Starbucks doppio (What is a doppio at Starbucks, how to make it, how to order it at Starbucks + more information)

Starbucks has endless terminologies that can be confusing at times and among those is the “Starbucks doppio”. So, what is a doppio at Starbucks?

A doppio at Starbucks is double shots or two shots of espresso. It is also referred to as a standard double. It is 60ml or 2 ounces of espresso. In my early years of drinking coffee, I found it a bit tricky ordering the various kinds of coffee at Starbucks and what terminologies to use. But with years of purchasing my coffee at Starbucks, I have come to master their vocabulary. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the doppio at Starbucks. To learn more about Starbucks doppio, keep reading.

Where does doppio come from?

The term “doppio”, pronounced as “doh-pee-oh”, comes from Italy, meaning “double” and is used to refer to two espresso shots or double shots. Ordering a doppio will get you two shots or double espresso.

What does doppio taste like?

A doppio tastes just like espresso. It has a concentrated coffee flavor and aroma with a balanced citrusy, sour and sugary palate. Espressos, however, may have different flavours ranging from earthy and nutty to sweet and mellow.

How to order two shots of espresso from Starbucks?

To order two shots of espresso at Starbucks, simply ask your barista for a “doppio”, if you want plain espresso shots. However, if you want two shots of espresso in an espresso drink, like a latte or cappuccino, order the drink and ask for a “double”. When ordering, make sure you let your barista know if you’d like it iced or not.

How do you prepare a Starbucks doppio?

What is a doppio at Starbucks

There are several methods to prepare a Starbucks doppio at home. If you have a coffee maker at home, simply turn it on and let 15 bars of water pass through the coffee ground to get your espresso. Extract 60ml or 2 ounces of espresso since it is a double espresso. With this method, you’ll have plain Starbucks doppio at home.

If you’d like iced doppio with milk, simply put ice, 2 tablespoons of syrup of your choice and two espresso shots in a shaker with a lid. Shake vigorously to get your preferred amount of foam, serve in a glass and top with 2 tablespoons of your favourite milk or heavy cream and enjoy.

How do I know my Starbucks Gift Card balance so I can Pay for My Doppio?

You can check your Starbucks Gift Card balance either from the Starbucks card page, reward page, mobile app or by calling the Starbucks customer care.

To check your balance via the Starbucks card page, on your web browser, go to the Starbucks gift card page and click on the “check balance”. A window will appear where you will be prompted to enter your Starbucks card number. Enter your card number and your card security code and hit the “check balance” to display the remaining balance on your gift card.

To check via the rewards page, on your browser, navigate to the Starbucks rewards page and log into your Starbucks rewards account. Select “card management” and from the list of your available cards, choose the one on which you want to check the balance and your balance will be displayed.

To check via the mobile app, down the Starbucks app and log into the app. At the bottom of the main screen tap on “scan” and your default Starbucks gift card together with its balance will be displayed. If you have more than one Starbucks gift card, when you swipe left, you’ll be able to see their balances too.

Finally, to check your Starbucks gift card balance, you can call the Starbucks customer care agent. There’s a toll-free phone number, usually at the back of your Starbucks gift card. You can call this number and request the representative to check your balance for you.


What size is a doppio at Starbucks?

A doppio at Starbucks is 60ml or 2 fluid ounces. Since a doppio is two shots of espresso and espresso at Starbucks is one ounce or 30ml, a doppio is double that.

Is doppio stronger than espresso?

A doppio at Starbucks is stronger than the Starbucks regular espresso. A doppio has twice the amount of caffeine as a regular espresso. The amount of espresso in a doppio is twice the amount of regular espresso and so is the caffeine.

What’s an Iced Doppio Espresso?

An Iced Doppio Espresso at Starbucks is simply iced coffee with double espresso or two espresso shots in it.

Can you make a Starbucks doppio at home?

Yes. It is possible to prepare the Starbucks doppio at home. As mentioned earlier, there are several methods to prepare the Starbucks doppio at home.

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