What brand of Oatmilk does Starbucks use? (What are the ingredients in Starbuck oat milk? + More information)

Oat milk is a perfect option if you prefer non-dairy products in your Starbucks beverages. But what brand of oat milk does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses Oatly Oatmilk Barista Edition. If you want to have non-dairy milk, Starbucks’ Oatly Oatmilk is a perfect option. I learned about Starbucks’ Oatly Oatmilk as I searched for an alternative to dairy milk. I aimed to quit taking dairy products and reduce my carbon footprint when I stumbled at Starbucks’ Oatly Oatmilk. The Oatly oat milk Barista Edition is plant-based and provides the necessary nutrients and taste. I enjoy the Oatly oat milk Barista Edition brand because of its great taste, high nutritional value, and quality.

Does Starbucks sell oat milk?

Yes, Starbucks sells milk in its stores. Starbuck started to offer oat milk on its menu in March 2021. It is one of the non-dairy milk alternatives alongside coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk. Some popular beverages made with the Oatly oatmilk include the honey oatmeal Latte and the Iced Brown Sugar shaken expressos. The Oatly oatmilk beverages are charged slightly higher than those containing the dairy products.

Starbucks Oatly oatmilk provides the closest cow milk alternative for coffee and other beverages for customers who demand a creamy texture. In 2021 customers had to pay 80 cents more for drinks made with Oatly oatmilk. Customers are, however, optimistic that the extra charge will be dropped. Customers who need to purchase the Starbaucks’ Oatly oatmilk can do so through Starbucks Delivers through Uber Eats, drive-thru, and cafes.

What are the ingredients in Starbuck oat milk?

brand of Oatmilk used by Starbucks

The ingredients in Starbuck oat milk include vitamin B12, vitamin D2, vitamin A, riboflavin, dicalcium phosphate, sea salt, tricalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, dipotassium phosphate, water, oats, and low erucic acid rapeseed oil. The products are GMO-free and mainly originate from Canada and the USA, except dipotassium phosphate from France.

What is the nutritional value of Starbucks oat milk?

One cup or 240 ml of Oatly oatmilk has the nutritional value shown in the table below.

Nutrient Percentage Quantity
Phosphorous 20 270mg
Vitamin B12 50 1.2mcg
Riboflavin 45 0.6mg
Vitamin A 20 160 mcg
Potassium 8 390 mg
Iron 2 0.3 mg
Calcium 25 350 mg
Vitamin D 20 3.6 mcg
Protein 3 g
Sugars 14 7 g
Dietary Fiber 7 2 g
Carbohydrate 6 16 g
Sodium 4 100 mg
Calories 120
Fat 6 5 g
Cholesterol 0 0g
Saturated 3 0.5 g

Is the oat milk at Starbucks sweetened?

brand of Oatmilk used by Starbucks

The Oatly oat milk at Starbucks is not sweetened. However, oat milk contains sugar formed due to enzymatic reactions during the production process. The production process for the oat milk involves natural enzymes that are used to turn the oats into liquid. The liquefication process turns the oats into a creamy product, ensuring that the nutrients found in the original oats are preserved. Such nutrients include carbs, fibers, unsaturated fats, and proteins. During the enzymatic process, starches in the oats are broken down into simple sugars such as maltose. Therefore, the sugar in the Oatly oatmilk comes from the breakdown of starch into sugar during the production process and not from added sugar or sweeteners.

You can enjoy the Oatly oat milk in its naturally sweetened state, or you can add sugar or non-sugar sweeteners available at Starbucks if you would like to sweeten your beverage even more.

Final thoughts

Starbucks’ Oatly Oatmilk Barista Edition is non-dairy milk that is a perfect alternative to cow’s milk. It has a creamy texture, good taste, and excellent nutritional value. Individuals who prefer non-dairy products can still enjoy creamy Starbucks beverages.

FAQ Section

What is the new oatmilk drink at Starbucks?

Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso is a relatively new and popular oatmilk drink at Starbucks

How many calories are in Oatly oatmilk at Starbucks?

The Oatly oat milk at Starbucks contains 120 calories in a 240 ml cup.

Does the Starbucks oatmilk contain nutrients found in cow milk?

Yes. However, the Starbucks oatmilk does not containcholesterol and has significantly low-fat content compared to cow milk.

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