Why does Starbucks have blue straws (Did Starbucks change their straws+ More information)

State laws are forcing companies to rethink the use of one-time disposable plastics, such as drinking straws. This post will help you confidently respond to the question, why does Starbucks have blue straws?”

Starbucks has blue straws made of compostable materials to replace their iconic plastic green straws. This is a step by the company to combat pollution resulting from one-time-use plastic materials. You can now have the new kind of straw for your blended drink. A modified recyclable lid that you can sip out of is now being offered for other cold drinks. However, you can still get a straw for any cold drink upon request. It is estimated Starbucks will save a billion straws every year by not automatically offering a straw for every cold drink.

Did Starbucks change their straws?

Yes, Starbucks changed its straws. Starbucks completed the rollout of the new straws to all stores in the US in 2020. Additionally, they seek to reduce the number of straws used by offering straws for blended drinks only. A sip-able, recyclable lid has been introduced for iced beverages. The new straw is said to be 90 percent biodegradable and will degenerate within four months under regulated conditions. This is better than the six-month set by state and international standards.

Why are Starbucks straws Blue now?

Did Starbucks change their straws

The blue straws are compostable straws introduced to replace the regular green plastic straws. The new blue straws are made of renewable corn starch instead of petroleum, and degradable plant-based binding polymers. The result is an eco-friendly strong alternative to plastic. This material is suitable for food packaging.

The move towards eliminating the green straw use was necessitated by banning single-use plastics in several states where Starbucks operates. For example, EU member states had resolved to ban plastic straws by 2021. In the US, cities including Charleston, Florida, Miami Beach, New York City, and South Carolina, all have legislation banning plastic straws.

What does a blue Starbucks straw mean?

A blue straw at Starbucks means the store is using composite straws in compliance with city regulations to eliminate plastic straws. It also signifies a move by the company to address and reduce its contribution to pollution from disposable plastic.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks has made a commendable effort toward reducing its contribution to landfills, even where no regulation to do so exists. The move is supported by the recyclable lids. The company has committed to investing in the development of better products.

FAQ Section

What color are regular Starbucks straws?

Regular Starbucks straws are green in color. But they have been changed to blue straws as of 2020.

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