Starbucks Dress Codes for Employees? (Is Starbucks Strict on Dress Code? What Employees Can and Can’t Wear to Work)

I worked at a café once where it was mandatory for all the employees to wear a uniform which was not only hideous but it also came complete with a cap that I disliked. When I was retrenched I became very keen on the eateries that I sought jobs, not that I was against the uniforms, but I wanted something that could flatter my body.

My research then led me to Starbucks, and I must say I was impressed because they are not very strict but decency and neatness was the order of the day. Starbucks released a new dress code for its employees, the company’s management has gotten rid of the monochromatic black and now allows employees to put on low toned hues but with the signature green apron on top.

Can I wear overalls to work at Starbucks?

Is Starbucks Strict on Dress Code?

Starbucks employees are not allowed to wear overalls to work but they can wear, pants, skirts, shorts, skirts and dresses to work. The hues accepted are also pretty restricted as individuals are allowed to only put on brown, navy, khaki, and grey colors.

Can I wear converse or vans to work at Starbucks?

According to the updated Starbucks dress code, Starbucks does not allow its employees to put on canvas shoes, a category that includes both the converse and vans shoes. Employees are therefore, permitted to put on suede, leather, faux leather or rubber shoes.

The lace up boots are also permitted, employees can also wear the faux leather shoes with accents, the closed heel clogs or rubber shoes with accents. Notable is that the shoes should be in colors black, brown or grey, and should provide support, comfort and safety. The toe part of the shoe should be closed and must have a flat heel. Employees should also be sure to put on socks or hosiery.

Can you wear jeans at Starbucks?

Starbucks employees are allowed to wear jeans to work but which must be in darker washes and hues, the light tones are not allowed.

Can you wear jewelry/necklaces or watches at Starbucks?

What Starbucks Employees Can and Can’t Wear to Work

Jewelry/necklaces are allowed in Starbucks, only that employees should ensure that their earings are small or moderately sized. The company only allows two earings per ear, and individuals can also put on the small ear gauges. Individuals who love to wear the nose studs are allowed to wear a small nose stud, septum piercings or rings are however not allowed.

Apart from the jewelry mentioned above Starbucks employees are not allowed other pierced jewelry and body adornments, this statement mostly goes for the tongue studs. Employees are also restricted against wearing jewelry on their hands or forearms, and this covers watches, bracelets and the wrist bands. The hands haven’t been left plain and employees are therefore, allowed to put on their hands a plain band.

Employees who love to wear necklaces are allowed to put on simple necklaces and which must be worn under clothing. Also the necklaces must not be a health or safety hazard, what’s more is that the medical alert necklaces are not allowed at work.

How strict is Starbucks dress code

Starbucks has introduced a new dress code for its employees and which is not very strict to say the least. Employees are now permitted to express their personality, and the clothes that they will therefore, put on under the apron don’t have to be strictly black. So while they will have to maintain the green signature apron from Starbucks, they are allowed to put on black, white and khaki shirts.

The shirt colors that employees are allowed to put on range from gray, dark denim, brown and navy. What’s more is that clothes with patterns are also allowed. And as if the color changes are not enough, employees are also allowed to put on skinny and dark wash jeans, they can also put on skirts, dresses, shorts and long pants.

Can you wear perfume at Starbucks?

Starbucks Dress Code

No, you cannot wear perfume at Starbucks because according to the management, the nice smelling perfumes could mess with the aroma of the coffee and food served by Starbucks.

Can you work at Starbucks with colored hair?

Yes you can work at Starbucks with colored hair however, you must ensure that the hair color is permanent or semi-permanent. Chalks, sprays and glitters among other temporary products are not allowed at Starbucks. Also, employees who have long hair must not let it flow freely instead they are required to tie them back with a plain clip or hair hairband, to prevent it from coming into contact with foods and drinks. And for the men they are required to keep their beards and moustaches neat and trimmed.

What outfits can you wear at Starbucks?

When it comes to tops, employees are allowed to put on shirts that allow them to move freely. And if the employee wants to wear the shirt untucked then they must ensure that the bottom hem is long enough, such that their mid-section will not be exposed anytime that they bend down or stretch to reach over their heads.

Most importantly is that the shirt must not be longer than the employees pants back pocket. Outfits with exposed shoulders are not allowed, the same goes for tops without zippers, and those that have plunging necklines. Also, individuals who love putting on T-shirts to work will have to do away with them if they intend to work with Starbucks.

Employees should therefore settle for outfits with V-neck necklines, boatneck and Crewneck. And whether they will be putting on a long sleeved or short sleeved shirt, it should be buttoned down. What’s more is that all the outfits that employees want to wear must be durable and practical. The clothes must fit comfortably and should not exhibit any tears or patches.

Starbucks employees are also not allowed to put on Athletic, Acrylic or Stretchy fabrics, and are also restricted from wearing leggings alone. Outfits that comprise of a pant with prints are not allowed, or pants made of leather material.

If your outfit comprises of the hooded or the sweat shirts they will also not be permitted at Starbucks, also outfits with embroidery detail or pattern that is destructive even when worn under the apron are not allowed. Employees are also not allowed to put on outfits that have the manufacturer’s logo at the top part but if the logo is small or located on the shirt pockets or sleeve it can be permitted.

Are outfits that comprise a hat allowed at Starbucks?

If you are going to wear an outfit that is best complemented with a hat then you must ensure that it doesn’t have a manufacture’s logo at the front part. If the logo is on the side or at the back of the hat then it will be accepted. Notable is that Starbucks doesn’t just accept any type of hat rather a baseball cap that is either plain or has a solid color.

Fedora and bowler caps are also allowed, the management also allows employees to wear the Starbucks logo hat or visor, trilby, a newsboy or panama.

Are outfits that comprise a scarf allowed at Starbucks?

If you love wearing formal outfits more so those that are best complemented by a scarf then there are scarf recommendations that you must adhere to at Starbucks. For one, they should have a solid color, scarfs with simple patterns or prints are also allowed. Most importantly is that they must be tucked neatly behind the apron.

Scarfs that clash with the shirt are not allowed, also big scarfs that will cover the apron are not entertained. Moving over to the male gender and we do know that some of you love your ties more so when going to work. If you outfit is therefore best complemented with a tie then you must ensure to wear a tie that has a solid color or some very simple patterns, ties with prints are also allowed.

Important to note is that ties that clash with the apron or the shirt that the employ is wearing are not allowed. White and neon ties are also discouraged, the same goes for ties with loud and distracting patterns.

Does Starbucks allow employees to wear socks?

Starbucks Employees Dress Codes

Socks that are not a focal point, like the ones worn under the pants can have some pop of color. But if they are a focal point then you have to ensure that the patterns are subdued, they should also include colors that complement your overall outfit instead of being distractive.

What outfits does Starbucks recommend for employees who have to put on maternity dresses?

Employees who are pregnant are required to put on clothing in colors that are consistent with the company’s guidelines. If they wish to wear outfits made of stretch materials, they are permitted; and if they also wish to wear long shirts they are allowed.


Can you wear T-shirts at Starbucks?

No, Starbucks does not permit its employees to wear T-shirts.

Can I wear jeans to a Starbucks interview?

Yes, you can wear jeans to a Starbucks interview but it should be in darker hues. You can also wear the black slacks.

What should I wear to a barista interview?

Khakis and button downs are good for a baristas interview.

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