What new drinks are coming to Starbucks (how much are the new Starbucks drinks + more information)?

You can never go wrong with Starbucks drinks, and new drinks always come with a new twist. So, what new drinks are coming to Starbucks?

Starbucks has added a few top-notch beverages to their 2022 summer menu, which include the pineapple passion fruit refresher, the pineapple passion fruit refresher with lemonade, and last but not least, the paradise drink, and I can’t wait to explore them.

As an ardent lover of Starbucks products, I was visiting their menu for my summer vacation, when I realized that Starbucks had decided to take the tropical fruit experience to another level by making three more enticing and refreshing beverages. Each drink has a unique and great taste, with pineapple and passion fruits being the main components. I wrote his post to tell you all about these new drinks and why you should grab them this summer, so read on.

Pineapple passion fruit refresher

The pineapple passion fruit enthusiasts have described this drink as a sweet, pre-mixed tropical drink made by the fusion of pineapple and passion fruit juices. The juices form the base of the drink, which is also made with ice and water. The drink also contains frozen real diced pineapple pieces, with the pineapple flavor being more dominant than the passion one.

The pineapple passion fruit refresher was inspired by passion fruit, shaved ice and is high in sugars. The highly-rated refresher comes in four cups: Grande, tall, venti, and Trenta. The nutritional value for the Grande cup includes 80 calories,15 grams of sugar,35milligrams of caffeine,35 grams of carbohydrates,15 milligrams of sodium, and 0 grams of proteins and fat.

These drinks match the perfect description of a refreshing summer drink, as it contains great agreeable taste and beautiful sunshine colors for the perfect summer moment. The pineapple passion fruit refresher ranges from $3.75 to $ 4.00, depending on which store you purchase your drink from.

Pineapple passion fruit refresher with lemonade

how much are the new Starbucks drinks

As the name suggests, this beverage is an improvement of the pineapple passion fruit refresher, with lemonade being the critical ingredient. The base of this drink is fruit juices with ice, frozen and diced real pineapple chunks, and lemonade combined to create a cold and refreshing summer drink. The beverage is served in tall, Trenta, Grande, and venti cups. The Grande cup contains 45 milligrams of caffeine, 140 calories, and 30 grams of sugar. The drink is also protein and fat-free.

The pineapple passion fruit refresher with lemonade which has this undeniable sunshine-like color with its satisfying taste gives you a chance to enjoy two flavors in one drink. The price of this drink varies from one Starbucks store to another, but mostly goes at $3.75.

Paradise drink

The paradise drink is a sweet, refreshing beverage made with pineapple passion fruit refresher, freeze-dried pineapple pieces, water, ice, and coconut milk. This drink has been received with so much enthusiasm from its consumers, with most sharing their cute, refreshing moment with the paradise drink online, contains coconut milk that combines well with the pineapple and passion fruit juices giving the beverage a creamy tropical taste although the drink itself is vegan.

Like the other drinks, the paradise drink comes in four cups: the Trenta, venti, tall, and Grande cups. The Grande has the following nutritional value; 45 milligrams of caffeine, 140 calories, 23 grams of sugar , and 0 grams of fats and proteins. Some users of the paradise drink feel like it tastes similar to the pina colada since they both use coconut milk and pineapple juice.

The price of the paradise drink varies with the cup you are ordering, with a tall 12-ounce cup going at $4.75 while the Grande 16-ounce up costing $4,95.


Is Starbucks coming out with anything new?

Yes. Starbucks has a few new summer drinks that were brought to the public recently, and their great taste and sunshine-like color are everything to talk about. These drinks have been inspired by passion fruit, shaved ice, and summertime popsicles.

Additionally, these drinks are all non-diary despite one having a creamy taste due to coconut milk used during its preparation.

Are Starbucks new drinks caffeinated?

Yes. The new drinks at Starbucks are caffeinated. The passion fruit refresher base contains caffeine, the key component of all three drinks.

When do Starbucks new drinks end?

Despite being described as summer drinks, Starbucks has no plans to get their new favorites out of the market. The drinks are set to be a permanent addition to the quality Starbucks menu.

Are Starbucks new drinks safe for your health?

Starbucks new drinks are definitely safe for your health. However, frequent intakes of the refreshers and in large quantities might cause harm to your health because of their high sugar levels. Therefore, consumers are advised to take their Starbucks new drinks in the recommended amounts.

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