevates every cup into a delicious, magical experience. My first cup of lavender syrup-flavored coffee was pleasantly surprising, and I was instantly hooked.

Unfortunately, finding the best quality lavender syrup for coffee is a little challenging, and I understand all too well what it means to have expert guidance on such searches. This is especially important given the syrup’s amazing flavor and scent, which have life-altering effects. In many ways, I believe that every human needs a bottle of the best Lavender syrup for coffee in their home.

Therefore, this article will share insights into the best Lavender syrups for coffee. So, keep reading.

Should you use Lavender syrup for your coffee?

Yes, you should use Lavender syrup for your coffee because this syrup extracted from the flowers of Lavender plants boasts an intoxicating aroma that will not only make your coffee more delightful but will ensure that you are relaxed. The Lavender syrup has a rich scent and other elements that relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Just the smell and the coffee aroma will instantly make you feel better.

Also, you should add Lavender syrup to your coffee if you’d like to incorporate semi-sweet, beautiful, herbal, floral flavors.

What does lavender syrup taste like in coffee?

Best Lavender Syrups For Your Morning Coffee 
Lavender syrup. Image source: Pixabay

The Lavender syrup is cozy and creamy, and it’s very delicious. It is also light and floral. Added to your coffee, the Lavender syrup creates a slightly nutty taste that balances well with the coffee. You enjoy the mild coffee flavors and Lavender’s floral notes that taste like summer and a bit of spring, and you still get to enjoy the syrup all year long.

However, if the sugar, Lavender, and water are mixed early on during processing, you may end up overboiling the floral notes, ending up with a bitter syrup.

Where can you buy Lavender syrup for coffee?

You can buy your Lavender syrup for coffee online from Amazon, eBay, or specific brand websites. If you visit a local retail store like Walmart or Target, you can still find Lavender syrup for coffee on the shelves. Just be careful about the quality of the syrup and use the price as the guide for the best Lavender syrups for coffee.

How we choose the best Lavender syrups for coffee

The products listed here were selected following specific scientific criteria developed by experts. The criteria used allowed us to objectively judge each product and its pros and cons without considering or worrying about marketing buzzwords or trends.

We focused on the fact that the best Lavender syrup tasting experience meant examining the delicate variety of the aroma of the Lavender flowers, specifically the floral and sweet herbal flavors. We also paid attention to the soothing properties of the fragrant flowers’ syrup and only settled on the best syrups. We determined that the best of these syrups must contain these 3 main ingredients – natural sugar like cane sugar, water, and the natural Lavender flavors. They are also free of alcohol. We also asked expert baristas’ opinions and factored in other customer reviews. We then picked the best Lavender syrups for use in coffee.

4 Best Lavender Syrups for Coffee

Below are 4 of the best Lavender syrups for coffee





Torani Syrup Lavender

Water, natural cane syrup, and natural Lavender flavors


Monin Lavender Syrup

Pure cane sugar, water, spirulina (color), natural Lavender flavor, xanthan gum, potassium citrate, and vegetable juice (color)


DaVinci Gourmet Lavender Syrup

Water, cane sugar, and color from fruit and vegetable juices, citric acid, and natural Lavender flavor


Pink House Alchemy Lavender Syrup

Water, cane sugar, lavender flowers, and lactic acid.

Torani Syrup Lavender

Best Lavender Syrups For Coffee
Torani Syrup Lavender. Image source: Torani

First on the list is this 750ml bottle of Torani Syrups’ best Lavender syrup. This syrup is crafted uniquely, and each drop feels like the perfect elixir for your coffee, whether you like your cup of Joe hot or cold.

It is 100% gluten-free and kosher, and I like that Torani makes this syrup using natural Lavender flavors and pure cane syrup. The result is a perfectly blended natural fragrant syrup with excellent calming effects and the most luxurious purple-hued syrup with an almost otherworldly aroma.

This Torani syrup is perfectly formulated to withstand high temperatures and resist curdling when added to dairy. You may also like it because it is the perfect aromatic syrup for your frappes, chai teas, espressos, and other coffee brews. Your morning coffee will never be the same with this Lavender syrup. You can view the price here.

Monin Lavender Syrup

Lavender Syrups For Coffee
Monin Lavender Syrup. Image source: Monin

Monin Lavender Syrup is the other high-quality Lavender syrup that will elevate your morning coffee without hurting your stomach. It is Halal, kosher, dairy, and gluten-free.

One of the first things you will notice about this Lavender syrup is that in addition to the soothing Lavender aroma, it also has a nice refreshing kick from the lemonade flavor. The lemonade flavor is delicious and adds a delicate, herbal, floral, and semi-sweet flavor to your coffees, among other drinks.

The floral and aromatic notes of this Lavender syrup make every cup of coffee even more refreshing, soothing, and calming. The best part is that the floral scents aren’t overpowering.

I also like this syrup because it’s created by an environmentally conscious brand that recycles syrups to feed billions of bees, helping to keep up the bee population which has been rapidly declining. The green packaging and labels make the brand a great option in our books. You can view the price here.

Davinci Gourmet Lavender Syrup

Best Lavender Syrups For Coffee 
Davinci Gourmet Lavender Syrup. Image source: Da Vinci Gourmet

You may also want to try out this Lavender syrup by Da Vinci Gourmet for your morning coffee because it’s perfectly fragrant and made using the best natural ingredients like water, cane sugar, and color from fruit and vegetable juices, citric acid, and natural Lavender flavor.

It has sweet floral notes that will elevate your coffee while filling your senses and home with the calming aromas of this purple-blue-hued syrup. I also like this syrup because of its lingering floral finish, which makes it ideal for all kinds of coffee. You can view the price here.

Pink House Alchemy Lavender Syrup

Best Lavender Syrups For Your Morning Coffee 
Pink House Alchemy Lavender Syrup. Image source: Pinterest

For the best morning coffee, consider using this lavender-flavored syrup for your coffee. This Lavender doesn’t have that light purple hue common with the other two syrups mentioned above. Still, it’s made with the best quality and natural lavender flowers for a naturally delicate and aromatic Lavender syrup that infuses coffee perfectly. This syrup contains four main ingredients – water, cane sugar, lavender flowers, and lactic acid.

But that’s all; this Lavender syrup has much more to offer. Its aroma is enticing and complex but also delicate, thanks to the added minty, spicy, and citrusy aromas that will change how you view your coffee. These aromas will awaken all your senses with their sweetness and inherent complexities, which blend with the natural coffee aroma in the most beautiful way.

This Lavender syrup makes the most decadent lattes thanks to its subtle floral notes that are perfectly sweet and aromatic. It also works for hot and cold drinks. The aromas will also make your kitchen a magical place, and the best part is that you could add it to your coffee-based cocktails for Sunday brunch. You can view the price here.


What is the most popular Lavender syrup brand?

Monin is the most popular Lavender syrup brand. This could be the case because theirs is one of the most affordable Lavender syrup brands that use all-natural ingredients that are Halal, Kosher, dairy, and gluten-free.

Other popular brands are Da Vinci Gourmet and Torani Lavender Syrup brands.

Can you use Lavender syrups for cold-brew coffee?

Yes, you can and should use Lavender syrups with cold brew coffees. The lavender syrup is one of the most versatile sweeteners for your cold brew coffee, and it holds well in hot and cold drinks, adding uniquely floral and sweet notes to your coffee. This sweetener may also give you a richer-tasting cold brew, especially when added to the coffee after brewing and chilling the coffee.

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