How to use a Keurig mini (A step by step guide with pictures + more information)

The Keurig mini is among the top best coffee makers on the market. However, are you wondering, “how do you use a Keurig machine?”. Read on to learn the answers.

When I turned 18, I knew it was time to move out of my parent’s house and start my own life. After moving out, I realized that I couldn’t make the exact coffee my mother used to serve me back at home, as she made our coffee every single day. I knew I had to find a modern coffee maker with flavor cups to make my brewing easy.

A friend introduced me to a Keurig mini. The first week I used it was not easy, as I had not mastered how it operates. Many years after purchasing this machine, I know exactly how to set it, make coffee using it, and even maintain it. In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about this machine, so read on.

How do you set up a Keurig machine?

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The first step before using your Keurig machine immediately after buying is setting it up. The following are the steps you can use to set up your Keurig machine;

  1. You will first take your Keurig machine from the box and place it in a convenient spot in your kitchen. Ensure that you place this machine near a power outlet to plug in its cord easily.
  2. Then, carefully plug the cord’s machine into a power socket. Do not switch it on first until you are done setting it up.
  3. The next step is to set up your Keurig mini water tank. Be careful not to pour excess water into the tank. To do this, pour the water into the mug you want to use, and transfer it into your water tank. This way, you will only fill the water tank with the necessary amount.

How to cleanse a Keurig machine

  1. It is essential to cleanse your Keurig machine first before using it. This way, the first batch of water will clean any unnecessary particles or factory dust in your machine. To cleanse your machine, power your Keurig mini by pressing the power button at the top of the machine.
  2. Then, lift and close the latch. Remember not to use any pod, as you will only need water.
  3. Press the smallest brew button, and allow the water to run through your machine for the cleansing cycle to occur. Your machine will now be fully set and ready for brewing.

Making a beverage using a Keurig mini

Since a Keurig mini is to make your favorite coffee, it is important to know how to make your coffee using this machine. Below are the simple steps you can follow;

  1. Choose the kind of coffee you want. Since there are several coffee flavors and kinds to choose from, you will first need to select the specific coffee flavor you want to brew.
  2. Then, place your K-cup into the machine. To place the cup, gently lift off the handle on top of the machine. You will see the pod slot that holds your coffee pod. Carefully place your coffee pod into it and close it.
  3. The next step is to choose the mug of your choice and place it on the tray below the Keurig mini coffee dispenser. Ensure the mug properly fits in the dispenser to avoid any spillage.
  4. Then, select the size of coffee you want to brew in ounces by pressing the buttons on the machine. Choose the smallest size since it is your first time to estimate the size of the mug you will use next time for a larger amount of coffee.
  5. The last step you will do is to press the ‘brew button.’ Your Keurig mini machine will take a few seconds before it dispenses your fresh hot coffee into your selected mug.
  6. Once you have finished brewing, lift the lid of your machine and take out the coffee pod. If you want your compartment to dry, leave the lid open for a minute and pull it down to close.

Maintaining a Keurig mini

To ensure that your Keurig mini machine lasts for years, you should maintain it by cleaning or descaling it. It is also important to note that there are some specific cleaning tools and detergents you can use to clean your Keurig machine to ensure that it is cleaned perfectly.

How to clean a Keurig mini

Your Keurig machine is made up of different parts that need to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that each part works perfectly. To clean the outside of your Keurig mini machine;

  1. Ensure that your Keurig mini machine is disconnected from the power to avoid any accident that can be caused by electricity.
  2. Take a clean microfiber cloth and put a few drops of liquid soap on it.
  3. Gently wipe the outside of the machine with the cloth to remove any dirt that is on it.
  4. Repeat this process one more time with the soapy cloth, and then rinse the outside of your machine with a clean microfiber cloth with no soap.
  5. To clean the water reservoir, detach it from the rest of your machine, and wash it thoroughly over running water from your sink. Dry it carefully before putting it back.
  6. You will also need to clean the drain tray below the machine, as it can get dirty over time by holding excess coffee that flows out of your cup.
  7. To clean it, carefully pull it towards you and empty whatever dirt is on it in your sink.
  8. Then, use a damp, soapy piece of cloth to clean the tray and rinse it with clean water.

