Do Starbucks Double shots expire? (Does Canned Starbucks Double shot Espresso Expire? + All you need to know)

No. Though this does not expire, it has a shelf life of 9 months. Though you can still drink the beverage after that, the texture and flavor will not be as pleasant.

I once bought a six-pack of Canned Starbucks Double shot Espresso and stored it in the fridge. After a few days, I noticed some white chunks in the drink. Since I have a sensitive stomach, I had to throw it away since I thought it had expired. Are you wondering how long a canned Double shot Espresso is safe to consume? If yes, this post is for you.

Does Canned Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Expire?

Does Canned Starbucks Double shot Espresso Expire

Starbucks displays a best before date on the can of this beverage. This date is usually set for retailers and not consumers. It tells retailers that they should not sell the drink to customers past the specified date.

According to the company, the drink has a shelf life of up to 9 months when left unopened. This drink will not be at its best quality for the past nine months when you store it at room temperature. The coffee in the beverage has natural oils and does not expire. Despite this, the quality of coffee in the drink degrades significantly over time.

Though you can drink it after this period, it will probably not have the best taste. Apart from the flavor, the texture of this beverage also changes over time. If you have stored a canned Starbucks doubleshot Espresso for too long and it smells off, you should discard it.

Storage and sealing can also play a role in how long a canned Doubleshot Espresso from Starbucks will remain fresh. Inadequate sealing can make the drink go bad after a short while. According to a particular report, thousands of the beverages, including the canned Doubleshot Espresso, were recalled due to inadequate sealing.

Drinking such a beverage may cause you harm since it is likely to spoil fast. Shoppers who purchased this product were urged to throw it away or return it to Starbucks shops. Due to the presence of milk in canned Doubleshot Espresso, it can quickly spoil when not properly sealed.

Spoiled milk is dangerous since it may cause food poisoning and lead to symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, or stomach pain. Such cases worry lots of customers since this is not the first time Starbucks has been recalled. A few years ago, there were cases of listeria contamination in some of the Starbucks products.

Every Starbucks customer should understand the difference between the shelf life and expiry. The shelf life means that the beverage is best consumed before the specified time. You can still drink this beverage after the recommended shelf life though it is not advisable.

On the other hand, taking an expired beverage can lead to serious health issues. Always check the contents of a canned Doubleshot espresso before consumption. If you start feeling sick after taking such drinks from Starbucks for a while, consider visiting a health center.

How long does a Starbucks double shot last in the fridge

 Starbucks Double shot Espresso Expiry

Proper storage can prolong the life of this beverage. You can either store this drink on a shelf or in the fridge. If you choose to store the Starbucks double shot in the freezer, it can stay fresh for two years. This is likely to remain fresh for that long as long as it is not open. The taste may, however, change after some time. Some people reveal that it develops an artificial taste after prolonged refrigeration.

If you open the drink, you should store it in the fridge immediately after consumption to prevent it from going bad. Store it in a fridge for up to 4-8 hours before you drink it again. Ensure you complete the Starbucks double shot within 12 hours after opening it to avoid any problems. If you notice any gross chunks or bugs around the can of this beverage, you should avoid consuming it since it can make one sick.

Why is Canned Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso popular?

This beverage is in high demand at Starbucks due to its high energy effect. The caffeinated drink is made up of ingredients like water, coffee, skim milk, cream, ascorbic acid, and sugar. Since this drink comes with the right amount of cream, it is delicious and quite refreshing.

The beverage also comes in a can that makes it convenient to drink at any location, even while on the move. Many people also like it since it is not only delicious but also has fewer calories compared to other Starbucks drinks. This beverage has about 130 mg of caffeine. You can either choose the regular canned doubleshot espresso with sugar or the light-flavored one.

Before buying this drink, you should check the label and find out if any allergen warnings are displayed on the can. This beverage is also popular since it also comes at a good price. Though many people love the drink, others complain about chunks in the drink.


Canned Starbucks Double shot Espresso can is safe to consume within the first nine months of its making. Though it does not expire, it may not have the best flavor or texture after this. You can either store this beverage on a shelf or in the fridge. This drink can remain good for up to two years in the freezer if unopened. Always check for the best before date prior to purchasing this beverage.


How long does Starbucks Doubleshot energy last after the expiration date?

If you store the beverage at room temperature and leave it unopened, it can last for up to 9 months after the indicated on the package.

Does Canned Starbucks Double Shot Espresso Expire?

No. As long as this drink is properly sealed, this does not expire. However, the quality of coffee degrades over time, and the flavor may change.

Does Starbucks Doubleshot need refrigeration?

No. It will remain good even when stored on a shelf.

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