How much are Starbucks cookies? (What is the calorie content for Starbucks cookies + More Information)

Starbucks cookies are very delicious and addictive. How much are Starbucks cookies? Read to find out.

During the Corona pandemic, I stumbled on Starbucks Shortbread cookies and have been hooked ever since. I loved the cookies since they are deliciously sweet and remain fresh for a long time. Apart from Shortbread cookies, other Starbucks cookies are Chocolate chip, Bullseye, and Snowman cookies. Starbucks cookies cost $1.95 to $4.75, depending on type and quantity. The review below covers the mentioned cookies available at Starbucks and their pricing.

Starbucks Cookies: Calorie count, Price, and Taste

Below is a table listing Starbucks’ cookies’ prices and calories.




Chocolate chip cookie



Bullseye cookie



Shortbread cookies



Snowman cookie



Chocolate Chip Cookie

One of the delicious Starbucks snacks is the company’s Chocolate chip cookie. It is chewy and thick while crunchy on the outside. Biting into the visible chocolate chips while drinking hot coffee or hot chocolate will have you hooked. Apart from taking it with a drink, you can snack on chocolate chip cookies without a delicious accompaniment.

Starbucks Chocolate chip cookie weighs 80g a piece and contains 18g of fat, 60mg of cholesterol, 47g of carbs, 31g of sugar, 6g of protein, and 360 calories. The chocolate chip cookie has the highest calories, cholesterol, and sugar among the four cookies. Therefore, you have to be watchful of the amount you take in.

Bullseye Cookie

The Bullseye cookie is a cookie that has dog decorations that symbolize an actual bullseye. You can get this cookie only in Starbucks located in Target. It has a frosting coating which is attractive to customers. Unlike the rest of the cookies, the Bullseye cookie is very crunchy, which is best taken with a drink such as coffee, tea, or chocolate. It has a subtly sweet taste which is why it is an excellent snack to enjoy with any drink.

A piece of Starbucks Bullseye cookie weighs 49g and contains 240 calories, 14g of sugar, 14g of fat, 2g of protein, 31g of carbohydrates, and 20mg of cholesterol. The amount of calories in just a piece is relatively high; therefore, daily consumption taking more than a piece may lead to unwanted weight gain. You can enjoy the cookie with any drink, either cold or hot.

Shortbread Cookies

What is the calorie content for Starbucks cookies

Starbucks Shortbread cookies come in a pack of two. Here is another sweet formulated snack by the company, which has a longer shelf life than other cookies. They feature very buttery soft, and crunchy bites. Starbucks assures you of enjoying a buttery melt with each bite. You can have your shortbread cookie with Starbucks hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or as a standalone snack. The cookies are moist. Therefore you can have them solely without a drink.

There are 170 calories, 8g of sugar, 21g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, 25mg of cholesterol, and 9g of fat in a piece of Starbucks Shortbread cookie. Compared to the other three cookies, a piece of Shortbread cookies has the lowest calorie count, sugar, and carbohydrate amount. However, you should not be carried away into taking too many, not forgetting there are two in a pack.

Snowman Cookie

Starbucks Snowman cookie is a holiday snack with a literal snowman shape and decorations. The cookie has a white chocolate topping which makes it attractive to children. Not only does it look good, but it tastes fantastic as well. All the ingredients work together to give a delicious buttery and crunchy bite. However, it breaks too easily, requiring you to handle and package it properly.

A piece of Starbucks Snowman cookie weighs 81g and contains 21g of fat, 3g of protein, 24g of sugar, 46g of carbohydrates, and 30mg of cholesterol. For only a piece, Snowman cookies contain a high amount of calories and sugar; therefore, you must regulate the amount you take in. You can enjoy the snowman cookie best with iced coffee.


Starbucks cookie selections are Chocolate chip, Shortbread, Snowman, and Bullseye cookies. As highlighted, they all feature different tastes, ingredients, decorations, and shapes. The snowman cookie has the highest amount of calories. Therefore, you should pair it with low calories and sugar. Shortbread cookies are the most convenient since they are packaged and have a longer shelf life, making them easier to carry around and store. A chocolate chip cookie is a good pick while enjoying your hot beverage, while the Bullseye is the perfect pick-me-up option of the four. Make an order of one of the four and be the judge of which is the best.

FAQ Section

Are Starbucks cookies gluten-free?

Unfortunately, Starbucks cookies contain gluten.

Are Starbucks cookies keto?

No, Starbucks cookies contain a high amount of carbohydrates which is not keto friendly.

Are Starbucks cookies sweet?

Yes, Starbucks cookies; Chocolate chip, Bullseye, Shortbread, and Snowman cookies are sweet. They are delicious due to the high sugar in the ingredients used.

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