Starbucks gift card security code (what is the security code on a Starbucks gift card, how to check gift card balance + more information)

If you are a coffee lover and a frequent Starbucks visitor, you might have heard about Starbucks gift cards, or you may already have one that you use to purchase your favorite beverage. So, what is the security code on a Starbucks gift card?

The security code on a Starbucks gift card, mostly referred to as CSC (card security code), is the eight-digit number that is found on your gift card. The card security code should not be confused with the 16-digit number, which is the card number. When registering my Starbucks card, I realized I needed both the card number and its CSC. However, I did not understand what the security code was. So, if you have a Starbucks gift card, it is important to understand what the security code is and where to locate it.

What is a Starbucks Card?

A Starbucks card is a branded plastic card which is reusable. Starbucks customers with a Starbucks card can load and reload money into the card, which they can then utilize to buy items at participating stores.

Customers can get Starbucks cards at any participating Starbucks store in all regions where Starbucks stores are located. Starbucks card holders can load a dollar value onto the card, which is a prepayment for the products and services when using the card at participating stores.

It is important to note that the dollar value on the Starbucks card may not be redeemed for cash and is also nonrefundable. While most Starbucks stores accept the Starbucks card, some Starbucks-branded locations, such as bookstore locations, airports and some groceries, may not accept Starbucks for payment.

To know if a store permits you to use the Starbucks card, inquire at the store or visit the Starbucks website on the store locator page. All stores that list digital rewards as an amenity accept the Starbucks card.

Starbucks lets you earn stars when using your Starbucks card to purchase. The stars can then be redeemed for free drinks and food once they reach the required redeemable limit.

Where is the security code on a Starbucks gift card?

what is the security code on a Starbucks gift card
Starbucks gift card. Source: Pinterest

The security code on a Starbucks gift card is the eight-digit number which can be found on the back of your card under the scratch-off coating. It should not be confused with the 16-digit number, which is the card number.

How to add a Starbucks card to your wallet?

You can add your Starbucks Card to your wallet from your Starbucks app for iPhone or Android phones.

  1. Open the Starbucks app on you smartphone.
  2. Tap “Pay.”
  3. Choose which Card you wish to add, and tap “Manage” and “Add to Wallet.”

How to Check Your Starbucks Gift Card Balance?

Several ways of checking your Starbucks Gift Card balance exist:

  1. Visit the Starbucks Gift Card page and enter your Card Number and Security Code.
  2. Visit the Starbucks Reward page and sign in to your Starbucks account; go to “Card management” and select the Card on which you wish to view the balance.
  3. From your Starbucks app for iPhone or Android, Select the “Scan” tab to see balances on all of the Starbucks Gift Cards associated with your Starbucks Rewards account.

Loading value on your Starbucks card

Starbucks gift card security code
Starbucks Gift Card value. Source: Pinterest

In the United States and Canada, a Starbucks card holder can load value to the card by going to the Starbucks website on the card page, visiting ant participating store or calling 1-800-STARBUC.

You can also load your card using your debit or credit card. Strict authorization measures are taken before charging your debit or credit card, and you will be asked to validate the debit or credit card number, billing information and available funds. Starbucks or your bank may call you for additional information before authorizing the transaction amount.

The minimum amount you can load onto your Starbucks card is generally $5, and you may not have more than $500 on your Starbucks card at any moment.

Final Thoughts

We all love convenience, particularly when purchasing something. Starbucks gift cards provide convenience as they make it easier for customers to shop at participating stores. With a way to earn stars and get free drinks, then Starbucks gift cards are definitely something you should get if you purchase Starbucks products frequently.

FAQ Section

Where can I use my Starbucks Card?

Starbucks Cards issued in the United States or Canada can be used in participating Starbucks stores. You can use Starbucks Cards interchangeably at most locations in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Australia.

Where can I get a Starbucks Card?

Physical Starbucks Cards are no longer available on However, you can purchase a digital Starbucks card on www.startbucks,com/gift. Digital Starbucks cards can also be bought in the Starbucks app. To acquire the Card, open the Starbucks app and select the Gift icon at the bottom of the splash page.

If you still want to own a physical Starbucks card, you can purchase one at any Starbucks retail store, various drug, and grocery stores, and online at

Does the Starbucks gift card expire?

The Starbucks Card does not expire. Additionally, the value on your Card will never expire.

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