Can I Return My Starbucks Drink? (What Is Starbuck’s Return Policy?)

Yes, you can return your Starbucks drink if you are dissatisfied with it. According to their return policy, you will have a new one made free of charge. There are, however, limitations to this policy. Read on to find out more.

Being a coffee lover means that I can never truly start my day without a nice hot cup of coffee. On the good days, I like to pass by Starbucks on the way to my office to get my favorite vanilla latte. There’ve, however, been a few times that they messed up my drink and I had to return it. If you have been in a similar situation, or are just curious, then you must be wondering if it is possible. Can you return your Starbucks drink? What happens when you do? In this article, I will answer all these questions and share with you everything you need to know.

Can You Return Your Starbucks Drink? – What Are The Situations

Yes, you can return a Starbucks drink if you are not satisfied with it. Several situations could lead to your dissatisfaction. The barista may get your order wrong, which is something that commonly happens at restaurants, especially during peak hours. Or maybe the drink was made wrongly, probably by a new barista. Sometimes you could ask for suggestion from the barista on what drink to take and end up not liking it.

Unfortunately, some people are normally afraid of sending back their drinks. Either out of fear of seeming rude or thinking the mistake is theirs and therefore shouldn’t complain. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to worry. Simply inform them of the issue you have with your drink and they’ll resolve it for you. Many people have reported doing it before.

What Is Starbuck’s Return Policy?

Starbucks has three categories of returns under their return policy, that is food and beverage returns, card returns, and merchandise returns. Under food and beverage, the policy clearly states that if you are unhappy with the food or beverage item you purchased, you should inform them immediately. They would more than happily remake the drink for you. As for the cards returns, you can return a Starbucks card only if you have the original receipt. Keep in mind that the card has to be unused. If you’ve used the card, even partially then it is no longer valid for return. To return the unused card, you would have to call 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282).

When it comes to merchandise and packaged drinks like tea or coffee, you are given 60 days from the day of purchase. Within this period, you should return the purchased item in question with the original receipt. Upon successful return, a refund will be made by Starbucks using your original mode of payment. That means that if you paid with a credit card then that card would be credited. But if you paid using your Starbucks card or PayPal, then the refund will be in form of store credit. This store credit can be used in any participating store. Please note, you cannot add the credit to your Starbucks app, nor can you reload it to add value. 

Can You Return A Starbucks Cup Without A Receipt? 

Can You Return A Starbucks Cup Without A Receipt?

No, you cannot return a Starbucks cup if you don’t have a receipt. Based on its policies, Starbucks cannot facilitate the return of a purchased item if you cannot provide the original receipt. Even if the item was a gift, you still need the original receipt or at least know the exact store it was bought from.

This is because not all Starbucks locations can look through previous transactions. There are, however, some locations that have been reported to be willing to accept a return if they can look through the transactions. For that, it would need to be the same store where you purchased it. You would also need a valid government identification to verify it is you when facilitating a return without a receipt. In such a case, you will only be eligible for in-store credit of the lowest selling price. 

Can I Return My Drink To Any Starbucks Location?

Can I Return My Drink To Any Starbucks Location?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. To begin with, according to Starbuck’s policy, if you were to walk out of the restaurant and return with the food or drink, then you will have to pay the full amount for the new order. Additionally, Starbucks doesn’t allow you to purchase from one location and exchange it in a different location.

That is why their customer care always encourages customers to taste the food or take a sip of the drink before leaving the store to verify there is no problem. If you do have an issue or aren’t satisfied with your drink before leaving the store, the barista will make you a new one for free. Some say they even give customers coupons for free drinks later. Some have reported emailing Starbucks about a bad order after they got home and still received a coupon. Even after returning your drink, you are still dissatisfied, call Starbucks customer service through (800) 782-7282.


Starbucks is among the most popular and reputable restaurants. Still, it doesn’t exempt it from the common error of service that usually occurs. But for the sake of protecting their brand and reputation. It tries its best to compensate you for any issues you may experience with them. So, next time you want to return your drink and you can do so confidently.


Will Starbucks remake my drink?

Yes, based on their return policy, it is clearly stated that if you are dissatisfied with your drink, Starbucks will remake it for you for free, as long as it is at the same location and before you leave the store.

Will I receive a refund if I return my drink to Starbucks?

It is not clearly stated anywhere that this is possible, the policy however states that you will be given a new drink to replace the bad one free of charge.

What Starbucks drinks am I allowed to return?

Any drink you buy from Starbucks can be returned as long as you are not happy with it. That includes food items as well. As long as the food or drink hasn’t been taken out of the store from the time of purchase.

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