How much does Starbucks Pay in California? (Starbucks Salaries in California + More Information)

California has the cities with the highest Starbucks hourly wages, with San Jose standing in the lead. How much does Starbucks pay in California? Let’s find out.

California’s cities are among the six highest paying cities among the Starbucks stores. On average, baristas make an hourly wage of $15 as the minimum age. This means that the average pay for all workers is $15.74. I have always wanted to know what the average baristas make, so I asked around. I found out that baristas in San Jose made up to $29,000 annually. I was impressed by these wages especially when I compared them to other American cities that paid way below this amount. Barista jobs are dream jobs for coffee enthusiasts, and it doesn’t hurt to get paid a good salary while doing what you love.

Starbucks Salaries in California-How much do Starbucks Workers get paid in California?

The average wage for Starbucks workers in California is$ 15.74, a 29% higher than the national minimum wage. The only way we would come up with an accurate answer for this was to ask directly from the employees. We interviewed 56 employees from different cities in California. We sort participants from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco. From our little research, the average barista pay in this state was $24,294 annually. The store managers paid an average of $65,118 while cashiers and some experienced baristas took home $31,580.

These figures are expected to change significantly with the recent announcement of an increase in the minimum wages by 5 percent. This great news could see those employees who have worked for the company for over five years take home an increase of up to 10%.

What is the Starting Pay at Starbucks California?

What is the Starting Pay at Starbucks California?

An entry-level barista makes an average of $12 an hour, a 16% higher than the national average. This amount increases with experience at the job. Shift supervisors are entitled to an $ 18 hourly wage. The amount increases with time as that of the baristas. From the above wages, it is not such a bad idea to start a career at Starbucks.

You should also know that you will not be called an employee, but a partner. Recent research showed that more than half of the Starbucks partners make over $ 15 per hour.

How much does California Starbucks pay an hour?

In California, at least 50 percent of Starbucks employees earn an hourly rate of 15 dollars. On average, baristas earn a wage of $13. On the lower side, the lowest-paid baristas take home an hourly pay of $ 10. The cashiers enjoy an average hourly rate of $17 while shift supervisors get $ 18.

The pay rate is mostly compared to the set national minimum wage. The state cannot pay anything less than what is stated as the minimum national wage. In Los Angeles County, the average pay is 23% above the national average. This translates to a wage of $ 14.54 an hour.

Do Starbucks California Employees get paid weekly?

Do Starbucks California Employees get paid weekly?

We asked a group of employees to tell us the correct answer. The unanimous answer was bi-weekly pay. This means that Starbuck California does not pay employees weekly wages. All wages are piled up for two weeks. This translates to payments twice a month. What’s more is the weekly tips payout. Unlike other stores that pay tips daily, Starbucks California pays all the week-long tips at the end of the week.

The tips are collected in a tips-jar placed at the stores’ counters. They are collected, counted, and divided among the employees depending on the shifts and hours worked. Tips can vary depending on the type of customers from that week. They cannot be approximated to a certain amount. Every two weeks, Starbucks partners receive their pay either through direct deposits or cheques

Final Thoughts

All Starbucks pay differently according to the location. From what we have gathered above, Starbucks California is not such a bad employer. Weekly $345 in the 25 percentile and $644 in the 75 percentile is not too bad. Other people in the same job level make way lower than their Starbucks counterparts. Working at Starbucks in California is worth it.

FAQ Section

How much does Starbucks pay cashiers in California?

According to salary reports from a group of Starbucks cashiers, a Starbucks cashier in California earns an average of $ 17.

How much does Starbucks pay store managers in California?

The average pay for a typical store manager at Starbucks in California is $65,335 per year.

How much does Starbucks pay shift supervisors in California?

The average pay for shift supervisors in California Starbucks stores is $42467 per annum.

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