What Starbucks drinks are handcrafted? (What Is a Handcrafted Drink at Starbucks? + All you need to know)

It is very easy to get confused at all the jargon that flies around at Starbucks. I have often come across confusion about what handcrafted drinks at Starbucks are. A handcrafted drink is made or built when ordered with many ingredients by hand, unlike a brewed drink. At Starbuck, all espresso-based drinks, Frappuccino blends, your favorite Nitro cold brew, and iced teas are all handcrafted. I came up with this post to rescue you from the confusion between handcrafted and brewed drinks. You will get all the necessary information about handcrafted Starbucks drinks, so keep up.

What is a handcrafted drink at Starbucks?

A handcrafted drink at Starbucks is an espresso-based drink, seasonal drink, Frappuccino blend, cold coffee, and iced teas. These drinks are considered handcrafted as they are not directly ready from the machines but require more ingredients to put them together. When you order a vanilla latte, you will receive a drink from the handcrafted category. In other words, handcrafted drinks are defined as complex drinks and have additional flavoring. Any drink handmade behind the counter by the barista is in the handcrafted category, but don’t go and order a handcrafted drink because you will need to answer which handcrafted drink you want. This is where you ask for a nitro cold brew, latte, mocha, or any Frappe.

Are all Starbucks Drinks Handcrafted?

What Is a Handcrafted Drink at Starbucks?
Starbucks Drinks, Handcrafted. Source: Pinterest

No, not all Starbucks drinks fall under this category. When you order a ready-to-drink beverage, your order is not a handcrafted drink. Remember that we have defined handcrafted as a drink hand-made at the counter. You will get drinks in two categories at Starbucks. You will come across brewed and handcrafted. A handcrafted drink will take ages to prepare due to its complexity, but the wait is always worth it. If you want a handcrafted drink, stick to lattes, flat whites, mochas, cappuccinos, Frappuccino blends, refreshers, and iced teas. If you want brewed drinks, ask for brewed coffees except for the nitro cold brew. So, if all along you thought that Starbucks drinks are all handcrafted, welcome to the light.

What is the cheapest Handcrafted beverage at Starbucks?

The cheapest handcrafted drink is a solo espresso macchiato that retails at $2.55. Most Starbucks drinks are above this price range except for the brewed category. At Starbucks, drinks vary in size and price. The price of a short will never be the same as a Venti due to the varying sizes. While this drink is handcrafted, it contains a shot of espresso and a dollop of foam.

There are other cheap handcrafted drinks such as iced lattes and iced mochas. If, for some reason, you decide to down a shot of espresso, maybe for a quick caffeine rush, you can get it at $1.75. However, a shot of espresso is only an ounce. If you want to minimize price, order short or tall cups. A short serving is 8 fluid ounces, while a tall is 12 fluid ounces.

What does Starbucks consider a Handcrafted Beverage?

What Starbucks drinks are handcrafted?
Handcrafted beverage from Starbucks. Source: Starbucks

The Starbucks definition of a handcrafted beverage is any drink that is handmade and contains a complexity of ingredients. This category of drinks includes all the Starbucks espresso drinks such as lattes, flat whites, mocha, Americanos, cappuccinos, and so on. The nitro cold brew also falls in this category as it is handmade when adding nitrogen. All iced coffees also fall in the category of handcrafted drinks. Any Frappuccino blend you order at Starbucks is a handcrafted drink. For example, a mocha cookie crumble Frappe, java chip Frappuccino, caramel ribbon crunch, and vanilla bean Frappuccino blends are all handcrafted.

Starbucks refreshers are handcrafted as well such as the cool lime refresher, strawberry acai refresher, mango dragonfruit refresher, all the rainbow drinks, and seasonal refreshers are all made by hand. Milkshakes and thick shakes are also considered to be handmade at Starbucks. All drinks in the steamers category are also handcrafted. Anything that a barista takes time to make with hand and not a machine is handcrafted.

When you order a simple vanilla latte, the barista adds steamed milk to a double shot espresso in a cup and then adds vanilla syrup and sweeteners. Everything is done by hand, and that is what qualifies any drink to be called handcrafted.

What is the difference between a ‘brewed drink’ and a ‘handcrafted’ drink at Starbucks?

A brewed drink is made solely in a machine, while a handcrafted rink is made by hand. At Starbucks, all drinks that are made in French presses or such kinds of machines are brewed. In most cases, these drinks only get a dash of sweeteners and no additional ingredients. You will need a coffee machine and some coffee ground when making brewed coffee drinks. Examples of the brews are veranda blends, house blends, pike place roasts, and French roasts.

What is not a Handcrafted drink at Starbucks?

Any drink that is ready-made or made in a brewing machine at Starbucks is not handcrafted. All brewed coffees and teas are not in the handcrafted category. A poured drink that needs no further preparation is not handcrafted. For example, plain green tea, veranda blends, house blends, sodas, milk, bottled water, and ready juices are not handcrafted.

Final Thoughts

At Starbucks, the most prevalent drinks on the menu are handcrafted ones. They are prepared when you order and require a step-by-step preparation to make. Other people will say they are built from a coffee base or tea to the toppings by hand. On the other hand, the brews are made with coffee machines where coffee grounds and water are added, and the drink is poured into a cup directly from a machine.


Is a Starbucks refresher a handcrafted beverage?

Yes, it is. The refresher is made when you order from a refresher base and is built with other ingredients by hand.

Is an Americano a handcrafted drink at Starbucks?

Yes, it is. This drink is prepared when you order it behind the counter by a barista.

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