Does Starbucks Pay for College? (What College Does Starbucks Pay for?+ All You Need to Know)

It is not every day that we hear of a company that supports its employees’ dreams. Offering education to employees is a great way to motivate growth in careers. But does Starbucks pay for College?

Yes, it does. Starbucks is one of the companies that think about the future of its employees. This is a sign that this company’s employees aren’t just money-makers to them. Starbucks has put in place a program for all eligible employees to enroll for a four-year Bachelor’s degree. I recently met with an old friend at Starbucks. She has worked for Starbucks for two years now. She shared with me that she was almost done with her first year of education. I was impressed to learn that this company pays tuition for any employee who has worked for more than three months at Starbucks.

What is Starbucks College Achievement Plan?

The Starbucks achievement plan is a program put in place by Starbucks for all eligible employees to earn an online degree as they work. Starbucks has partnered with Arizona State University to make this happen. I was curious to know more about this program, so I embarked on a research mission to gather more information and this is what I found; as it is widely known, some of the employees of Starbucks’ highest education are high school diplomas. Starbucks, in its policymaking process, identified this gap and sort to fill it with a customized education program. This program would offer a chance for education and still maintain a motivated workforce.

Some employees may have opted to end their education at the high school due to lack of funding, while others lost their way and couldn’t continue with their education. For whatever reason, Starbucks offers a second chance for those employees that are interested to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. The best part is that it covers 100% tuition fees and a job while at it. This program has transformed many lives at Starbucks as people improve their lives through education. The program dubbed the Starbucks Achievement Plan(SCAP) is the pathway to a successful career at Starbucks or outside this company.

Is the Starbucks Achievement Plan Worth It?

What College Does Starbucks Pay for

It is worth every minute of your time. If you are still in doubt about it, you have no more reason to be. This program has helped many people who wanted a career beyond the average. All you have to sacrifice are the extra shifts to create time for your studies. Some of the beneficiaries of the program have showered it with praises.

Some have described it as the ladder to the next level. Others were impressed by the efficiency of the professors and the organization of the program as a whole. One particular employee said that although the program is fast-paced, the professors are helpful and communicate well. An employee can work for 40 hours a week. This way, one can get a balance between work and school. The best part is that it is online. You get the best of both worlds; a steady job and a free college education.

With over 100 programs to choose from, the choices are limitless. One is not limited to particular career options. It is a pool of opportunities for any person willing to tap into the endless possibilities of this program. If one chooses to start an associate degree at a different university, it’s possible to transfer credits to Arizona State University through SCAP and benefit from the program.

What are the Starbucks College Achievements Plan Requirements?

The SCAP has some basic requirements for one to be eligible. For you to be eligible, you must be a partner of Starbucks. Employees at Starbucks are known as partners. You must also work in a US-based Starbuck store. There are two ways to qualify for admission; a direct admission and a pathway to admission program. A person is ineligible if they already have a four-year college degree. Every person must take college-level pathway courses as offered by the university and get 12-24 credits.

A GPA of over 2.75 in the pathway courses is a requirement for admission. An upfront fee of $ 49 is paid upon admission. This fee, plus books, lab fees, and supplies are not covered by SCAP. However, the Federal government financial grants can cover this if a student applies. It is advisable to get admission help from the assigned admissions coach at the university for a seamless process.

While all these requirements might seem like a lot of work, the result is always worth it. You will have endless opportunities to become who you have always dreamed to be. A little sacrifice for a brighter future is always worth it in the end.

How long do You Have to Work at Starbucks to Get Free College?

Starbucks Achievement Plan

You must be a partner for a minimum of three months. This means that you must have worked for a minimum of 160 hours. This translates to over 20 hours a week for three months. A partner at Starbuck is any person employed by the company.

In a nutshell, a partner at Starbucks is eligible for free college education if they are part-time or full-time. If you meet the above criteria, then you become eligible for a free college education. New employees are encouraged to take up more than 20 hours every week.

What is the Starbucks Arizona State University Program?

This is a partnership between Starbucks and Arizona State University tailored to help Starbucks partners earn a bachelor’s degree for free. Arizona State University is the sole partner for this program. Students can earn an online degree of their choice out of the 140 online programs available. The partnership has seen many transform their lives.

Starbucks has proven its support to the United States armed forces by extending this program to the family members of Starbucks partners serving in the army. A military or veteran family member can directly benefit from SCAP. The opportunities offered by this program are amazing. This announcement came in 2015 during Veterans Day after a commitment by Starbucks in 2013 to offer employment to over 10,000 military and veteran spouses employment by the close of 2018.


The commitment by Starbucks to offer free college education is proof of its pledge to treat employees as partners. Many beneficiaries of this program have taken a different career paths and have had their dreams come true. Starbucks is not only a great coffee store but also a great place to work.

FAQ Section

Is the Starbucks achievement Plan only for Arizona State University?

Yes, Arizona State University is the sole Partner of Starbucks.

Does Starbucks only pay for Arizona State University Online?

Yes. The SCAP program only offers online courses to Starbucks employees.

Does Starbucks pay for ASU on Campus?

No, the ASU Starbucks program only offers courses online.

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