Another essential part of your Keurig mini machine that you need to clean is the part that houses your coffee pods, which can also get dirty. Below is the step you can follow in cleaning it;

  1. First, start by separating the K-cup holder from where it is usually placed by pressing the buttons on both sides of the housing. You can then remove the diffuser that is under the K-cup holder.
  2. Then, clean the K-cup holder exit needle. Be careful when cleaning this part since the needle is usually very sharp and can pierce your finger if not careful.
  3. Assemble back the parts of your Keurig machine, and you are good to go. It is advisable to thoroughly clean your Keurig machine monthly to keep it running smoothly for years.

How to descale a Keurig mini

How To Clean Your Keurig's Cold Water Reservoir – TheCommonsCafe
Keurig mini machine. Image source: Pinterest

Descaling is a critical activity you should carry on your Keurig mini machine, as it removes any calcium deposits or scales that might have built up in your machine over time. It is advisable to descale your Keurig once after three months. The descaling period may vary depending on the water your residence uses. Below are the step to follow in cleaning a Keurig mini machine using a descaling solution;

  1. Pour a third of the descaling solution into the water tank, and add water to reach the 10oz level.
  2. Then, place your mug on the drip tray. Lift the handles that are on top of your machine and gently close it. Do not insert the pod, as you will be only descaling.
  3. Next, press the brew button and wait until your descaling solution is dispensed or released into your empty mug.
  4. Repeat the process by pouring your descaling solution and water into the tank and lifting and putting down the handle. Please turn off your machine when the brewer starts dispensing the solution, and leave it for at least 30 minutes.
  5. After the thirty minutes have elapsed, press the brew button again and hold it until all the solution has been dispensed. Carry your mug carefully and dispose of the solution in your sink.
  6. Next, you should conduct a cleansing brew to ensure no traces of the descaling solution in your Keurig’s water tank, as it can be poisonous when drunk. To do this, add 12 ounces of water into the tank without the solution. Lift and close the top handles and press the brew button. Wait for a few seconds for seconds until all the water is released into the empty mug.
  7. Repeat this process twice to ensure that your Keurig machine is thoroughly cleansed.

If you do not have a descaling solution, you can use white vinegar to descale your Keurig, which also works magic. Below are steps you can follow in cleaning your Keurig mini machine using white vinegar;

  1. Measure the same amount of water and white vinegar. Pour the mixture into your water tank or reservoir. Then, lift the lid to allow the water to enter your Keurig and leave it to sit for about three hours.
  2. After this time has elapsed, carefully turn your Keurig machine on, place your empty mug into its position, and press the brew button.
  3. Allow the solution to run through your machine into your mug entirely.
  4. Since the white vinegar is not as strong and effective as a descaling solution, repeat this process one more time, and empty the solution.
  5. Fill the water reservoir with clean water to perform a cleansing brew. Repeat this process again to ensure that the water comes out with any vinegar traces that might have been left in your machine.

What do you use to clean a Keurig mini?

You will need several things to successfully clean your Keurig Mini machine, including several cleaning supplies and equipment. The cleaning supplies you will need for the cleaning process are water, a Keurig descaling solution or white vinegar, and dish soap.

The types of equipment you will need to clean your Keurig mini machine are a paper clip or Keurig pods, a mug, and a piece of microfiber cloth.

FAQ Section

Is a Keurig easy to use?

A Keurig mini machine is very easy to use, as you will only need to fill your water tank, connect your machine with power and press the brew button. Brewing with this machine is also easy as you will only have to put the coffee flavor of your choice, and the rest of the work will be automated.

How much water do you put in a Keurig mini?

You can add any water to your Keurig machine as long as it does not exceed 10oz. If you are using this coffee maker machine for the first time, fill the mug you want to use for your coffee with water and then transfer it to your tank. By doing this, there won’t be any overflow of your tank or mug.

How long does it take to make coffee using a Keurig mini?

The Keurig machine is one of the fastest coffee brewing machines. Depending on the model of the Keurig machine you are using, your coffee should be ready within three minutes.

Do I need to descale my Keurig Mini machine?

Descaling your Keurig mini machine is part of maintaining it so it can run for a long time before becoming faulty. If you have purchased your Keurig recently, it is not necessary to describe it. However, if you have been using your Keurig machine for a few months, it is better to perform a descaling process, to remove any calcium or impurities that may have piled up in your Keurig over time.

What do I need to brew my coffee using a Keurig mini?

You will need power, a K-cup, water, and a mug to brew your favorite cup of coffee using a Keurig mini.

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