How do you like your coffee (Starbucks complete guide to getting the right coffee for you+ more Information)

The secret to a good cup of coffee is getting it right with the roast depending on the taste you want to achieve. So, how do you like your coffee?

If you are into strong flavors and intense, bold taste, you might want to try out the darker roasts. If you would rather have your coffee sweet with caramel notes, try out the espresso roast. I am an avid drinker of the French roast in a French press mainly because of the low acidity and intense coffee taste. I have friends who have a certain taste preference, but never get it right with the roasts. This has inspired me to come up with this post that will guide you on how to get it right. Stick around to learn how to make your favorite coffee.

What are the different types of coffee and what they are made from?

Starbucks complete guide to getting the right coffee for you

There are two main types of coffee. There is coffee Arabica and Robusta coffee. Let’s look at these two types of coffee.


Starbucks complete guide to getting the right coffee for you

This is the most popular and expensive type of coffee. Most coffee drinkers prefer this coffee type due to its intense and nice taste. Coffee drinkers will tell you that this coffee has a sweet and complex taste that works well with black coffees. This coffee species was the first to be cultivated and are the most dominant type. Its origin is traced to Yemen as early as the 12th century. The Arabica coffee takes seven years to mature and flowers in four years. This coffee mostly grows in the region that is famously known as the coffee belt. This region is mainly Latin America, Africa, and Asia/ Pacific. The coffee berries are oblong and 1cm long and ooze a mild sweetness after roasting.


This coffee is the cheapest and strongest. Many people say that it has the taste of burnt rubber and is bitter. This makes it a great option for espresso and instant coffees. This coffee species has the highest caffeine content. You will have the caffeine boost you desire to kick start your day. This species has its origin in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Africa. This species is known to withstand temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Starbucks does not use this coffee for any of its blends, but it is widely used by many coffee lovers.

What Starbucks Roast is good for you, what do they taste like?

Starbucks coffee for you

When brewing a cup of coffee, the roast makes all the difference in taste and richness of the flavor. You can decide to choose any roast depending on the level of acidity and strength of its flavor. Let’s look at each roast and what it tastes like.

Light Roast

This is what is popularly known as the blonde roast. Starbucks uses the coffee Arabica beans to make this mellow and light roast for its espresso shots. The difference between this roast and other roasts is the roasting time. You will notice that this roast has a light appearance and it is not burnt. The time taken in the roaster is little and the result is a strong flavor without the bitterness that comes with darker roasts. If you desire a less bitter, yet strong espresso, this is your go-to roast. You will also get the highest caffeine boost among all roasts.

Medium Roast

Some of the best Starbuck medium roasts include the Pike Place roast and the breakfast blend. These are roasted at medium and ooze a balanced subtle flavor. This is a perfect blend for those who desire a moderately strong coffee taste and a moderate caffeine level. The flavor can be described as rich, bold, and approachable, meaning that it is not overly bitter.

Dark Roasts

These roasts are for those who like their coffee smoky, strong in flavor, yet low in acidity and caffeine. Starbucks has café Verona, Starbucks Italian roast, and the French roast. You will pick up notes of dark chocolate, and a sweet depth like a toasty marshmallow. You might like this roast more in your espresso if you want a full-bodied, rich flavor.

Espresso Roast

The Starbucks espresso roast is the core of the coffee chain’s coffee drinks. The roast gives you a tender and sweet molasses flavor with a low acid level. You might also pick some sweet caramel notes in it. This espresso roast is a type of dark roast. Dark roasts take a longer processing time and give a dark, slightly burnt bean with a smoky taste. Funny enough, the longer the processing time, the lesser the caffeine.

Which Coffee drink would you like to choose, what is their flavor profile?

Starbucks complete  coffee guide

Starbucks has over 50 coffee drinks and 80,000 combinations. Yes, you can have 80,000 drink variants at Starbucks, so you are spoilt for choices. However, there are specific drinks that people often prefer like lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, and mochas. Let’s see what they are like.


This is the most popular espresso drink at Starbucks. The Starbucks latte combines two shots of espresso with steamed milk. The milk tones down the wild espresso flavor to give a more favorable taste. The drink is topped with a light layer of foam and the result is a creamy, subtle espresso drink. This drink can be made skinny with skimmed milk or with plant-based milk options.


This drink is also an espresso drink that combines shots of espresso with milk foam. The taste profile is a velvety, crispy frothy foam drink with notes of cocoa taste and a luxurious texture. This is yet another toned-down espresso drink that still has a strong, but bearable espresso taste.

Caffe Mocha

Mocha in the coffee world is a combination of chocolate and coffee taste. This drink combines the bittersweet espresso and the sweet mocha sauce to give a full-bodied and rich chocolaty and coffee taste. The topping is made with sweet whipped cream for the ultimate finish. You can choose this drink for a strong boost of caffeine and a chocolate dash for your morning.


This is purely espresso and hot water in a cup. The result is a deep nuance that’s rich and a light crema layer. You can have it hot or iced depending on your preference. The Americano is for those who like to keep coffee in its original taste. If you don’t desire to tone down the taste of espresso, then go for cafe Americano.


We have constantly mentioned espresso as the main ingredient in all drinks, but what is it? A Starbucks espresso is strained from a dark roast in an espresso machine to give a dark, flavor-packed coffee. Espresso is served as a single shot (solo-75oz), double shot (Doppio-1.5ounces), three shots (Triple-2.25 ounces), and four shots (Quad-3 Oz). The flavor profile is a rich caramel flavor with tender acidity and a strong aroma. You will get a bold, rich, and full-bodied taste out of the espresso.


Starbuck macchiato is an espresso drink that combines with a dollop of foam to give a bittersweet drink. You can opt for a caramel macchiato which adds vanilla, steamed milk, and foam to a doppio espresso. The result is a strong coffee drink with more apple crisp than coffee.

What coffee sweeteners does Starbucks have?

Starbucks guide to getting the right coffee for you

Starbucks uses nonnutritive artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, stevia, equal, and sweet’NLow. The classic syrup at Starbucks is the simple syrup version. If you need to add these sweeteners, it is advisable to use sugar-free syrups to make your drink less sweet. I know the sweet teeth would disagree and would prefer to have all types of sugar in their drinks.

What are some health benefits of caffeine?

Caffeine is not just an energy booster but has numerous health benefits. It has been linked to low type 2 diabetes risk, and low heart disease risks, and has been known to control Parkinson’s disease. If you take it in moderation, you will alleviate fatigue and stay alert. Moderate caffeine intake decreases cognitive decline and can slow dementia symptoms. You might also notice an improvement in your digestion.


Are there vegan sweeteners at Starbucks?

Yes, there are. Sweet syrups like sugar-free vanilla syrup and hazelnut syrup are great for vegans.

How long does Starbucks coffee last?

When unopened or in airtight containers, it can last for 34 weeks.

How can I store Starbucks coffee properly?

Coffee is best stored in an airtight container once opened and ensure you grind it before storage if it is a whole bean pack.

What are the cup sizes for Starbucks coffee?

Starbucks has short (8 fluid ounces), Tall (12 FL Oz), Grande (16 fluid ounces), Venti (20 FL Oz), and Trenta (31 fluid ounces).

Does Starbucks have decaffeinated coffee?

Yes, you can get decaff coffee and decaff espresso.

Are all Starbucks coffee hot?

No, Starbucks has both hot and cold coffee drinks.

Is Starbucks light roast the same as a blonde roast?

Yes, it is. The light roast and blonde roast mean the same thing.

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