Are Starbucks Doubleshot energy drinks bad for you? (How Much Sugar is in a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drink + More Information)

Caffeine is the surest way to boost your energy at any time of the day and the double shot energy drink does the job. However, are Starbucks Doubleshot energy drinks bad for you? Let’s find out.

No, they are not if you are not a minor. The sugar is moderate, and the caffeine is within the acceptable daily range. I have been taking the Starbucks double shot energy drinks for a while, but I limit my intake to one can per day. The caffeine boost takes me through the day without the need for more coffee. I recently bumped into an old friend who discouraged me from taking this drink. After some research, I came up with this post to decipher the truth from the myths surrounding this drink. By the end of it, you will know what it contains, so keep up.

How Much Caffeine is in a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drink?

A 15-fluid ounces can of the Doubleshot energy drink contains 135mg of caffeine. If you compare it with two shots of espresso found in a tall latte, the latter contains 150mg of caffeine. You should note that a tall cup is 12 fluid ounces, which means it is smaller than the Doubleshot can and contains more caffeine. A 6.5 Doubleshot can contain 120mg of caffeine, which is slightly less than the 15 fluid ounces can. The numbers above show that this drink is in the right range of caffeine, and safer than your typical latte at Starbucks.

How much sugar is in a Starbucks Doubleshot?

How Much Sugar is in a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drink

A vanilla Doubleshot energy drink contains 25g of sugar. This sugar level is low, considering what other Starbucks drinks contain. An adult should have a maximum of 30g of sugar per day. This means if you limit your intake to a single can a day, you will be in the safe zone of sugar intake.

As we know, too much of everything is poisonous, and this drink should be taken in moderation. However, people with diabetes and other similar conditions should steer clear of the Starbucks Doubleshot drinks and opt for sugarless options.

Sugar in moderation is not harmful to our health. If you compare this drink with a Starbucks tall Frappuccino, the most basic Frappuccino has around 31g of sugar, and some sizes go as high as 54g. This makes the Doubleshot a much better option.

Are Starbucks energy drinks safe?

Yes, they are. The drinks are made with caffeine that comes naturally from coffee. This makes it a safe option for adults. The sugar content is moderate at 25g, which is great, compared to other Starbucks drinks. The calories come in at 210 per can, which is within the normal range.

One can gives you 3g of fat, which is significantly low at 4% of the daily value. This drink also has a generous amount of protein at 10g. The main ingredients are vanilla, vitamin B, Guarana, and Ginseng.

Ginseng is a great natural energy booster known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Guarana is also a natural stimulant that enhances body performance and boosts energy. All these are safe, natural ingredients that work together to make this drink the ultimate energy boost.


Are you supposed to shake Starbucks Doubleshot?

Yes, you should shake gently to awaken the flavors and have a balanced taste.

Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy carbonated?

No, the Starbucks Doubleshot energy drink is not carbonated.

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